How to buy a Mobile Phone?

How to buy a Mobile Phone?

Buying a mobile is a big deal and it is undoubtedly something which you will be using everyday on a regular basis. It is probably that you might make use of it for the next 2-3 years so selecting out the right phone or mobile phone is very important.

Of course we know that there are a variety of handsets available in the market and looking for the best one is a pretty daunting process we know but there is nothing to be feared about since we have our broadband devices here that will help you pick the right one. Just keep going through this writeup as we will take you through each step to the way

Do your research:

First of all you would need to do a little research work on the latest new phones to figure out the kind of phone you really want to purchase. Think about the kind of features you wanted in your phone and the kind of features you don't want , also take reference from your friends in terms of Phones comparison and then finally read about some of the mobile models to find out all the best possible features that a mobile phone should have.

Now the following points need to be Consider before buying a phone:

  • Price-

    Would you want to splash on for the best phone that you can find, or would you want something inexpensive and cheap mobile phones available in your budget? This is the best first thing to do since without a targeted budget you would a;ways be confused with the kind of phone you can afford.
  • Size, shape, and design-

    After the price budget is set make sure you buy a phone that you would like holding it often since you are going to be using your phone every so often or a lot. Big phablets, slim compact phones, sleek plastic and sleek metal all in different looks and sound quite different. Large screens are ideal if you are too much into watching videos or playing games a lot, but smaller screens are usually cheaper.
  • Operating system-

    Either you opt for iPhone or an Android ,each comes with the unique specification and benefits incorporated with problems as well. iOS has some great connectivity and with some great syncing features with your iPod, iPad or Macbooks. where Android on the other hand is superbly customised but somehow looks a little different on every phone.
  • Specifications-

    After you are done with features, looks and OS, look briefly into the specifications like the processor, the Ram and so on. These days most of the flagship phones come with the latest technology which is very much idle if you are too frequent in using a lot of apps, play games or watch videos or perform any multi task.

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  • Storage-

    It is well known how the internal storage stores all your apps messages, photos, files and galleries which can further be extended with an SD card inserted into the mobile phone. Generally a big app takes up more than 1GB e space and you need to have good storage to maintain some big apps that your phone can hold.
  • Display-

    Some phones have superb HD-quality displays - but that normally means that they cost more which is quite obvious. Nevertheless, if you use your phone to read small text, watch videos or play games, it might be worth the cost. So keep it in mind to consider a good display.
  • Camera-

    The majority of smartphones have cameras, but can differ considerably. Some of them are similar to using a DSLR, some have fabulous front-face cameras for video calls and selfies. While others have a basic point-and-shoot on the rear, with no special effects. Take a look at some of the best camera phones with phone comparison, if you're an outstanding snapper.
  • Features-

    You want the capacity of 4G? ARR? A monitor for the heart rate? batteries removable? Some high-end phones have some high-end features that may be essential to you while purchasing a phone. 4G for example gives the much faster internet and NFC allows for Apple Pay things. Search and compare Mobile phones or look at any of our practical phone reviews.
  • Pick a phone:

    Now that you have done enough research work while considering the features, processes, display, cameras and so on. it's time to shortlist the best one and pick out your favourite mobile phone. And if you still find it troublesome to narrow it down then go with 2 or 3 cell phones that you think would be good choices and then compare the deals and get the right one from either of them.

    Somehow if you are among those who are switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa then figure everything out to make a smooth move.

    Compare networks:

    Some mobile networks are planned for light users at low prices. Others are for people who want a lot of unlimited data on their phones. Some have incredible 4G coverage while others do not have. And some networks sell exciting options such as priority tickets or a subscription to entertainment.

    However, two important items are essential to remember: coverage and price. Also look for the coverage guide for the places in which you live, work and spend the majority of your time, which cover networks. Then use our tools for comparing your individual plans that will suit your area..

    Go for it!:

    Found a strategy, a network that will provide you with what you want? Choose from the list and press the provider to register. And you just have to order your phone separately when you select a SIM contract quickly. Hurry up now! In no time can you talk on your new phone with your friends, family and relatives?


    After reading all the factors, we hope you find the right kind of choice you want for picking up a mobile phone in your budget with some good specifications and features. Browse through the online website of moglix to find a large collection of mobile phones starting from pocket friendly prices.