Types of Bikes Available In The Market

Types Of Bikes Available In The Market

Ever since the invention of tires in human history, the modes of transportations have become easier and faster. Our ancient history shows proof that tires were invented in the ancient era as well. But, speaking of the modern era tires were invented in the 1800s and during the same time period bicycles were invented. Humans have minds that are capable of imagining things and turning them into reality. Every product or thing that we use was once imagined by a random person and brought into reality by his/her creativity.

Similar is the case with different types of bikes that we use for transportation or traveling purposes. As I said earlier, bicycles were invented in the 1800s and consisted of mere two wheels and a seat for a single person with no gears or fancy designs. But as time elapsed and modernization came swirling up even the two-tiered bicycle was modified and glorified. Wanna know the different types of bikes available in the market? Keep scrolling!

Gear Cycle

As one can already guess by name these cycles are the ones with gears. Depending upon the path you are riding you can alternatively, change the gear of your cycle for a smoother ride. While pedaling uphill, lower gear helps to climb faster. Whereas, while cycling on flat areas higher gears help to ride faster and easier. This is the prime advantage of geared cycles, they allow you to ride comfortably by a mere change in gears without much effort. If you are planning a ride in the mountains or tougher areas then gear cycles would surely provide you with an adventurous and amazing ride.

However, if you are wishing to start cycling with a goal of weight loss then let me warn you that gear cycles won't be a perfect fit. These cycles as I mentioned earlier will help you provide a comfy ride and you don't want to be all cozy while burning those extra pounds of fat, do you? Gear cycles are best suited for weekend adventure rides in the terrains and gearless cycles are perfect for day-to-day use.

Electric Bike

Electric bikes or e-bikes are mechanically similar to regular bikes. However, e-bikes have an electrical drive system consisting of an electric motor, battery, electric sensor, and a display. These bikes provide an even faster and more comfy ride as compared to geared cycles. These bikes run on an electric motor thus, while you will be paddling you will not face the extra efforts and discomfort.

The electric motor will help you gain a quicker pace and will not hurt your legs the way a regular bicycle would do. However, on rainy days these bikes work efficiently but you still need to take care while handling them. If your e-bike goes out of battery then, you can still pedal the bike but you'll require a lot more effort. Also, the battery life of an e-bike is not long enough hence, not sustainable. Before buying an electric bike make sure you know where you are going to ride it, what battery suits you, your budget, etc.

Racing Bike

Racing bikes are also known as road bikes. These bikes are the ideal bikes for quicker weight loss goals. These bikes have eleven gears in them and two front chainrings. The primary frames come in two varieties which are aluminum and carbon. The carbon fiber is expensive in comparison to the aluminum one. Nevertheless, aluminum frames also provide smoother rides and are economical.

These bicycles are designed for racing competitions of bicycles and are safe to ride. The level of comfort depends on the types of bike you select. These bikes are lightweight and aerodynamically provide the rider with higher speeds.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes or MTB are designed specifically for off-road traveling. However, they can be used in daily paths as well. These bikes are similar to other bikes in some criteria but are much more durable and sustainable than others. While hiking or mountain biking you are surely going to meet lots of muds, rocks, pebbles, rough surfaces, broken woods, etc, and to survive in all these conditions you will definitely need an MTB.

Let me get one thing straight, mountain bikes are heavier to pedal, yes they are! But, still, they can be used on other pavements as well. They have 2 inch or wider tires and hydraulic brakes. Mountain bikes are heavier because of the wide tires and knobs. Also, the sitting position is upright and not aerodynamic thus, more shock absorption makes the ride slower.

Fat Bike

Do you live in hilly snow-covered areas? Are you facing troubles while walking through the snow? Then fat bikes are your saviors. Yes, these bikes are designed to float on tough surfaces like icy areas. They are heavier than mountain bikes because of the large tires. However, it is because of these large tires that you will get a more comfortable ride than any other bicycle.

The large tires act as the shock absorbers and provide less strain to the lower back. While purchasing a fat bike remember to look for proper tires, their width and weight, use, and other parameters. Fat bikes can be used on flat surfaces but will be very heavy and difficult to pedal.

Cruiser Bike

These bikes date back to the year 1960s. They have a classic vintage American look. They are also known as motorbike or beach cruisers. These are exquisitely designed, single seated, balloon tired, and steel constructed bikes. These have single-speed or 3-speed and old-fashioned coaster brakes. As long as you are driving on a flat surface these are good for short-distance travels.

They are very easy to ride and good for beginners who wish to learn to ride a bicycle. As long as your traveling distance is less and the surface is flat these bikes are good for use whether it be in urban or rural areas.