Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India

Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India

Dusting and cleaning the house or any surrounding becomes cumbersome after a while. Using the broom to clean the dust can at times even lead to body ache due to constant bending of the body during the process. It is also time consuming to go through the entire cleaning process. Using a vacuum cleaner makes all these tasks a lot easier. These Powerful devices take less time to clean the room, but at the same time are more effective than the normal cleaning methods.

Below are some of the popular vacuum brands:

Eureka forbes vacuum cleaners are powerful devices which provide an overall quality cleaning experience. These devices are made keeping in mind the bodily ailments one probably goes through while using the traditional method of cleaning.due to the length of the handle of the device, it protects the back which otherwise would have hurt while sweeping or mopping.

Eureka forbes vacuum cleaner also provides protection from problems which arise from dust and dirt like bouts of cold , cough sinus, or other respiratory ailments or allergies.

Euro clean vacuum cleaners is a segment of the eureka brand which provides premium quality vacuum cleaners to enhance the user experience with ease.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are powerful and sufficient. Its integrated power management system helps to maintain the balance between battery usage and performance which provides longer usage time. Its powerful cleaning mechanism helps to remove the stains from any types of surface with ease. The point and shoot mechanism helps to empty the vacuum cleaner into the bin with ease.

The fully sealed filtration mechanism helps to trap dust with 99.97%effectiveness. Benign acoustically engineered, it dampens the sound of the machine and its vibrations.

Phililps vacuum cleaner is a powerful device which has a multiclean nozzle for thorough cleaning on all floors. Its powercyclone technology helps in accelerating the airflow in the cylindrical chamber which separates dust from air, hence maintaining high performance for longer periods of time. Philip vacuum cleaner has a 1900W motor which provides a powerful cleaning user experience.

Dust container present in it helps to empty the container with one hand. The H13 filter captures upto 99.9% of fine dust thus giving a quality cleaning experience. The turbo brush feature helps to clean the hair or fluff particles with ease.

The premium quality karcher vacuum cleaners is a multi purpose device which contains an ultra high suction powered mechanism for thorough cleaning. It contains a flat pleated filter in a removable box in the device head which can be removed within a second when emptying. Integrate filter cleaning mechanism of the karcher vacuum cleaner, the dust can be removed with just one button and quickly restore the suction power.

It also provides electrostatic protection while cleaning surfaces like mats. The suction power can be adjusted according to the power requirements to enhance the user friendly experience.

The powerful Bosch vacuum cleaners come in different styles. Like cordless, bagless etc. each has their own benefits but all of them equally provide the best cleaning experience. Bosch vacuum cleaner contains aerodynamic blades which perfectly controls the airflow for high dusk pick up with low energy usage.

Unique sensor technology of the device helps to keep the usage incredibly quiet and powerful. High dust separation provides thorough cleaning results. The air cycle technology gives high cleaning efficiency because of the powerful centrifugal force.

  • LG vacuum cleaner

LG vacuum cleaner has long lasting suction power which does not deteriorate with time. The strong punch plate can remove the invisible fine dust with ease. The vibrating pads remove the dust from the mattress and other surfaces with ease. HEPA 11 filter is a four layered cabron filter which traps harmful dust particles and expels clean air with ease.

It also contains mesh filter and deodorization filter for eliminating odors and antibacterial properties from the surroundings. The mechanical system uses a wiper blade within the bagless binto keep it clean while dusting and store upto 3 times more dust.

  • Prestige vacuum cleaners

Prestige vacuum cleaners have the unique ability to function even on wet surfaces. The powerful 1200 prestige vacuum cleaners can be found in the amazon vacuum cleaner section also. The mechanism easily cleans the hard to reach area with ease to provide with top quality cleaning service. Its lightweight structure helps with easy mobility while working to provide a hassle free user experience.

The HEPA filter effectively removes the indoor contaminants like fine dust. The system acts as a barrier to prevent the motor from getting clogged by accumulation of dust particles. It also has a 10L dust case capacity for longer duration for cleaning activity without the need to constantly empty the dust basket

  • Inalsa vacuum cleaner

Inalsa vacuum cleaners function on wet or dry surfaces. It also comes in bagged or bagless more suiting the needs for the user. The blower function is suitable for drying and cleaning of dust particles which are hard to reach or almost out of reach. The 1400W powerful mechanism ensures high quality suction power and cleaning process. The vacuum cleaner also has an impact resistant polymer tank for longer hours of usage.

With 4 360 degree rotating wheels, it is ergonomically constructed for hassle free user experience. Its compact and lightweight which increases mobility while usage and is also easy to store without occupying much space.

  • Panasonic vacuum cleaner

Panasonic vacuum cleaners are equipped with a friendly mechanism which means it has a high suction power motor which is a time saving feature and reduces power usage. The air dust catcher mechanism captures the dust particles which are floating at a height above the floor level. Thus providing an all round cleaning experience. The bagless feature makes it easy to clean without the need to empty the container time and again.

The 3 step nozzle of the device helps to reach different corners of the house depending on the length of the nozzle. Doing so, it provides the premium cleaning experience all around the house.


Now we have a general idea of the type and brand of vacuum cleaners available. The features they possess and the quality of cleanliness we experience after using them. In doing so, it becomes easier to focus on the type of requirement we want, and accordingly it becomes easy for us to choose the device which suits our needs.