Different types of Air Coolers for your home or office

Different types of Air Coolers for your home or office

Summer is upon us and the blazing heat is soon gonna hit every household. In times like these, air conditioners and coolers save the day. The coolness experienced by these devices lets us feel as if winter never left. But the thing about these devices is that they are of a different price range, and different users have their own choices of the device to buy. Let us focus on different fan coolers, as they are a common man's air conditioner.

There are different types and brands of coolers with different features which benefit the user in their own way. Let's delve deeper and know more about coolers. Air cooler for room, for work or many such places, is worth it. The best thing about coolers is that they can be used as indoor coolers as well as outdoors. Indoor cooler usage is more common within the confined space of walls. A cooler inverter helps the device to function even when there is an electrical problem.

Different types of coolers:

  • Tower air coolers

Tower air coolers are the new stylish design in the market. The tower air cooler fan is powerful enough to act as a large room cooler with ease. The tower coolers have a beautiful design that easily matches the aesthetics of the room. Apart from the design and beauty aspects, the tower coolers consume very less floor space which helps to make room for other stuff very easy for the user.

If you have space crunch, Tower Coolers are the best bet to enjoy superior air-delivery while adding to the aesthetics of any space. This slimmer and sleek version of air coolers is suitable to fit in small areas while occupying minor floor space. They have a water tank capacity of 20 to 40 liters and can be easily used for long operational hours. The tower coolers require less maintenance and are easy to clean. In the presence of castor wheels, they can be easily moved from one place to another. Moreover, these evaporative coolers are apt from small to medium-sized areas.

Top Sellers

  • Desert air cooler

They are substantially inexpensive compared to the Air conditioners. The range of price for the best category Desert Cooler is almost one-third the price of a mid-range AC cooler, and the economic factor coupled with the effectiveness of cooling and comfort makes it a sound investment for commercial places, factories, halls, large houses, and manufacturing or production units, where high amounts of heat and dryness are generated.

Considerable and marked efficiency in electrical consumption is another major factor of concurrent cost reduction. The less electrical energy consumed is proportional to reduced energy pollutants, making a Desert Cooler more environment friendly and therefore, sought after.

Lastly, rather than recycling the stale air over and over again, a Desert Air Cooler sucks in the fresh air from outside and through the evaporation mechanism, throws cold air into the designated area. Needless to say, the health factor is a major criterion to be considered, to be inclined to purchase a Desert Cooler by the consumer.

  • Portable cooler

Portable air coolers are just as their name implies. They are not permanent units but can be taken wherever the user wants and needs them. Many models have caster wheels that can be moved from room to room to cool the area that you are in all day. Most portable air cooler fans are also lightweight and can easily be picked up and carried for even more convenience.

The user can take it to the workroom, to a job or even the kitchen areas to experience sufficient cooling in the long run. A portable unit will keep up with the lifestyle. The fiber cooler material makes it light and strong for easy portability. Apart from fiber cooler material, some other materials are also available in the market.

  • Personal cooler

Personal air cooler is a device that helps to cool the air by evaporating water and adding moisture to the atmosphere. A personal air cooler is extremely useful and provides maximum cooling, especially in dry climates by adding more moisture to the air. These coolers are a perfect choice for individual cooling needs and provide efficient cooling during hotter temperatures.

Personal air coolers are far less expensive than air conditioners and most people can afford them for their cooling needs. Personal air coolers consume much less electricity and therefore lead to noticeable savings compared to air conditioners.

  • Window cooler

As the name suggests, Window Coolers are the ones that are installed in a window. These are quite similar to ac coolers; they don't occupy much room space given to their installation. If you don't want to get them placed in a window, you can make them portable via trolleys which are available separately. With a water tank capacity of up to 50 liters, the window coolers are energy efficient and use just 1/10th of the energy used by an AC. These are suitable for indoors, be it small offices, kids room, or personal spaces.

Since window coolers can be hung up on any window in your house, they can save some valuable floor space in and around your house. Other air coolers require extra floor space in order to accommodate their size or shape according to the device selected.

Everyone wants to save their hard-earned money in one way or the other. Although air coolers today cost much less to operate than they used to a few years ago. Window air coolers, on the other hand, are the cheapest of the bunch. They cost significantly less to operate and most of all, they are easy to install as well.


We now have a basic understanding of the types of air coolers and their benefits. Each of them come in different shapes and sizes and along with different features which helps the users in their own way. Depending on the usage of the devices, be it at home or workspace, space management, budget and duration of use need to be taken into consideration before coming to a decision to buy the product.