Everything about switches: Types and tips to consider before buying

Everything about switches: Types and tips to consider before buying

A switch is a device which is used to break the current flow in a circuit. Switches are normally used in every place in a switchboard to turn on or turn off an electrical appliance or to power an electrical appliance or to create a network.

When you turn off a switch the gateway that is present in the circuit is opened, breaking the flow of current and thus switching the appliance off. On the other hand, when you turn on a switch the gates are closed creating a breakless path for the current to flow, thus switching the appliance on.

Switches come in various types for different places and purposes. Switches create a network of shared resources. For instance, a switch will connect and network your personal computer, printer, speakers and so on.

If you are pondering upon which kind of switch you need to use in your home or office, you have come to the right place. Not only do you need a thorough idea about the types of switches available in the market to add to the functioning of your computer, but also the factors that are to be considered before buying. Using the right computer or network switches can really affect the overall performance of all the connected devices and build a stable network.

Types of Switches:

  • Network Switch:

A network switch (also known as ethernet switch) used to connect and form a network of multiple devices. It is known to operate at the data link layer. It uses packet switching to transfer data. A network switch is used in computers to link multiple computer devices with each other. It has multiple ports where the various devices can be plugged. If you are looking for a switch to enable and enhance communication among all the input devices of your computer and other devices, this is the one you need!

  • PoE Switch:

If you are looking for a switch for your office that can connect all the networking devices in the building, then PoE switch can really help. A PoE switch uses power over ethernet technology to work. Devices can be powered via network cables while using a PoE switch. PoE is especially useful for cable less devices like security cameras. However, if you only have one or two devices that require PoE, then using PoE injector would be a better idea. PoE injector is a small device used between the device and the source of power. But, if there are many devices in your office then getting a PoE switch would ensure a better functioning.

  • LAN Switch:

LAN stands for local area network. LAN switch is also a network switch but mainly used for the internet. For internal networking LAN switch is used. A LAN switch will create a communication channel between two devices that are connected at any moment. This also contains multiple ports and is often referred to as an internet switch. A LAN switch will definitely smoothen the operations of your computer.

  • IP Switch:

An IP Switch uses a technology of internet protocol switching which can route data packets at a faster pace than traditional switches with the use of layer 3 switches. These layer 3 switches create a virtual circuit whenever high priority data or data for an external network is to be routed. If you want an extremely fast speed, an IP switch can do the job well.

  • SAN Switch:

SAN stands for storage area network. A SAN switch will establish a network between servers and storage devices. It is useful in managing storage traffic. Thousands of servers can be connected through a SAN switch. It examines data packets and forwards them. SAN switches also provide network diagnostics and bandwidth autosensing.

  • Router:

A router can be called a switch that only connects two different networks. A router switch or a router, works on the network layer when transferring data packers, whereas a network switch works on the data link layer. A router uses a routing table to find the smallest route for the data packets to reach the destination. So, if you only require two networks to be connected, then a router will work fine.

Factors to consider before buying switches:

Now that we are through with the types of computer switch available, let us also look at the features that you must consider before buying one...!


Speed of a switch plays a very important role as nobody wants to wait for the appliance to start after turning the switch on. To have a time efficient delivery speed of a switch must be considered. Generally network switches run at 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps. Speed may also be affected when multiple devices may be plugged in. So, one needs to find out the speed and the number of connections the switch can support as per the requirement.


Depending upon the type of switch you are going for, you might also want to check in the capacity of that switch. Since a network switch has multiple ports you must be sure of how many networks you will be connecting. Some network switches also offer some sort of expandability. A switch with lesser capacity will be available at a lower price, and the price will increase with the increase in capacity.


Since switches control current, it can often be dangerous operating these. It is vital to use switches which do not conduct electricity to avoid any causality. Switch material should have a high melting point and be flame resistant. Polycarbonates can prove to be a good option in this field.

These are the three main factors that you have to consider in any case to reach the right decision. There are multiple companies that sell computer switches in the market. It can often get very confusing to decide which brand to go for. Buying a switch from a good brand will not only assure you of the quality but also of safety. Here are the top two picks that can be a great addition to your network system-


Netgear switches offer some of the best options for both home and business networks. Their network switches range includes technologically advanced switches like fully managed network switches and smart network switches. Their switches also come with optional clouds. Besides network switches, Netgear also sells routers. Whatever you may need, netgear has it covered!

T P Link:

Another brand that you can go for is T P Link, they have network switches of every type and requirement. They offer smart switches, managed switches, LiteWave unmanaged switches and what not! T P link switches also come at reasonable prices and are one of the most popular brands in India.

This was all the information that you needed to make the right purchase regarding your network switch. Once you have stitched all your requirements together with the help of the knowledge provided in this article you should reach the right destination with utmost ease and amplify the functioning of your computer network!