Types of Vacuum Cleaners as per uses and features

Types of Vacuum Cleaners as per uses and features

There are varieties of vacuum cleaner designed to clean up carpet, floors, and each and every corner of the house that need to keep dust free without much trouble. It happened only in the early 19th century when the idea of cleaning up striked the inventors and then soon came into being. It was invented and further developed by people of various backgrounds from physicists, inventors, industrial designers to janitors. In 1907, the first handheld vacuum cleaner was invented by James Murray Spangler.

After the first launch of the first vacuum cleaner, William Henry Hoover in the coming year redesigned this vacuum into a new system where he added a replaceable filter bag and came up with the very first upright vacuum cleaner for household use back in 1926.

It has been reported by the Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers Association that in today's world around 98 percent of household women prefer using vacuum cleaners and here now we will discuss the various types of vacuum cleaner and their use.

  • Car vacuum cleaner:

You would want to search for a portable vacuum cleaner with an adapter to be in a spot to plug your vacuum on the way so you can clean your car when you plan on for a long drive. This simply means that there's no need to worry about cleaning up your car without looking for an outlet to do so. And hence this is a great alternative or function if you travel a lot with your kids.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner:

Today with the advanced technology and ease of working, the robot vacuum has become quite popular because of its advanced technology that can map out the room and then sweep it all on its own. These vacuums have been designed in a way that it can bump into any corner or side of the house without the furniture being the obstacles so that they can get through as much as possible leaving behind no dirt or dust.

One of the preferred reasons why people prefer robot vacuums over other types is because they could be programmed to set off during the times when the family is out of the house, taking care of the cleaning chore.

  • Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner:

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners aren't commonly used in the home to scrub the floor but are best used for large spills or debris. They have extremely strong suction and a long cord that allows them to be wheeled around to different work.

These vacuum cleaners are nice to have on hand for sweeping up messes in the garage or basement and can easily handle cleaning out the water. Storing these types of vacuum cleaners could be a bit hard to handle as they appear to be very big and bulky but it is their increased power that makes them so perfect for tackling jobs of all sizes.

The wet vacuum cleaner is easy to use in any working setting around the home to clean much like a regular top rated vacuum, with the added advantage. It will take on all kinds of soil and liquid waste, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

  • Small vacuum cleaner:

Small vacuum cleaners are quite preferable as they are immensely flimsy and portable, that makes it ideal over an upright or a canister vacuum. They are dependent on a pivot brush and a very light suction in the bag or bin for pulling and stirring the dust and debris. The head of this Vacuum cleaner is designed in a way that it can be easily manoeuvred around furniture which makes this the best choice if you have lots to clean up with furnishings in your rooms. They are good for dealing with minor messes and light dust and they can be washed after dinner under the table or used in a house that typically remains very tidy.

  • Mini vacuum cleaner:

Mini Vacuum Cleaners have been around for a long time and well, they have definitely helped in cleaning the dust off from carpets, sofas and what not.They can be named as the best companion of the family man.

Over time, they have become more strong and they have shrunk in size. The modern-day Vacuum Cleaners handheld are not heavy and they are easy to bring around.

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner:

If you want to roam around home comfortably without a cord that weighs you, then a cableless vacuum is a wonderful option to go with. Usually smaller than other vacuums, they are the ideal option for older people or people who are too frail to operate heavy vacuums. The only drawback with this form of vacuum is that it works on a battery and there would be a limited period of time that you can use this vacuum cleanser. If you do not charge your battery, then your vacuums output will be compromised and you won't be able to get your home as clean as you want. Such vacuum cleaners are suitable in smaller homes.

  • Portable vacuum cleaner:

Portable vacuum cleaners are portable cleaning devices that use vacuum suction for cleaning purposes. These vacuum cleaners can raise soil, dust and other waste from tapestries, polishing and surfaces. Serviced vacuum cleaners include cleaners, backpack cleaners, backpack cleaners, wet dry vacuum cleaners and HEPA aspirators.Another example of a portable vacuum will be an auto vacuum, which is designed specifically for cleaning car interiors. In most production plants, Portable vacuum cleaners are needed to keep the plant clean.

  • Industrial vacuum cleaner:

The industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used for the general cleaning in industrial settings, as well as many other more specialised uses, not directly related to basic cleaning. There may be various forms of industrial vacuum. If the condition demands it, the application in which they are to be used may be modified or purposes-built. Some of the Industrial vacuum cleaners are:

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
  • Compact single-phase vacuum cleaners
  • Heavy-duty single-phase commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Three-phase commercial vacuum cleaners
  • High power three-phase commercial vacuum cleaners
  • High vacuum units
  • commercial vacuum cleaner for oil and shavings
  • Air powered vacuum cleaner
  • ATEX certified commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners for set extraction on machines (OEM) (OEM)
  • Centralized vacuum systems
  • Dust retrieval vacuum cleaners
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner:

Handheld vacuums are very small, but efficient vacuums that are designed to be picked up and carried anywhere. They are usually cordless which could be carried everywhere. For more power, you can opt for a model with a cable, although this will restrict how far you can carry the vacuum without changing the plug.

They are highly in use on mobilizers, asphalt and even upholstery easily for aspiration of minor messes or piles of mud. Many people enjoy using them to help clean out their vehicles and when you purchase a model with a car adapter, you can easily keep your car as clean as possible.

  • Hand vacuum cleaner:

The hand vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Think of your vehicle, between the couch cushions, and underneath the bed. You can also use this useful machine for sweeping corners in rooms for a comprehensive clean.

These Vacuum cleaners are good for nooks and crannies. You can also keep it in your car, and it is good for cleaning pet fur as well. However, it is not suitable for general cleaning as it would take too long and also the cord length is quite shorter than a canister or a full sized vacuum which makes it quite hard to handle.

  • Automatic vacuum cleaner:

An automatic vacuum cleaner, also known as a roomba as a generic trademark, is designed with intelligent programming along with a restricted vacuum floor cleaning system. The original concept included remote manual operation and "self drive," which enables the computer to clean independently without human intervention. Some designs use rotating and spinning brush to reach close corners, and some have different cleaning functions and vacuuming characteristics.

A benefit of using an automatic vacuum cleaner is how quiet it is compared to a standard vacuum cleaner.Automatic vacuums can be stored under beds or desks or in closets, while a traditional vacuum cleaner needs a greater area of space


Hence we have come to know about the various types of vacuum cleanser that are available for different uses and purposes in the market.Browse through the online website of moglix where you can find ideal vacuum cleaners that are designed to serve your requirements.