Popular Mobile phone brands in India

In a perpetually digital world, it becomes all the more important to possess an equally stable cell phone that fits your busy lifestyle. After all who would have imagined education systems would have to operate online and classrooms would turn into digital meetings at your home? Or who would have considered that their workplaces are going to shift at the comfort of their homes?

If you feel the need to purchase a brand new phone then you will have to consider different parameters like battery-life, internal memory, camera quality, sensors, connectivity, etc. Also while buying a new smartphone can be as exciting as confusing at the same time.

I can assure you it's going to be a roller-coaster ride moving from one brand to another, comparing which ones are better at the exact same price, taking suggestions, reading reviews. Oh dear, there goes a heck of lots of efforts in this process which may sometimes make you feel cumbersome.

Moreover, India has an enormous market when it comes to buying a smartphone. There's a phone for almost every budget whether it be below INR 10,000 or above INR 50,000. There are so many brands prevailing in the electronic industry right now. Which are they? Which ones are the best? What specialties do these brands have in them? Let's dig deeper into the Indian mobile phone market!

Samsung Mobile

Samsung mobile phones are for sure the top-grossing and most purchased smartphones in India. Whether you want a phone with a high pixel camera and great resolution or a phone with a monster battery Samsung will never disappoint you. If you look at the trends then Samsung has taken over Xiaomi and is currently in the #1 position in terms of sales.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra G is the most recommended phone currently. This model has a 4000 mAh battery, a 10 MP front camera, a 12 MP 64 MP 12 MP rear camera, 128 GB 8GB RAM, 256 GB 8 GB RAM, android 11 OS, and many other power-packed features.

Also, the main reason for maximum sales of Samsung mobiles is they provide you incredible features at astonishing prices. Other models like the Samsung Galaxy A series, Galaxy M series, and Note series are quite predominant as well.

Apple Mobile

In the current era, an iPhone is becoming trendy like crazy. Almost everyone loves and adores and wishes to buy an iPhone. But let's take a look at the pros and cons of this brand. iPhones are easy to use, exquisitely built, have an astounding camera, 100% secure, no app crashes, brilliant updates, no bloatware, and apple pay.

Moving forward the very first cons to look at is the expensive price, furthermore, there ain't any headphone jacks, accessories are expensive as well, every app needs to be downloaded from the apple store, and no external storage.

Oppo Mobile

Apparently, Oppo phones might be good only if you want dynamic and vibrant pictures. These smartphones had a mere 10% shipment market share in 2020 Q4. Oppo Reno 5 Pro+, Reno 5k, A55 5G, A93 5G are some of the recently launched smartphones from Oppo. These current launches have a Quad camera, high battery performance, and internal storage of up to 126 GB 8GB RAM.

The exception is such that these extensive battery performance features are available in the expensive models only. One can get an Oppo phone from INR 5k to INR 70k as well. Despite the expensive price Oppo still has heating issues, no system updates, no newer designs, and the same models with either one or two extra functions.

Top Sellers

Vivo Mobile

They are nothing exceptional as well. Vivo has the same OS which is never upgraded, you get a long battery life but heating issues are accompanied as well, if you are a gamer then Vivo might please you with its amazing display, and if you are photogenic then the quad-cam and high megapixel front cam will be alluring to you as well.

Also, Vivo is a Chinese brand and hence, safety is compromised in some of the other ways. Some of the top recommendations in Vivo mobiles are Vivo S9, S7t 5G, Y31, Y20 G, and X60 Pro+ 5G.

Realme Mobile

Realme GT 5G, Narzo 30 Pro 5G, Narzo 30A, V11 5G, and C20 are the elite releases from Realme. Realme debuted in India in the year 2018 with the product Realme 1. These mobiles prove to be the best gaming phones and provide amazing picture quality.

They also have excellent battery life and a microSD slot as well. However, the Realme phones aint waterproof and ultrawide picture quality isn't great as well. Nevertheless, with appropriate use and handling these phones can last for a longer duration than typical Vivo or oppo phones which lag in 2-3 years.

Oneplus Mobile

Never Settle is the emblem of the Oneplus tech. And there is no doubt they disobey their trademark. Ever since its beginning in 2013 Oneplus always made sure to provide its customers with the best features at the most inexpensive rates. Take any version of the Oneplus phones whether it be Nord N10 5G, Nord N100, 8T, 8T+5G, or even the older versions like 8 Pro and 7T Pro they are all accompanied with luxuries at economical rates.

These phones have a best-in-class design, superb build and design, and a remarkable operating system that provides you constant updates. However, there are two most prevalent drawbacks which are poor customer service and not so great camera quality.

Nokia Mobile

Nokia is a long-established mobile company with not so much improvement in the smartphone sector. Technically speaking Nokia is a brand we all know since our childhood but it somehow got off track and is trying to make a great comeback. Nokia phones have a solid build which is amazing but at the same time boring to look at; they've 5 cameras which sounds freaking cool but the picture quality won't satisfy you; the software is easy going which is nice but lacks other cool updates and has basic smartphone stuff. Lastly, even though it was a loved brand in the olden days but now the customer care services are quite vague and disappointing.

Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi one of the leading brands of India and #1 most of the time has phones for all types of budgets with promising features. Their designs are phenomenal and MIUI OS is unconvincingly speedy and amazing. However, not everything can be good and sweet and as a result, Xiaomi phones have severe heating issues, improper RAM utilization, and there are lots of bug issues as well. Some of the trending models of Xiaomi are Note 10 Pro, Note 10S, Note 9 Pro, etc.

Google Mobile

Although google pixel phones may look boring they have an excellent build and feel. They are expensive but somehow not worth the price as they are neither splashproof nor do they have nice speakers. But calm down because you will be getting unlimited storage for photos and videos along with the latest version of android and time-to-time updates. You can check out Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a, and other models of google mobiles.

Lenovo Mobile

The newer series of Lenovo Phones like K9, K10, K12 are some really good quality phones at budget-friendly prices but you need to know the pros and cons right! The most basic features like sound quality, camera, charging time are all appreciable but you wont get any updates, no software updates, and heating issues remain unsolved.

Motorola Mobile

Motorola is also an age-old company in the world of mobile phones. Some of the latest releases of Motorola are Moto E7 Power, Moto G30, Moto G10, Moto E6i, and Edge S. Within your budget these phones not only provide you the best build and quality but also stock android (which apparently is way better than other versions of customized androids). There are some issues with its design and it is not so great at flagship.

Asus Mobile

Asus is a Taiwanese company known for its production in desktops, PCs, and now even then smartphones. The latest release of Asus Zenfone 7 Pro and Rog Phone 3 are stealing everyone's attention with their amazing features. They've impressive internal storage and an AMOLED display. The speakers are incredible as well. Unlike any other brand, Asus assures you to manage heat issues with its heat management setup. Also, they have a memory card slot and can be expandable up to 2000 GB. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect, and similarly, Asus won't provide you long battery life.

Micromax Mobile

Ever since its launch in the year, 2020 Micromax In Note 1 and In 1b are gaining popularity as to which is the best one. You get a good finish, stock android, USB type C port (unimaginable at low prices), good battery life, and minimum bloatware are most affordable rates. But the RAM is insufficient and moderate camera performance.

Sony Mobile

The reasons why Sony has failed in the mobile industry is because of their same plain design and no changes done to it, moreover, the features are quite similar to other models of Samsung but the prices are extremely high. No one loves to pay the extra price for a boring design and the same featured phone. The latest launches of sony are Xperia Pro, Xperia 5 II, and Xperia 1 II.

Blackberry Mobile

The most recent launch of Blackberry was in the year 2018 and the model was Key 2LE. So you can understand that no matter what the functionalities are they still won't be able to meet the current needs. You can still get a decent phone with good battery life and storage capacity at reasonable rates.

Other Brands Available In India

There are even more brands to choose from while buying a smartphone in India. The above-mentioned are some of the top picks but the list doesn't stop here. Several brands with amazing features at affordable prices include:

  • Tecno Mobile
  • Infinix Mobile
  • Honor Mobile
  • LG Mobile
  • HTC Mobile
  • Huawei Mobile
  • Panasonic Mobile
  • Microsoft Mobile
  • ZTE Mobile
  • Meizu Mobile
  • Alcatel Mobile
  • CAT Mobile
  • Acer Mobile
  • Energizer Mobile
  • Vodafone Mobile

All of these brands will provide you a phone with sustainable battery and storage but they don't stand among the top recommendations. As a result, you can check out a phone as per your need and the brand you love.