Experience efficient cooling with these popular Air Cooler brands in India

Experience efficient cooling with these popular Air Cooler brands in India

Summer is almost approaching and with it comes summer heat. Some can stand this temperature but others find it extremely difficult to even go about their day. This can also lead to health problems that might result in fainting, dehydration, restlessness and stress, no sleep, and much more. Thanks to air coolers, summers are cooler and breezier. An air cooler is considered to be more portable, powerful, affordable, and less space-consuming than an air conditioner. If you are planning on buying a cooler to withstand this summer heat, then choose from among the popular air cooler brands in India.

Symphony is an Indian Multinational company and is considered to be the largest manufacturers of air coolers. This company emphasizes energy, environment, and sustainable development to fight against drastic climate changes. They provide air coolers for different purposes like household, commercial and industrial.

You have a huge selection when it comes to Symphony coolers. Their products are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and have a high aesthetic appeal. Some of their products include Symphony personal cooler, Symphony HiFlo 27, Symphony jumbo cooler, etc. Symphony Cooler Jumbo 51 and Jumbo 70 Air Cooler are also the best rated products offered by the brand.

  • KenStar Cooler

KenStar is one of the premium and most famous brands that offer products like air coolers, fans, food preparation equipment, cookery devices, fabric care, and heating equipment. They are known for the high-quality products, classic style, durability, high-performance level, and the best customer service. They try to blend the working of their air coolers to the daily life of customers to provide efficient performance.

When it comes to KenStar coolers, they have more than 50 models and 70 variants across various categories. Each series is designed for specific purposes like the desert series for large spaces, Slim Desert Series for optimum space optimization, and many more.

  • Voltas Air Cooler

Volta company has been in this field of air conditioning and cooling technology for more than six centuries now. Their focus groups include the Domestic Projects Group (DPG) and the International operation Group (IOBG) for whom multiple varieties of air coolers like tower coolers, desert coolers, personal coolers, and window coolers are developed.

Voltas coolers have a Smart Humidity Controller with three-sided honeycomb padding to reduce humidity and provide the best cooling experience. Voltas coolers are highly preferred by Indian consumers due to their excellent performance and competitive price bracket.

  • Usha Cooler

This is an internationally recognized brand that produces equipment like fans, cooking appliances, sewing machines, fabric care appliances, coolers, and much more. Their cooler products include desert coolers, tower coolers, personal coolers, and window coolers.

The coolers have a large tank capacity and a very powerful airflow that ensures working for long periods despites the burning heat. Usha coolers ensure that you have the best cooling experience.

  • Crompton Cooler

Their brand has a 75+ year old legacy that they still preserve and improve. This is the result of their innovations and amazing customer service. Their products include fans and lighting, pumps, and other home appliances like heaters, coolers, kitchen appliances, and fabric care. Like the previous two, Crompton also has four different types of air coolers- desert coolers, tower coolers, personal coolers, and window coolers.

Each of these coolers serves a particular purpose yet all of these give a powerful cooling experience and are affordable. Some features include features like a large wide-angle air throw, large and easy-to-clean ice chamber, Everlast Pump, and mosquito nets.

  • Orient Cooler

Orient Electric Limited is a distinguished name in the Indian industries for more than 60 years. They deliver promising consumer experiences and services by creating a variety of products. Some of these products include fans, lighting, home appliances, and switchgear.

Orient air cooler collection comprises desert coolers, tower coolers, outdoor coolers, personal coolers, and inverter technology cooler. Each series comes with a new and refined innovation. Ultimate series, Contemporary series, and Oasis series have powerful and silent coolers systems.

With worldwide recognition, extensive distribution network, and world-class quality they are one of the foremost appliance companies in the world. They target the domestic, commercial, and industrial fields by providing high-quality top-graded products necessary for each field.

They have a unique range of smart coolers with Breatheezee Technology TM which features dust filters on three sides and collapsible louvers on the front to prevent dust from entering, anti-bacterial, anti-erosion and anti-deformation honeycomb pads, covered water tank, auto drain for easy drainage of water, humidity regulator, temperature display and much more.

Bajaj has a wide collection when it comes to home appliances like heaters, air coolers, water heaters, irons, fans, and lights, as well as kitchen appliances. Their coolers come at a very reasonable rate for amazing features like ChillTrap technology which provides high air delivery, an efficient cooling experience that's suitable for different climates and geographical locations. They have a big water tank and castor wheels for better storage and easy movement.

When it comes to coolers, Hindware gives due importance to both aesthetics and functioning. They offer changeable colour panels for Hindware Snowcrest Desert Personal coolers to bring a change to the monotonous-looking coolers. The High Air Delivery feature provides powerful and speedy cooling for a long period of time.

The honeycomb pads installed are eco-friendly, damage-resistant, low maintenance and last for a long time. Another exciting feature is the anti-skid top cover that lets you keep things without it falling over. It has inverter compatibility, an auto-fill tank, an ice chamber, a humidity controller, and more amazing features.

  • Blue Star Cooler

Blue Star is one of India's leading companies known for its air conditioners and commercial refrigerators. Blue Star coolers include the typical four types, i.e., personal air coolers, tower coolers, desert coolers, and window air coolers. They try to provide the best quality coolers at a reasonable rate for customer satisfaction.

  • Maharaja Whiteline Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline has a trusted and reputed position in the market. They are the largest disturbed brand in the country that specializes in home appliances like iron, air coolers, and room heaters as well as kitchen appliances.

Apart from having a stable and powerful cooling pad and high tank capacity, they are extremely stylish and quite reasonable. Their electric cooler, portable cooler, mini cooler, personal cooler, home cooler, plastic cooler, and desert coolers are designed to serve in a specific location and provide speedy cooling.

  • Wall Mounted Cooler

As the name suggests, these coolers are mounted on walls. These are suitable for places with little space as this is specifically designed to be placed on walls. Most of the wall mount coolers are vandal resistant, ADA compliant, and lead-free. Oasis produces some of the best wall mount coolers in the market.

  • Desert Cooler

Desert coolers are those that are suitable for desert or extremely hot climates. They are a much steadier body and strong build that makes them more effective than the regular coolers with plastic built. They have a small and compact built which makes portability easier and reduces the running cost of these coolers.

The process to provide cool air is made possible through the process of evaporation. Crompton, Usha, Havells, and KenStar are some of the best companies that offer desert coolers.

  • Duct Cooler

Duct coolers are a type of channel through which air is either delivered or removed. They supply fresh air through evaporative cooling technology while removing the bad air and dust from the room. They have good water tank capacity, cooling pads, and are extremely easy to transport, install and maintain. Crompton, Symphony, Bajaj, and KenStar offer the best duct coolers in the market.

  • Tent Cooler

These coolers are designed for outdoor and commercial purposes. They are portable, easily movable, and have a spot cooling application. These are temporary coolers and hence, they are ideal for short events or functions. However, these coolers have certain demerits like high power consumption and the size of the unit. We are never sure how big of a place can these coolers cool.


Apart from the above mentioned brands, you also have Varna Coolers, LG coolers and many more in the market. So, selecting the right one for your home could be a daunting task. So, browse through moglix and have a glance at all the specifications of different brands and then choose the appropriate one that suits your requirements.