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Magnetic Drills

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Buy Mag Drills Online!

A magnetic drill machine is a power tool that is normally used for portable drilling of structural steel in workshops and industrial site. The plus point of these drills is that they can be positioned for drilling horizontally, upside down or vertically. Aware of the versatility of these tools, Moglix presents an exciting range of magnetic drills. The tools that we offer as a part of this category provide safety fuse protection for overload and power failure protection for drills. They are lightweight, compact and can be assembled & disassembled with only two Allen wrenches.

We also offer magnetic drills in variable speeds for different diameter drilling. They are equipped with a cooling liquid jug which offers drill bit cooling. These drills also have an ergonomic soft rubber knob that ensures smooth operation. The mag drill models that form a part of our collection have been sourced from famous brands like Skil, Ralli Wolf, Milwaukee, KPT, Metabo, Ralli Wolf & Skil. We also deal in an assortment of hand tools, electrical equipment, lightings & luminaries etc. To enhance the efficiency in daily operations, opt for the latest range available at Moglix.

Different Types of Magnetic Drills Available Online at Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in magnetic drills of different models. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Electric Magnetic Drills - The electrical drill models which form a part of our collection come with an internal slip clutch. This ensures that the drill doesn’t fall while being used. They have a triple reduction gearing, in-built water swivel and dual-mount switch box also. These types of portable drilling machine are suitable for use in construction sites. The strong magnetic base for holding ensures a good grip to the user. The presence of a twin handle makes them easy to lift also.

Pneumatic Magnetic Drills - The pneumatic magnetic drills which we have on offer minimize the risks of electric shock in wet areas. They also reduce the hazards in areas which are potentially flammable. Therefore, they are safer to use in wet environments. They are air operated and come with a fail-safe permanent magnet. This magnet gets activated on and off by air pressure. In case there is a loss of air flow, the magnet won’t disengage. The presence of a pressurized coolant system lubricates cutter and minimizes the risk of sparking.

Hydraulic Magnetic Drills - This type of hydraulic magnetic drills are ideal for usage in underwater drilling applications. They can also be used in industrial, mining, marine and construction applications. Some of them are reversible for twisted drilling and tapping. Made from the best quality of structural steel, they are equipped with a manually operated permanent magnet with ratchet control which has ample holding strength. These magnetic drills have automatic lubrication and are lightweight. Therefore, they do not cause any type of hand fatigue to the user.

Leading Brands of Magnetic Drills Available Online at Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in magnetic drills from some of the leading brands in the market. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Bosch Magnetic Drills - The Bosch mag drill collection which forms a part of our category are equipped with a magnetic drill stand. These drill stands have high holding power of magnetic foot which makes them safe for working. The Bosch magnetic drills which form a part of our collection are best suited for working on overhead, vertical and slanted surfaces.

The Bosch mag drills available online are equipped with a mains socket with a switch-on protection. The drills can therefore be switched on when its magnetic foot is active. The Bosch mag drill price has been kept within a wide range to suit the budget of buyers from different backgrounds.

Dewalt Magnetic Drills - Our range of Dewalt magnetic drills are equipped with two speed settings. The overload protection feature of the Dewalt mag drill machine models prevents damage to motors. Their quick change chuck system makes them suitable for use.

The Dewalt mag drill available online as a part of this category are suitable for usage in heavy duty applications. Their magnetic self feed cooling tank enables users to regulate the flow of cooling liquid. They can be placed on the tool’s either side or a work surface to enable different types of tool orientations.

Ralliwolf Magnetic Drills - Our Ralliwolf mag drill range are ideal for honing. They come with a die cast aluminium body and can be used on a magnetic stand. These drills are highly effective in drilling through different types of surfaces such as wood, steel and concrete. These Ralliwolf mag drill machine models are ideal for screwing and fastening. So, they are ideal for usage in heavy duty applications.

KPT Magnetic Drills - The KPT drill machine models which form a part of our collection have a compact and elegant design. The twin handle body design makes them easy to lift also. The KPT mag drill machine models which we have on offer are equipped with magnetic toggle switches also. Better cutting action is ensured by their internal coolant feed system. The magnetic base’s high holding power ensures good grip. These KPT magnetic drill machine models are equipped with a dovetail guide which ensures accurate drilling of holes.

Fein Magnetic Drills - The Fein mag drill range available online at Moglix are suitable for usage in tight spaces. They can work up to five times faster as compared to other magnetic drills because of their new drilling technology. They have a specially developed core drill bit cutting geometry also. The carbide core drill bits of these mag drills ensures optimized service life. They have a distortion free barrel type of motor housing.

They have infinitely variable electronic speed settings. Long term durability is ensured by the features of electronic overload protection and restart protection. They have reversible rotation feature. The Fein mag drill price has been kept within an affordable range keeping in mind the spending power of buyers.

Milwaukee Magnetic Drills - The Milwaukee mag drills available online come with a cast aluminium base. The base has four leveling screws which ensures fast, accurate leveling adjustment. These Milwaukee magnetic drills are equipped with jackscrews for ceiling and backwall bracing. The reversible feed handle enables the user to use the drill from either side. A comparison of the price of Milwaukee magnetic drill models will help buyers to select the most suitable one for usage.

Skil Magnetic Drills - The Skil mag drills offered online come with variable speed which makes them suitable for various diameter drillings. The presence of core/twist bit adapter makes Skil magnetic drills suitable for usage in different types of applications. Comfortable usage is ensured by the soft ergonomic rubber knob. These mag drills are highly robust because of the fully metallic housing. The reverse function of these drills enables the users to take out the stuck drill easily within a short span of time.

Applications of Mag Drills

A magnetic drilling machine can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as boiler manufacturing, power utilities, welding, offshore pipelines, oil, shipbuilding, railway & bridge construction & maintenance, steel fabrication. Magnetic drills are also used by construction companies for making a large number of holes in structural steel. They offer better stability and are easier to use as compared to a hand held drill. These drills offer better accuracy and can cut large diameter holes quickly.

Why Buy Magnetic Drills Online from Moglix?

At Moglix, we are aware of the importance of magnetic drills in a wide range of industrial applications. Therefore, we have sourced the newest range of magnetic drills from eminent brands to meet up with the needs of buyers. The magnetic drill machine price has been devised keeping in mind the spending capacity of different types of buyers.

To make online buying easy for buyers, we have mentioned the magnetic drill machine specification of each model. A close look at the specifications will help you select a model which serves your needs perfectly. To buy the best mag drill online, select from the assortment of options offered by Moglix.

Magnetic Drills - Price Range

Magnetic DrillsMin PriceMax Price
BDS Magnetic Drills₹34810₹446399
KPT Magnetic Drills₹23203₹60562
Eibenstock Magnetic Drills₹35317₹284150
Pm Tools & Abrasives Magnetic Drills₹527₹1669
Power Input - 1200 W Magnetic Drills₹29720₹169182
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.