A Guide to Buy The Perfect Air Cooler For Your Home

A Guide to Buy The Perfect Air Cooler For Your Home

Electrical Appliances make our lives easy and comfortable with just a flip of a switch. They are electrically powered, chargeable, and can be used for many years without any inconvenience. Technology is developing step by step, growing every single day with its new innovations and techniques.

Even the hardest tasks can be done in a minute with machine power. There is a machine for any task, and the appliances are built with high level care and manufactured at a low and affordable price.

Kitchen Appliances and other electronics are some of the most commonly bought appliances. Some of the popular appliances include Refrigerator, Mixer, Television and of course, one of the most favorite appliances, The Air Cooler.

People normally confuse Air Conditioners and Air Coolers.Though there are many brands, the best can always be sought among many others. Given down, is a guide to find and buy the best Air Cooler.

Air Cooler:

Normally , a device or appliance that is used to cool the air inside a building , vehicle or a room is known as an Air Cooler. They are majorly used to cool rooms and are used to build refrigerators, being used in making thermally insulated casings.

They are super energy efficient and can be highly cost effective. It never consumes much electricity, power or money and is portable too. The Air Cooler Price is normally 50% less than that of Air Conditioners.

Usually Air conditioners are confused with Air Coolers. While an air conditioner circulates the air inside the room and cools it, air coolers pull fresh air from outside and cool them down. One advantage that an Air Cooler has is that it doesn't make air dry as an air conditioner. An Air Cooler is known to provide a better quality of air than an Air Conditioner.

Some of the best selling Air Coolers in recent time include:

  • Bajaj Frio 23L Personal Air Cooler
  • Orient Electric Snowbreeze Slim Desert Air Cooler
  • Bajaj MD2020 54 litres Window Air Cooler
  • Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85 H Desert Air Cooler
  • Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb and much more.


  • Quite Noisy
  • Requires Regular Maintenance
  • Inability to tolerate heat
  • Not as powerful as air conditioners as far as cooling
  • Not suitable for regions with high humidity and some more.

How does an Air Cooler normally work?

The parts of Air Cooler are:

  • Fan/Blower
  • Cooling Medium
  • Water Tank and
  • Water Distributor

The principle of evaporative cooling is used in the working of air coolers. When the air starts to evaporate. It absorbs the air and heat in the form of gas, providing a cooling effect in the end. With the help of a water pump, the fresh air from the environment is absorbed and passed through cooling pads and moved.

The warm air starts evaporating while the flowing water extracts the heat and leaves fresh and moistened air behind. When using an air cooler, keep the windows and door to have a fresh air circulation.

Benefits of using Air Coolers:

  • Energy Efficiency

    Invert Air Coolers are powered by Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) technology, that saves up 50% of energy. It reduces energy consumption and electricity bills.

  • Capital and Recurring Costs

    The operating and maintenance costs of Air Coolers are normally very much less than that of Air Conditioner.

  • Environment friendly

    Since they follow the principle of evaporative cooling, they do not require harmful CFC, being eco friendly.

  • Quality of Air

    The quality of cool air is more filtered and pure then that of the one emitted in the Air Conditioner.

  • Easy Installation and Portability

    They are easily installable and portable and they do not require a professional installation process.

The air coolers are bought based on their characteristics and features.

Types of Air Coolers:

Based on the sizes, shapes, capacities,design and features, Air Coolers are classified into:

  • Desert Air Coolers

    Normally Large Living Room, Shops, Closed Outdoors, Party Hall and such, Desert Air Coolers are equipped with large tank capacity, powerful motor and big blower/fan. They provide uninterrupted cooling with 100 litres capacity of water, and have castor wheels. Though they are heavy weighted, they can be moved around.

  • Personal Air Coolers

    Personal Air Coolers are used for small spaces, which do not require open cooling. They do not consume much energy and can be easily moved. They are available in designs and shapes and sizes that can be considered according to the houses needs.

  • Tower Air Coolers

    Tower Air Coolers are highly ideal for Bedroom, Study Room, Kids Room, Office Cabin and much more. They are slim and light weight. They are medium in height and deliver air at the right spot required.

  • Window Air Coolers

    They are fitted in the windows and can save up space. They pull air from outside and circulate fresh air inside.

  • Mini Air Coolers

    Mini Air coolers are miniature in size and have less capacity and yet save space and are energy efficient. Mini Air coolers prices are less compared to the others.

Key Features to Look Out for:

Based on the features, the air coolers are selected to accommodate the customers needs. Some of the important features include:

  • Room Size Matters:

    Since a room needs adequate cooling, the right size of Air Cooler must be fixed when the right amount of cooling must be provided. The correct size of air cooler is must. Air flow is normally measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is referred to by the volume of air that a fan blows per minute.

    CFM of Airflow = Room size in sq.ft * ceiling height / 2.

  • Air throw distance:

    Air Throw Distance is based on the fan and the blade profile. High angled fan blades deliver cool air to larger areas, provide longest air delivery ,and provide low operating noise. When Air Throw Distance is higher, the entire room is cooled. So people normally prefer a good blade profile.

  • Tank capacity and Auto-fill function:

    People normally prefer air coolers with high tank capacity, yet the tank capacities are preferred according to the room size. Larger Water Tank provides cooling for long hours.

    Since the tank cannot be filled always, Auto filling tanks are preferred.

  • Quality of Cooling Pads:

    They determine the cooling effect of the room. For better cooling, they are paired with an even water distribution system. Honeycomb pads are preferred due to their high efficiency.

  • Anti-Mosquito feature:

    Due to the stagnation, Anti Mosquito features are attached inside the cooler to prevent health hazards and avoid the risk of diseases. Dust Filter prevents dust from entering into the mechanism and maintains the air clean.

  • Ice chambers:

    Ice chambers attached in the Air Cooler can provide faster cooling.

  • Inverter Compatibility:

    This is a must due to the recurring power cuts and Convenience control nowadays are attached with voice controls and remotes, making controlling easy.

  • Design:

    Design can play a major role in the sales. Slim and sleek designs are often preferred along with comfort and efficiency.


Air Coolers, being one of the most efficient and necessary appliances, are bought based on these features. New and trendy models along with great characteristics are bought from well sought after stores, cooling the surroundings. Beat the heat with the best air cooler and keep yourself cool with the best..!