Top Projector brands available in the market

Everyone loves watching movies and watching them in a big-screen theatrical set up within the household is every movie lover's dream. A projector allows you to create a complete theatrical experience at the convenience of your home and with your loved ones. There are several projectors available in the market depending on their precise specializations and technical features. We will discuss these for you so you can make an informed choice and enjoy movie night without burning a hole in your pocket!

Epson Projectors:

Epson Projectors are a perfect choice for classrooms, conference halls and meeting rooms. Epson Projectors have an elegant and sleek design which gives it a compact and aesthetic look. The resolution in Epson Projectors is nothing less than clear visuals and delivers crisp presentations and training sessions with professional quality and appropriate brightness. Epson Projectors come with a brightness varying from 2500 nm to 3001 lm for a bright and clear view. One model that you can have a look at is the Epson EB X36 portable projector which offers 3600 lm brightness and is made for making professional-quality presentations.

BenQ Projectors:

BenQ Projectors are some of the most sought after projectors available in the market because of their good image quality and great projection ratio. BenQ Projectors have several different variants offering different specializations, the projectors can display images and videos up to 30ft and has a DLP chipset. The DLP BenQ Projectors ensure a high colour contrast, which means every frame on the screen will look beautiful and appealing. BenQ Projectors are perfect for small and bigger spaces and room and there are cheaper variants that won't burn a hole in your pockets. After all, BenQ Projectors stand for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life.

Sony projector:

Sony projector is a popular choice for homes and offices. A Sony projector can display static texts, images to full HD videos and the Sony 4k projector can display some of the most vibrant and beautiful videos and images. Sony projector offers SVGA and XGA resolutions that give good quality projections in a 4:3 aspect ratio and the higher resolutions like WXGA are projected in a 16:9 ratio. The brightness levels are also perfectly appropriate for home and office uses, these Sony projectors can get very bright. They offer the 3LCD and 1 chip DLP technology, making them one of the most popular choices.

Xiaomi Projector or MI projector:

Xiaomi Projector or MI projector come in technologies offering 4k resolutions and they are sleek, elegant and aesthetic modern designs. Xiaomi Projector or MI projector come in a compact design with various smart features built-in. Xiaomi Projector or MI projector also offers support for HDR20 and with its simple design, it is mountable and has android TV built-in for easy and convenient content streaming. They come in black and white in colour. Features such as Google assistant command, wifi streaming and the rapid response rate is what makes it a great choice.

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Egate Projectors:

Egate Projectors are recognised as some of the best projectors in India. These Egate Projectors are perfect for home theatres and are reasonably priced. Egate Projectors offer 16k colours with excellent brightness and contrast for an exceptional viewing experience. Egate Projectors have a powerful processor for playing videos effortlessly which can be viewed without any lags or glitches. Egate Projectors have superb connectivity and are equipped with multiple connectivity ports and make an excellent choice for projectors under Rs 10,000.

LG projectors:

LG projectors are high-performance projectors that are specially designed for portability and to assist in making presentations in small to medium-sized spaces, they are compact and can easily fit in a backpack and take seconds to set-up. LG projectors offer clear picture quality with 1,400 lm brightness and 150,000:1 contrast ratio, they also offer LED lighting and triple XD engine. LG projectors offer trumotion technology for processing frames making content more fluid. LG projectors offer a cinematic experience one can't forget with smart features such as a viewing experience up to 120 class size, wireless sharing and LED light lasting for 30,000 hours.

ViewSonic Projectors:

ViewSonic Projectors are one of the newer and fastest emerging international projectors in the Indian market. ViewSonic Projectors offer a range of digital projectors equipped with the latest technology which uses a series of smart chipsets that include XGA, UXGA, WXGA and the latest 3d support. ViewSonic Projectors offer such a line-up of projectors with such different characteristics, functionality and practicality, these projectors can either be used for official or classroom presentations while the higher and more advanced models make an ideal choice for a centrepiece of your prized home theatre setup.

Unic Projector:

Unic Projector are an exceptional choice for both entertainment and business purposes, they have a multi-connectivity option which includes a USB 2.0 port, a slot for SD cards and an HDMI port for speedy content streaming. Unic Projector has a large screen capacity and its display size can range from 36-130 inches making it incredibly wide ranged and multi-purpose. Unic Projector comes with 800 lm and a wired speaker connection for a true cinematic experience. Unic Projector is one of the most popular speakers under Rs 15,000.

Dell projector:

Dell projector is affordable, easy-to-use, simple network manageability and offers ultra-bright Dell 1610 HD value screen resolution. Dell projector is powered by the DLP technology that is the latest and the greatest. Dell projector have a filter-free design, they have no filters and can translate to lower maintenance costs over the lifespan of the projector. Dell projector also offers lasting picture reliability that ensures the common issue of green and yellow screen tint to never happen and you always get amazing picture quality. Dell projector has a stunning image conversion feature where the DLP can process up to 6 colours or more and this results in beautiful, brilliant and vibrant pictures.

Samsung Projectors:

Samsung Projectors Bring the big theater screen experience home with an ultra short throw Samsung 120'' smart laser projector. Samsung Projectors offer Cutting-edge laser technology for faster data processing rates and 4K resolution deliver cinema-like picture and contrast with 2200 lumens which makes it an incredibly bright display. The concept that Samsung Projectors use is an ultra-short throw and compact minimal design with a 2.2 audio channel system making the whole experience unforgettable. Samsung Projectors offer premiere dramatic home cinema viewing that's just like being in a theatre with precise colours and incredible contrast on a maximum 120 space size and the world's first HDR10+ projector for realistic and vibrant viewing.

A projector can be an incredibly valuable appliance to most homes as it is convenient, safe and unlike a television does not come with the complications and maintenance costs, all you need is a good projector and a white wall. Other brands worth checking out include Acer projector, hitachi projector, boss projector and canon projector. Acer projector, hitachi projector, boss projector and canon projector also have several valuable features with checking out! Now that we are well educated about projectors, we can make the best choice!