Power Bank Buying Guide - 2021

These days, we always need to be connected with the world through the plethora of devices we have with us all the time. But one thing that's common between these devices is that they need to be charged in order for us to stay connected. We can't always be near a power source when outside. Power banks help solve this problem. Quick charge on the go for any device helps us stay connected and work effectively even when we are mobile.

But there are different devices and power banks, which ones to invest our money on becomes confusing at times. So to help with that,below is the list of some of the best power banks and guidelines before buying one.

Below is a list of some of the most preferable power banks a user can go for.

MI 20000mAH White Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i, PLM06ZM

This product is capable of charging the devices which don't have the capability of fast charging, by just double pressing the power button for low power charging mode. It thus makes this an adaptable device for most phones and tablets. Its two charging ports help the device to be more efficient and less time consuming.

Premium brands like samsung and apples smartphones can also be easily charged with these. Anti slip and scratch resistant make it more durable to wear and tear. Hazards like overcharging, overheating can also be taken care of easily, making it easy for the powerbank to protect the charging device easily.

Zebronics 10000mAh Li-ion Slim Power Bank, PB-10000

Zebronics' massive 10000 mAh Li-ion capacity helps the device to charge other devices upto 10 times. It is a fast charging power bank ,hence making it favourable for most of the smartphones out there in the market today. Coil protection inside the device helps it to prevent the charging devices from getting damaged by issues like , over heating , over charging , fluctuations etc.

Dual charging ports allow charging of two devices at once. LED indicators easily give the idea of the amount of charge left in the device. It has an affordable power bank price, but provides the best quality of charge and safety for the charging devices.

iBall 10000mAh White & Grey Lithium-ion Power Bank with Dual Port

iball 10000mAh capacity makes it the best power bank at low cost. Its dual port allows two devices to charge at once hence increasing efficiency. Digital display of the power left makes the device more user friendly. This device supports many smartphone devices including apple. The usb type c cable can be inserted to efficiently charge the devices compatible with it.

Multiple layers of coil protection keeps the charging devices safe from harm , like overcharging, heating or charging fluctuation, these hazards are equally harmful for the both the devices in the long run. The sturdy outer portion protects it from wear and tear for prolonged usage.

Philips DLP6006 11000 mAh Power Bank

Philips provides the best power bank at affordable prices. It is a fast charging power bank which has greater efficiency to charge upto two devices at once at full power. The flashlight feature embedded in the power bank comes in handy at times. Digital charge indicators for the charge left in the device help in the maintenance of the same easily.

Mobile phone charging is mostly suitable for this device. The 11000 mAh power bank battery helps it charge the device upto 10 times before losing power. Lightweight and sturdy built makes it an easy option for charging the devices on the go with ease and hassle free.

Realme 10000mAh Black Power Bank

Realme is a premium brand , hence the power banks thus generated are of premium quality. The massive 10000 mAh power bank battery enables the device to produce power for a longer duration of time. It has an affordable power bank price, hence providing top quality service at an efficient cost.

The multilayer coil protection inside the realme power banks protects the charging device from hazards like overcharging , over heating , easy discharge etc. keeping the device safe during a long duration of charging period .

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Thing to consider while shopping for a power bank:

  • Battery capacity

The primary thing to check before selecting a power bank battery is its capacity. Higher the better. It will allow more hours of usage compared to low powered devices. Multiple devices can be charged without the hindrance of power shortage , hence keeping us ready on the go

  • Power indicator

Power indicator displays the amount or percentage of power left in the powerbank. If it's low, we need to reconnect the power bank to a power source to use it again. Power indicators are essential as it helps us understand the need to reconnect power banks so that we don't face any hindrance.

  • Fast charging capabilities

Almost all devices nowadays have the ability to fast charge, hence buying a power bank with the ability to deliver the same would be worth the money. Without it, the devices will get charged up, but not at the best efficient rates. So, as a result fast charging capability increases the efficiency and quality of the power bank altogether

  • Cables and ports

More ports the power bank has, the easier it is for the user to charge multiple devices at once and save time. This feature along with the appropriate high quality cables delivers charging at the top quality for any user.

  • Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors can be used to increase the battery life and reliability. It helps in maintaining the charge with the fluctuating temperatures so that optimal charging efficiency is achieved while the devices are being charged.


Now that we have some clarity about some of the most preferable power banks one can use to experience the high quality charging so;utions for their devices on the go, it will be easier to select the type of power bank which suits the users' needs.

Moreover, a general guideline related to the things which one needs to focus on while buying a power bank has given more clarity for the decision of electing the perfect power bank. With the help of which we will be able to experience hasslefree connectivity on the go.

Power Bnak: FAQs

Q. Which type of power bank is best?

A. Though there are many power banks available in the market right now, Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank, MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank and RAVPower 20,000mAh power bank are some of the best power banks available in the market today.

Q. How do I choose a power bank?

A. Here are few tips for choosing the right power bank for your smartphone:

  • Firstly known the charger specifications and the battery size (mAh) of your smartphone
  • Choose the power bank which has the same mAh as that of your phones battery or even more than that so that you can charge it at least once or multiple times
  • Make sure that the output voltage of your power bank should be higher or at least equal to that of your charger
  • If you generally carry more devices then choose a power bank with more ports and cables. This lets you charge more devices at once
  • To keep your smartphone safe, choose a power bank which cuts off power supply incase of any short circuit. This also ensures the longevity of your power bank
  • Always choose a branded power bank even when they cost a bit more instead of choosing fraud brands with cheap products. Don't damage your smartphone by trying to save some money

Q. Which power bank is better:10000mAh or 20000mAh?

A. More the mAh of the power bank, more power to your smartphone. So, clearly a 20,000 mAh power bank is better as it can give more charging cycles for your smartphone when compared with the 10,000 mAh power bank.

Q. How many mAh is a good power bank?

A. It depends on the mAh of your smartphones battery and the mAh of the power bank. For example, a 10,000 mAh power bank can easily charge 2 times a smartphone with a 4000 mAh. So, try buying a power bank which has at least twice the mAh of your smartphone's battery.

Q. How much does a power bank cost?

A. The cost of the power bank depends on various factors such as its power output, build quality, the mAh and mainly the brand. You can get power banks with the same mAh with different costs based on the manufacturer. It's always better to choose the power bank from a branded company even when they cost a bit more than going to a low costing power bank which can damage your smartphone.