Beat the Heat with Symphony Coolers

Beat the Heat with Symphony Coolers

With April ushering in the temperature is going to get higher. India is anyway known to have one of the hottest summers. The temperature here is a few degrees less than 50 and it can get really hard to survive the season without any cooling aid.

Most of the population in India lies in the middle class bracket, which is always looking for investments that last longer and cost less. Not everyone in India can afford or have housing that can support an AC. This is why coolers are still trendy in India. Coolers have been a part of all our childhoods and will continue to be for the next generations.

A coolers is a cooling device which consists of three components, water tank, fan and absorbent sheet. When the tank is filled, the sheets get soaked up and as the water evaporates the cool air is passed on with the help of the fan. It is a simple yet a very efficient cooling method.

So, why should one buy a cooler? Coolers are a great option for small spaces and rooms, these are economical, and also do not let CFCs into the environment. With most of us being stuck at the house this summer, a cooler can really come in handy.

Nowadays coolers also come in a variety of styles and new technologies. The colourful iron coolers available in your local stores are not the only options available now. With bigger brands entering the arena, coolers now not only have better features but also look sleek and elegant.

If you are looking for the right fit and need information to make the right decision, this article will help you in that.

Different Kinds of Coolers:

Water Air Coolers:

Water air coolers are the traditional air coolers, which are found in most homes and offices. It is also known as an evaporative cooler as it works on the principle of evaporation. Water air coolers run on electricity.

These have a tank, motor, absorbent sheets and a fan. The motor keeps pumping water, thus continuously getting the sheets soaked, which gets evaporated and circulated in the room with the help of the fan.

Water air coolers are especially known for the fragrance that they spread because of the sheets, it is very nostalgic for most people. Water air coolers, however, require refilling of water, otherwise not only do they start circulating hot air but also affect the health of the motor. So, when you are buying a water air cooler, make sure you buy the one with a capacity big enough to last you the time you want the cooler to operate.

Water air coolers are easily available, with every shop having a sales fair in the onset of summer, you can easily procure your cooler. Due to the usage of water, you might require proper maintenance to prevent the iron from rusting. But, besides that when properly maintained and cleaned, these can last up to five years easily.

Air Coolers:

An air cooler without water is a recent advancement in this field. So, these eradicate the requirement of water and work fantastically without the water break interruptions. With the elimination of water, it becomes easy to accommodate these air coolers.

These also require less maintenance. However, these may not produce as cool air as the water coolers, rather these act more like advanced fans. So, if you have an issue with the water supply in your area, air coolers can do a decent job cooling down your place.


A blower is an equipment which consists of a fan. A blower cooler is known to increase the velocity of the air that passes through it. These are not only good for cooling but also exhausting and ventilating. These are also known as centrifugal fans. These are used mainly in industries which require moderate air pressure. These were the options that one can look for while searching for cooling devices for their homes.

A water air cooler however, still stands to be the best choice when it comes to beating the scorching heat with cool and fragrant air. Now if you are wondering which brand to go for, then you must know, Symphony is a company which has long been India's favourite when it comes to coolers, not only has it assured the country of its quality but also continues to innovate and be up to date with the leading technologies.

With its ideology of refreshing lives, it has really taken a swing and is doing phenomenal work by providing Indian homes with the best appliances. With a great product line of coolers they offer, it can be hard to choose the best, but we have done the job and discussed the top players for you to make a wise decision.

Symphony Sumo XL:

Symphony is a brand synonymous with air coolers and one of their pioneers is Symphony Sumo XL, which has three variants available.

Symphony Sumo 75 XL has an impressive 115 L tank capacity, which means it can cool a room of 37 square meter. It works on i-Pure technology and the plus point is that it only consumes 185 watts, thus saving energy and your bill. It also can be operated with a remote.

Symphony Sumo 75 XL Double Decker is the next in line. This also has a 75 L capacity. As the name suggests, it has two fans one above the other. This also works on I-Pure technology, (which is known to clean air pollutants and harmful microorganisms) and can cool upto 50 square meters of a room. The USP of this cooler is its honey comb pads which facilitate better long lasting absorption and evaporation. This also comes with a remote controller.

The last variant is Symphony Sumo 115 XL. It has a capacity of 115 L. It can cool a room of 40 m. It also works on I-Pure technology and comes with honeycomb pads. This Symphony cooler with remote is a huge hit among users, which makes it super easy to operate from any place in the room.

Symphony Siesta 70 XL:

Symphony not just provides heavy coolers but also portable ones. One such Symphony small cooler is the Siesta 70 XL. It has dura pump technology and a 16 inch fan. It has a capacity of 70 L. It can cool a room upto 110 m.3. Since it is a portable cooler it is ideal for medium sized rooms.

A close competition would be Kenstar double cool Dx. But since Symphony Siesta 70 XL uses I-Pure technology, and also takes care of the air quality of the room, it definitely scores well here too.!

Symphony Window Cooler:

Symphony has a long range of coolers for the buyers, one of which is their symphony window air cooler. The most popular one is the 70 L white jet cooler. It has a cooling area of 600 sq.ft and an air throw distance of 20 square feet.

This Symphony window cooler can be easily fitted outside your window leaving enormous space inside your room. It also has 3 speed modes which can be adjusted as per your preference and like all other symphony coolers, this also has an attractive plastic body, keeping it free from rusting.

Symphony cooler 80 litre:

Symphony has a bunch of options in the capacity of 80 L. Symphony Touch 80 is one of these, it has a 80 L capacity and can cool rooms upto 40 square meter. It consumes 205 watts and works on I-Pure technology and is also mosquito repellent.

The second best option is Symphony Winter 80 XL, it has a 80 L capacity, works on I-Pure technology and can cool rooms upto 40 square meters. It consumes 190 watts which is less than the former.