Everything about vacuum cleaners

As we become more and more exposed to various technological developments in the modern market a vacuum cleaner has been one of the most beneficial and helpful household appliances. It has been particularly designed to clean up every single dust particle off the surface and it does it in no time while storing the waste for you to dispose of altogether. To know how a vacuum cleaner works you have to understand the mechanism of the machine.

A vacuum cleaner does the process of creating a negative atmospheric pressure as it tends to suck the dirt inside itself. In this case, it creates a pressure that is lower than the atmosphere surrounding it. The vacuum cleaner also uses an electronic fan that in turn helps in creating the negative pressure inside it. As it takes in so much air into a small place it needs to let go of some of it to keep working continuously. Therefore, it has an exhaust port that tends to push the air outside the machine from the other side.

Apart from cleaning it also helps in purifying the air around you. There are tiny dust particles present in the air that are so small we are unable to see them and they can cause lung damage or dust allergies if inhaled daily. Vacuum cleaners suck up all these tiny dust particles as well. Hence, the best vacuum cleaners clean your house along with helping your lungs breathe dust-free air. There are various types of vacuum cleaners online that you can explore.

In this article, you will get an overview of the types of vacuum cleaners and factors to be considered while choosing the right one.

Types of vacuum cleaner:

  • Handheld

    This type of vacuum cleaner is suitable for areas that are hard to clean like small corners of your room or an object like your car. These types of vacuum cleaners are lightweight that you can easily hold and move.

    The vacuum cleaner prices vary depending on their adjustments and features. You must always look for the one that suits your requirement.

    Due to the handheld feature of this vacuum cleaner, you can easily maneuver and suck up all the dirt and debris caught up in areas that are hard for you to reach.

    However, the handheld vacuum cleaner is not exactly an ideal vacuum cleaner for your floor surface because it is not easy for you to move it along an entire flooring space which would take time and effort.

  • Canister

    Canister vacuum cleaners are a little more on the expensive side of purchasing a vacuum cleaner. They come with designs that are multi-functional in nature and are much more technologically advanced than any other vacuum cleaner in the market.

    This vacuum cleaner is a mixture of both upright and stick cleaners as it has a powerful suction like the upright cleaner and a slender frame like the stick cleaner.

    You can easily deep clean your carpet with these types of vacuum cleaners and can also suck up all the dust and dirt from the surface of a general bare flooring.

  • Upright

    The upright vacuum cleaners are best known for their powerful suction and are very well known for being one of the best vacuum cleaners. Due to their powerful cleaning suction, it can swiftly take out all the dirt and debris from your carpet and deep clean it.

    Not only carpets but they can also clean up your bare floor surface. They come with a variety of adjustments that are not quite complex to understand.

    If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle and helps you to deep clean your house then an upright vacuum cleaner is the one for you.

  • Stick

    A stick vacuum cleaner is known to have the least power amongst all the other vacuum cleaners but due to its slender frame, it can easily clean up small areas and areas like underneath your furniture or your couch.

    It comes with a long stick that lets you hold it and freely move the equipment to all the narrow places that are hard to reach.

  • Autonomous / Robot

    Robot vacuum cleaners are an automatic vacuum cleaner that sucks up all the dirt by itself without you having to manually move it. It cleans all the narrow areas in your room and underneath your furniture.

    If you are looking forward to buying a vacuum cleaner that saves time and does the job effortlessly then you must go for the robot vacuum cleaners. The robot vacuum cleaner price is higher than the other vacuum cleaners.

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Factors to consider while choosing a Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Selecting the right size

    Picking the right-sized vacuum cleaner depends on which areas you want to focus on while cleaning your house. For instance, if you want to clean bare floors, staircases and underneath your furniture then canister vacuums are a good option. They perform an overall job of sucking up the dust from areas that are hard to reach along with cleaning carpets.

    When it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners, those can be easy to maneuver but you can't expect them to clean floor surfaces as it takes too much time and effort.

    However handheld vacuum cleaners can clean your car way better than any other vacuum cleaner as it takes out the dirt from every narrow corner and edges of your car.

  • Power Capacity

    The power and capacity are directly proportional to the suction power created by the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners have motors inside them that are built for both deep cleaning and light dusting.

    However, the power is the suction the more it will tend to make noise. This solely depends on the type of cleaning you want to do, if you want a deep cleaning vacuum you must look for a vacuum cleaner that has a motor capacity of 1300 to 1800 watts.

    These vacuum cleaners also consume more energy than lower-powered vacuums like handheld ones. Similarly if you want to lightly dust your room you should look for a motor capacity that is lesser than 1300 watts.

  • The right model with suitable adjustments

    Vacuum cleaners come with many multi-functional and multipurpose adjustments that can be used in several ways. You must pick the right one that has the suitable adjustments for your requirement.

    Apart from adjustments vacuum cleaners also have accessories that come along with them and each one of them is used for a specific reason.

    For example, a canister vacuum comes with a carpet brush that lets you clean your carpet but handheld vacuum cleaners don't come with carpet brushes. Handhelds come with various pipes and longer-length pipes that let you reach narrow corners and also lets you adjust the length of the pipes.

  • The right features for you

    Some vacuum cleaners have an option where you can adjust the power capacity. By doing that you can control the power of the suction depending on your cleaning requirement. You can't clean your carpet and a hard bare flooring surface with the same power capacity.

    Low power will be suitable for the general floor and high for the carpet. Hence it is essential for you to look for these adjustments before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

    Apart from controlling the suction power, you can also use several types of vacuum filters. Vacuum cleaners on the costlier side will provide you with the most diverse range of adjustments, whereas cheaper ones will limit the number of adjustments.

  • Credibility

    While purchasing the right kind of vacuum cleaner online for your house you must also consider the equipment longevity. It must serve you till the guaranteed period and must have a warranty.

Vacuum Cleaner: FAQs

Q. What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

A. Though there are numerous brands of vacuum cleaners available in the market, here are some of the best vacuum cleaners available which are worth spending every single penny.

  • AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • American MICRONIC AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum Cleaner
  • Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Q. Is a vacuum cleaner worth buying in India?

A. As Indian homes are quite dusty, keeping them clean is one heck of a task. This can be easily done with the help of a Vacuum cleaner. Also, the Vacuum Cleaners are available in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 INR which makes them quite affordable by most of the people. Hence, the answer to this question is, Yes!! A Vacuum Cleaner is worth buying in India.

Q. Which vacuum cleaner is best for cars?

A. Here are some of the top and powerful Vacuum cleaners available in the Indian market which can help you to keep your precious cars clean from pet-hairs, dust and other messes.

  • BLACK+DECKER ACV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

Q. How do you maintain a vacuum cleaner?

A. Here are some of the steps through which you can maintain your vacuum cleaner and increase its lifespan.

  • Before using ensure that the dirt bags are kept clean on regular basis
  • Clean all the dust and dirt
  • Regularly replace and clean the filters
  • Keep checking the brush of Vacuum cleaner
  • Ensure the hose of the Vacuum cleaner is clean
  • Check the belt