Bicycles are one of the oldest means of transportation, but in truth they are way more than just a vehicle. Unlike any other electrically run vehicle, a bicycle or often called a bike requires humans to put in energy making it an efficient exercise. Bicycling is one of the best forms of muscle workout and can replace your cardio, it increases your stamina and muscle strength while decreasing body fat levels. It is also proven that bicycling produces happy hormones, thus also keeping you mentally fit.

Not only that, bicycles also are an efficient way of reducing greenhouse gases as they do not run on fuel, thus making them extremely environment friendly. Every year an innumerous number of fuel run vehicles like cars are bought, not only do they pollute the environment but they also cost a fortune with almost no value addition to your health, and if you count the maintenance cost the opportunity cost only keeps increasing.

So, if you are aware of all these factors and are willing to incorporate a healthy habit in your life, or are already a biker wanting to buy a new bike for your thrilling adventures...whatever may be the reason, this article will try to illuminate upon most of the factors to help you choose the best option suited for you!

Factors to be considered when choosing a bicycle/ bike:


The first question you need to ask yourself is why do you need a bicycle? Is it for health purposes or is it for traveling long distances. Next question shall be which kind of terrain are you going to take your bike to, smooth terrains like the concrete city roads require a different kind of bike than a mountainous bumpy terrain. Similarly, another question could be who all are going to ride this bike, is this bike for a common usage for the entire family which includes kids and adults or it would only be used by you. Once you have the answers to all these questions we can move forward.


Bicycle suspension refers to the system that safeguards the biker and the bike from the roughness of terrains. A bike can have various suspension or a combination of many suspensions like front suspension, rear suspension, saddle suspension and seat suspension. Front suspension bikes are called hardtail, while bikes with front and rear suspension are called dual or full suspension. A rough terrain calls for at least a dual suspension bike, which will cost more than a rear suspension bike.


One of the most important factors that can really affect your cycling experience is size. As wrong size can really affect your posture and can have severe health effects, besides being uncomfortable to ride. The seat to handle height difference is of utmost importance here, one can go for an adjustable seat if multiple people are going to use the bicycle. Similarly, wheel size is also important to look at. The best way is to take a test ride before deciding upon one.

Handle and Grip-

As menial as this might sound but having handles that are easy on your palm and can help you grip firmly are very important. If the grip is loose and the hands keep slipping a lot of damage might occur, needless to say. The distance between the two is also vital as that strains the wrists. Some of the most popular handles types are flat bars, drop bars and riser handlebars. Most bikes either have flat bars or drop bars. Flat bars as the name suggests are straight handles which are comfortable to hold. Drop bars are handles that are curved, these might require a little getting used to and finding the right place to grip for your height. Both of these work fine in cities. However, riser handlebars are suggested for mountainous terrains and professional bikers, their shape helps the bikers sit straight and maintain their balance.


Not every bike comes with gears. It completely depends upon you if you want a geared bike or not. Although professional bikers are advised to use gears the same is not applicable to riders who want a bike for fitness. Different types of bikes have different types of gears. A daily usage bike would not require more gears, but an advanced bike can have upto 12 gears depending upon the purpose.


Well! Brakes are indeed the most important tool in any vehicle. From controlling the speed to saving lives if required, having brakes that function well and especially in the time of emergency are very important. Brakes should have as little reaction time as possible. The most popular brakes used now are disc brakes which use calipers that have a disc press against a pair of pads. These are very efficient. An alternative would be rim brakes, which use an interaction between the rim of rotating wheel and friction pads. Wise decisions need to be made in this aspect.

Once you have reached a decision regarding individual factors, you can combine them together to come up with all the specifications that you need and find a bike accordingly. Bikes are very budget friendly and will not burn holes in your pocket, but if you are buying one for the first time and are unsure about whether you will be able to keep up with the resolution or just want to test the waters, second hand bikes can also prove to be a great option.


Q. Which is the best bicycle under 5000 in India?

A. A bunch of companies provide great bicycles under this price and hence choosing one would be like turning blind eyes to a lot of good options. That being said, some popular mentions are Hero Jet Roadster and Hi-Bird Adornwith Tubeless Tire.

Q. Which is the best bicycle in India?

A. Depending upon the purpose and specifications required by you, the answer to this would alter. Some of the best bicycles in Indian can be found under companies like Hero, Hercules and Avon.

Q. Which is the best cycle to buy?

A. The best cycle to buy entirely depends upon you. Best cycle for an adventure seeker would be different from the best bicycle for a one wanting to purchase a bicycle to ride in the city; budget would also play an important role in answering this question.

Q. Which is the best bicycle under 10,000?

A. Some of the best options available under 10,000 are Hi-Bird Crescent, Hi-Bird Robust MS and Hi-Bird Supersonic.