Different Varieties in Projectors

Projectors are output devices that procure images generated from devices like phones, computers, laptops, or other devices and reproduce them by projecting on a solid surface. The apt surface to project the images or video is a large, flat, and light-coloured surface. The most common type of projectors is video projectors that replaced the old slide projectors and overhead projectors which were widely used during the 1990s and early 2000s. As technology developed, people started coming up with innovative and easier-to-use projectors like small projectors, projector mobile, Wi-Fi projector, and many more. Projectors help to make presentations more understandable and interesting. Since everything is put in a visual format, it is easier for people to comprehend concepts quicker. Some of these types are-

  • Projector Mobile

They are the handiest type of projectors. As they are inbuilt into your phones, they are easily portable and extremely convenient to use. Projector mobile phones are a bit heavier than the regular kind as they have this special inbuilt feature of a small Pico lens. The projector can stream anything available on your phone and project it onto a surface. As they are portable, they can be used in meetings and classrooms that do not have a projector facility. Companies like Samsung, Moto, Micromax, etc provide this feature. Moto Z Play, Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, and IBall Andi 4A are few projectors that come in this category.

  • 3D Projector

As the name suggests, these projectors can produce a three-dimensional image onto a two-dimensional surface. This enables the views to get a clearer and in-depth perspective of the content, unlike the typical projectors. The experience will also seem comparatively more real. Ensure that you buy 3D glasses to view the image. It is not good for your eyes to be exposed to 3D contents for a long time without the glasses. This can cause strain and might lead to severe headaches. These projectors are apt for home theatre as it gives you the full feel of watching a movie at home. Some of the best 3D projectors are Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO, BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theatre Projector, Sony Home Projector VPL-VW295ES, etc.

  • Small Projector and Mini Portable Projector

Mini projectors are coming into the limelight thanks to their compact yet high-quality visual representations. Small projectors are usually lightweight, compact, and portable. If you are someone who travels and is required to make presentations for work then, this is the easiest and convenient form of a projector for handling. Mini projectors do not compromise on the picture clarity, brightness, or contrast ratio even though it is small and compact. Top-quality Mini Portable Projectors available in the market are Anker Nebula Apollo, ViewSonic M1, GooDee Projector, KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector, ELEPHAS Mini Projector for iPhone, etc.

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  • HD Projector

These projectors produce high-resolution images and display them onto the screen. These can be amazing projectors for home theatres as they give you the best real-life experience with high-quality images. Some of the best HD projectors are listed below-

  • GooDee BL98
  • DBPOWER (L21)
  • Sony - Home Cinema ES SXRD HD Projector
  • Vankyo - Leisure 510 HD 720P Projector
  • Smartphone Projector

These are compatible with most electronic devices like tablets, laptops, phones, MacBook, and many more. They let you connect to devices and project directly from these devices. These projectors are sleek and compact and can be used while traveling. DBPOWER 2400LUX MINI PROJECTOR, TOPVISION MINI PROJECTOR, AUKING PORTABLE VIDEO PROJECTOR, and LG PH550 Cine Beam LED Projector are some of the few top Smartphone projectors in the market.

  • Wi-Fi Wireless Projector

Is it difficult for you to carry around lots of wires? Confusing where the wire goes? Well, the solution for that is a wireless projector enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity. The wires can get in the way, block our view, and disturb us while watching the movie. It is also difficult to move it around due to the wires. A wireless projector fixes this problem thanks to the absence of wires. Some of the best ones available in the market are AKASO Mini Pico Projector 1080P with Wi-Fi, Portable Mini TOUMEI T5 2020 Projector, etc.

  • Android Projector

An Android projector runs on Android TV 9.0 Pie. This technology lets you connect to Google networks like Play Store and Google Assistant, voice control. It also has the feature to connect to other smart home devices like smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, and many more. They produce high-quality and refined-clarify content making your movie-night or gaming experience as fun as it can get. Top-quality Android projectors in the market are Vava 4K LT002, BenQ HT3550i True 4K, Philips Screeneo U3, and Optoma UHL55.

  • Bluetooth Projector

Like the Wi-Fi wireless projectors, these projectors are convenient to use thanks to their wireless feature. It makes it possible to stream content from any device that has a Bluetooth feature and is compatible with the projector. Some of these also provide wireless pairing with speakers, mouse, and keyboard that makes it easier to handle. The connectivity with the speakers produces enhanced sound quality. The top ones in the market are 3900 Lumen Android Bluetooth LCD Video Projector-Multimedia, Wireless Bluetooth Projector Android Wi-Fi 4400lm, TOUMEI C800S Mini DLP Smart Projector-Portable HD Android 7.1, Smart Bluetooth Wi-Fi Wireless Mini Projector LED LCD 2800 Lumen HDMI USB VGA Built-in Speaker, and many more.

There are some things that one needs to consider before buying a projector. You might use projectors for business purposes or simply for entertainment. Entertainment projector focuses on full-motion videos whereas the former is used mostly for still images. Another thing you need to decide is whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors.

You need an overall good quality projector if you aim for an outdoor experience as there might be too much light or noise in the environment. Reliability, portability, and cost are other factors that one should focus on while buying a projector. Paying too much for an unsteady or heavy projector is simply a waste of money. The technical specifications you want in the projector also play an important role during purchase.