Explore the cycle classifications as per Your Age Group

Explore the cycle classifications as per Your Age Group

Do you buy a bike on the basis of its look or do you buy one that better suits the kind of activity you are into? Many first-time bike owners are nowadays opting for mountain bikes, most of them are making this purchasing decision not on the basis of the products featured or about the price their decision is mainly due to just one fact; it sounds more familiar thanks to all the mountain dew and red bull advertisements on TV and the internet.

So what these first-time or newbie cyclists need to drive down inside their head is that they don't have to go for a mountain bike unless and until they want to go cycling in the mountains.

Classification based on their activities:

Road bikes

Just like what their name says road bikes are better suited for roads than mountains obviously, folks who read this may be wondering cant all bikes be ridden inroads the answer will be yes but these bikes will make your ride as smooth and efficient as possible and when it comes to mountains these will be a terrible choice.

The road bikes are designed to help the cyclists get the most out of the roads they are riding, everything from the frame of the bike to the width of its tires has been augmented to suit tarmac roads.

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are designed specifically to ride on mountainous surfaces as well as on off-road trails. Since they have been made to be ridden under such rugged conditions they come up with chunkier tires and the frame has been made in such a way so that it can deal with all kinds of uneven terrain.

The mountain bikes come with a ton of features in addition to their rugged frame and big tires, they come with a wide range of gears that lets you climb the over steep mountains to rough roads.

Mountain bikes usually come in two types: hardtail and full suspension. The former comes with suspensions in the front and no suspension in the back whereas the latter comes with full suspension both in the front and the back.

Hybrid bikes

These bikes are a cross between the above-mentioned two variants, the hybrid bikes give the riders the versatility offered by road bikes and the ability to handle any terrain that of the mountain bikes. Since they are a hybrid of these two bikes they won't be able to offer the riders a completely smooth experience like that of the road bikes on tarmac roads or to ride in any terrain like a mountain bike but the riders will still be able to do what they want and whenever they want to do with these bikes.

Since these bikes are having the characteristics of both mountainous and road bikes they are having some unique design features like flat handlebars instead of regular drop handlebars, they also come along with front suspensions to cushion bumps in bumpy roads and rough terrains.

So most cycles for men fall into the category of the above three. Most men usually use cycles either for commuting to their work or for recreational activities like trekking, racing, or performing stunts.

Women bikes

Just as there are cycles for men there are cycles for women also, these bikes have been designed for women and so they come in smaller frame sizes with a frame geometry that is different from that of usual bicycles like mountain bikes and road bikes used often by men.

These women's bikes come up with a step-through frame which is advantageous for those who are wearing dresses or skirts. Despite all these women can still ride the various so-called cycles for men like road bikes, hybrid bikes, etc.

Nowadays so many women are using cycles in some instances even more than their male compatriots owing to the several health benefits offered by cycles.

Unlike most other exercises cycling is one such activity that engages the entire body, it can reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, improves blood circulation, lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, and helps them stay more young and fit.

This is why girls cycle from a young age should cycle so they can lower their risk of contracting various diseases both lifestyle-related and other serious ones in the latter part of their lives

Kids bike

Most of the would-be cycling enthusiasts, as well as serious cycling enthusiasts, would want to pass onto this passion for riding to their children possibly at a young age itself.

In this day and age where children are spending an awful lot of time in front of their TVs and computer monitors in the name of entertainment as well as online education, it's important for children to engage in some engaging activities that can keep them both active and fit.

By learning to cycle the kids can learn to become independent from a young age itself as they will be able to go to schools, playgrounds, tuitions, etc without depending on their parents.

Thanks to the efforts of marketers to expand their company's profits by following the Ansoff matrix just as there are cycles for men and cycles for women there are cycles for kids also.

Most of the kids' bikes look like scaled-down versions of the ones used by the adults albeit with restricted functions.

When it comes to kids bikes they are mainly classified on the basis of the user's age and gender, kids can start cycling from the age of two with tricycles and balance bikes and kids between the age of three to five can use bikes with stabilizers. The girls cycle when compared to the boys cycles will come in colors like pink and blue, etc that are more attractive for them.

But after the age of six, the kids will be switching the so-called baby cycle for mountain, hybrid, and road bike variants. To make these cycles attractive for these young children they come in all shapes and sizes, some come in the shape of miniature sports bikes some cycle for kids come in the form of scuba bikes.