Types of Projectors based on their Applications

Technology, as we all are well aware of, is reaching a higher level every single day, making the world run smoothly with its new inventions and discoveries. Life of humans is made much easier with the development of electronic devices. Things that seemed impossible are being executed every minute of an hour, making the impossible happen.

Technology keeps moving up and that definitely means development of new gadgets and equipment. Some of the best inventions created in the field of tech include laptops, mobile phones, computers, printers and much more. One object that still leaves the onlooker in awe, is the projector. It is a device with extraordinary features and capabilities.


Popularly known for their abilities to create images by shining a light through a transparent, miniature lens, Projectors are optical devices that project image on any surface. The surface on which a projector is normally made to project images is called the projector screen. They are also well known as image projectors, and in recent inventions, the projectors do not even require lenses. They project the image directly on the surface with the help of lasers.

Some of the Popular Types of Projectors:

Based on their applications, Projectors are normally classified into many types. Some of the well known types include:

  • 4k Projector
  • LED Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • Nebula Projector
  • Laser Projector
  • DLP Projector
  • Light Projector
  • Mini Ray Projector
  • Pocket Projector
  • Optoma Projector
  • Projector TV
  • Video Projector
  • Movie Projector
  • Short Throw Projector
  • Classroom Projector
  • Film Projector
  • Laser Light Projector
  • Mini Projector and much more.

Types of Projectors and their Features:

4K Projector:

With USB Hardware Interface and 4K resolution, 4K projectors are one of the most sought after types of Projectors. They can be connected to devices through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB and have inbuilt DLP display technology. They are portable and weigh about 865 grams. They do not require batteries and their mounting type is ceiling mount. They are commonly used as home theatre projectors.

LED Projectors:

LED Projectors are easily connectable to devices like mobiles, laptops and much more. They are equipped with LED light Projections, that make sure that the image or video projected is clear with high quality resolutions. They are high quality projectors that use LED to project images and stuff. They can be operated with a remote and have improved LED lamp life. They are also ceiling mountable and portable. Some of the Advanced models even have a reduced noise fan, that can reduce the noise by half.

LCD Projector:

LCD Projectors, also popularly known as the modern replacements of Slide or Overhead Projectors, is one of the types of video projectors that display video and images on a projector screen or any other flat surface.

They normally produce less contrast outputs and require filter maintenance. It consists of a lamp, three liquid crystal panels, filters and a prism, which are required to create the image on the screen. They have great production of color and are highly affordable. They are commonly for professional purposes like presentations, seminars and meetings.

Nebula Projector:

A Nebula Projector is a mini, portable projector that normally works in three different ways. Sometimes they work as a standalone projector, where apps can be downloaded and streamed right through with the use of Wifi. They are available wireless and sometimes wired with HDMI Cable.

Inbuilt speakers, a resolution of 1080 pixels are some of the highlighted features of Nebula Projectors. Nebula Projectors can be easily noted as one of the best projectors in the world, with their Android Features and sound features.They are portable and lightweight too at affordable rates.

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Laser Projectors:

Having greater contrast than lamp projectors, Laser Projectors don't require inside the projector unit since they run at a low temperature. The lamp life of the Laser Projectors determine their life span. They are low maintenance and project true to life colours.

A Laser Projector created images and videos by changing the laser beams on the screen. They are highly suitable for educational environments. New models even have voice assistants and easy image setups.

DLP Projector:

DLP Projector actually means Digital Light Processing Projectors, where the light beams are passed through colour wheels, Reflection mirrors and finally a lens. The DLP chip, which was commonly known as a digital micromirror device (DMD), is the device that differentiates DLP from Laser Projectors. They are known to be highly reliable, lightweight and portable.

Light Projector:

Unlike other models and types, Light Projectors are quite unusual from their types. While other projectors are used to project images, Light Projectors are used for home decor purposes and to project decorative lights. New models of Light Projectors have voice control, timers, and speakers too. Brightness can be controlled and they are automated to project certain patterns of light, based on the settings people set. The desired light projections can be set by just a few twists and turns. They are normally used in parties and special occasions.

Mini Ray Projector:

Suiting their name, Mini Projectors are miniature, Portable Projectors with a weight of approximately 30g. Their normal screen rate is 16:9 and can be used in Window OS, Mac OS and even Android 5.0. They are the miniature versions of normal projectors, yet the features never tend to miss the mark.

Pocket Projector:

Otherwise widely known by a variety of names like handheld projector, mobile projector, pico projector and mini beamer, Pocket Projectors are image projectors that are made into handheld devices. The hardware and software are miniaturized to fit the pocket projector and can be used to project images. They are similar to mini projectors and have the same working principles and outputs.

Optoma Projectors:

Producing Projectors with exceptional features and quality, Optoma still stays in the leading list of companies that produce the best professional projectors. They are used comfortably in fields of business and education and even for domestic entertainment purposes.

They have great colors, perfectly designed for gaming and entertainment like watching shows and movies. They are equipped with a short throw lens, and deliver low lag time. They are popularly known for their 4K projectors and are known for their video and audio accessories, and they are also compatible with 3D players.

Projector TV:

Just by switching your TV with a projector screen with a 4k resolution projector with ultra sound effects, Projector TVs can be created. Unlike TVs, they are more wide screened with great sound effects. The projector is connected to the required device or WiFi, and the movie or video you wish to see is selected and projected.

Smart Projector Tvs are now found in the market, with new voice control and smart options. They are affordable and offer the buyer a great entertainment experience with its wide screen and great sound effects. They can also be projected on flat walls, by adjusting the size of the projected video to fit the wall.

12.Video Projectors:

Available in HD, LED,LCD, and 4k resolutions too, Video Projectors are one of the commonly bought projectors. They are used to display videos in bright colours and high qualities, streamed through WiFi, or connected to devices through Bluetooth or USB.

They are also available in Laser modes, and are lightweight and portable. They are used in both domestic and professional environments for entertainment videos and professional options too. They can also be used for gaming pastimes.

Movie Projector:

Not much different from other models of projectors, Movie Projectors are strictly 1080 P, since they are solely used for the purpose of projecting movies. Though their working methods and construction is the same as its other projector companion, they have a better sound and display clarity. They can be LCD, LED or even Laser. They are normally used in theatres to project movies in widescreen or at homes to build a home theatre.

Short Throw Projector:

With a throw ratio of less than 0.4, Ultra Short Throw (UST) has a wide angle lens. They are easy to install and are placed just under the screen, hence the presenter cannot hide the rays emitted from the projector, avoiding shadows being created on the image.

They are not ceiling mount ,hence they avoid the cost and hassle of ceiling mount projectors. They are also highly affordable. They are found in HD, built to emit with laser rays.

Classroom Project:

Just like their name denotes, Classroom projectors are used for educational purposes and highly used in professional environments. They are available in ceiling mount models, and also wired or wireless. They can be connected to devices like laptops and stuff with Wifi or through Bluetooth.

Film Projector:

Just like film movie projectors, film projectors are used to display and project high quality videos or movies with bass sound effects. They are controllable with remotes.

Laser Light Projector:

Laser Light Projectors have inbuilt laser light emitters that are used to display videos or images with laser light. They can be used to special effects, lighting, house decor, and can also be used to project images and videos.

Portable, affordable, and lightweight they are known to be multi purpose and are highly popular and being developed everyday with new creations.

Mini Projectors:

Being one of the versatile yet much sought after designs, mini projectors are the miniature versions of normal projectors. They are perfectly portable, affordable, and compact in size.

Projectors, being one of the best inventions of the century, are found in many specifications with great features. If you want great clarity and sound with wide screens, Projector is the perfect choice. Buy the best projector for your money's worth and enjoy the best entertainment and professional experience by watching videos and images in HD.