Top Trending Cycle Brands Available in Market

Top Trending Cycle Brands Available in Market

One of the amazing discoveries of Mankind, is the Invention of Vehicles. Before the invention of Vehicles, people used to travel miles and miles on foot. The idea of travelling a long distance in a short span of time seemed pretty impossible in the olden days.

Since then, transportation has become a lot easier with the development of many modes, like travel through air by airplanes and travel through navy on sea. There isn't a city in the world without a group of cabs, just a whistle away.

Travel has become one of the best leisure activities of people in recent times. Vehicles that are driven on roads are normally classified into two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four wheelers.Some of the most commonly used vehicles include cars, motorcycles, trains, bikes, and ofcourse, one of the most cheap and affordable methods, the bicycle.


Bicycle, which is otherwise commonly known as a bike, or cycle, has two wheels attached to its frames. It is normally powered by man or motor. The person who normally rides a bicycle is called a cyclist or bicyclist. Though used in transportation to travel to places at low cost, it is also generally used even in leisure activities like bike riding for fun. It is also used in courier services, military and police purposes, bike stunts and even as kids toys, due to their man friendly design.

Bicycles are normally pedal driven designs, while using internal combustion engines or electric motors.

Bicycles are designed both manually and in Computer Aided Design Softwares. Some of the key components used in the making of cycle are:

  • Ball bearings
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Chain Driven sprockets
  • Tension Spoked Wheels and much more.

There are many well renowned bicycle brands in India, much sought after for their quality and affordable rates. The price range of bicycles normally range from ?15,000 to the highest of more than 3,00,000.

Top Bicycle Brands of India include:

  • Ranger Cycles
  • Hercules Cycles
  • Decathlon Cycles
  • BMX Cycles
  • BMW Cycles
  • Kross Cycles
  • Yulu Cycles
  • Hero Cycles
  • Roadeo Cycles
  • LadyBird Cycles
  • Btwin Cycles and much more.

Top Bicycle Models of India in 2021 and their Special Features:

When riding a bicycle if speed is required, Road Bikes are normally preferred, yet, Mountain Bikes or MTB are normally bought when the customer prefers comfort to speed.Bikes are normally classified into

  • Road Bikes,
  • Mountain Bikes,
  • Hybrid Bikes,
  • Cyclocross bikes and
  • Folding bikes.

While Road Bikes can be driven smoothly on roads, MTBs are used on rough terrains of mountains. Hybrid bikes are a bit of them both. Folding bikes are used for leisure.

The Best Bicycles of India and features:

Ranger Cycles:

Hero Ranger Cycles are some of the best cycles manufactured in India. Ranger Cycles are geared with a year of warranty and have a mudguard. It has 26 inches tyres with a great frame.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shifters: 18 Speed
  • Tyre Size:26 inch.

Hercules Cycles:

Hercules Cycles, one of the best of the nation, is highly sought after for its great capabilities and design and durability. They offer varieties of Models of MTBs, Hybrids and Road Bikes too. They have beautiful designs and strength. Some of the famous Models of Hercules include:

  • Hercules Fugitive
  • Hercules Maddox
  • Hercules Crusher RF 6S 26 T
  • Hercules Roadeo Rampage 26 T MTB and much more.

They are highly affordable and are worth the money of the buyers with their great components and stability.

Decathlon Cycles:

If anybody looks up for the best cycles available, Decathlon Cycles definitely tend to show up. With their high quality cycles and suitable cycling wear and other accessories, they are one of the much sought after brands of cycles. The accessories include cycling goggles, helmets, gloves and the wear include cycling bottoms and tops for both men and women.

These clothes and accessories are highly durable and long lasting, just like its cycles. They are well known for their MTBs and Hybrids, with their great frame and worthwhile, branded parts that are used to make the cycle. Some of their famous models include:

  • Hybrid Cycle Riverside 120
  • Rockrider ST100 Mountain Bike
  • Triban 100 Road Bike
  • MTB ST 20 Low Frame 26 inch and much more.

BMX Cycles:

Popularly known for their kids models and spare components, BMX Cycles offer MTBs, Hybrids, Road bikes and bikes for kids too. They are available online like any other company, where you can look up for cycles and choose what you like the best. From bikes that are highly preferable to be rode everyday anywhere to bikes for rocky areas, BMX never fails to impress the buyers. Redline Proline Series, known to be the best range of cycles manufactured by BMX, are suitable for new racers of all groups. Some of the other great models include

  • GT Pro Performer 29
  • Fit Bike Co
  • Cult Juvenile Series
  • Monza 24 Chrome and much more.

BMW Cycles:

Known to be one of the best city commute bikes, BMW cycles are well known for their design and comfort while riding. They are compact, built with high quality components, making the riders feel upright and comfortable. Their price range normally begins from Rs.1.08 lakhs and ranges upto Rs.1.48 Lakhs. Some of the best BMW Bikes include:

  • BMW Cruise Bike
  • BMW M Bike.

Kross Cycles

They offer various designs of MTBs, Kids bikes, Ladies Bikes, City bikes and Road bikes too. They are perfectly affordable with great durability and in innovative designs. They have alloy and steel frames, that make the bike highly preferable for high terrains, with cool colours and its state of art Shimano specs, powerful Disc brakes are second to none.Some of the popularly bought Kross Cycles include:

  • Kross Bolt 26 Black 26 T
  • Kross Bolt Single Speed 28 T and many more.

While Lady Bird Bikes are popularly known for their Lady Bicycles,they are also highly desired by women due to their mellow colours and its price range starts from Rs.6200.

Btwin Cycles are known for their Hybrid Models. They are classified well based on their number of speed,wheel size, suspension,suspension travel, genre and even gender with various designs and attractive colours.

Roadeo Cycles are popular for their road bike models,light weight frames and safe designs. Yulu Bikes are some of the most well received bikes by people of all age groups of India, due to its chic designs and classy looks and yet a perfectly designed and built model that offers perfect comfort and safety while riding.

Hero Cycles:

Finally, known to be probably the best cycles of India, Hero Cycles are the largest manufacturer of cycles in India. Even after Decades, they still top the list of top 10 cycles of India, and keep coming up with new inventions every single day. Their designs, comfort, colours, and price ranges are second to none.Offering accessories for all age groups and cycles for all genders, their range of cycles are still highly preferred by all even after years. They are perfectly affordable and have the best quality components made into a great cycle. Some of their newest Models include:

  • Hero Sprint Hybrid
  • Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike
  • Hero Blast 20T and much more.

Though they may look very old fashioned and chic, bicycles are highly recommended by physicians, since they involve man power, helping us to develop our muscles, and it also stands as a great exercise. It is a great recreation activity and is worth our time and money, making us both travel long distances at low cost and calming our mind and senses. If you want something worthy of maintaining your wealth and health, Bicycles are the one!