What Are The Power Bank Specifications You Need To Know?

What Are The Power Bank Specifications You Need To Know?

Ever been on a long flight and got a notification stating the charging of your phone is only 15%! Or imagine yourselves in your office, and you need to make essential calls, but damn the phones charging ended! All people involved in the marketing sector could relate to me instantly, don't you? Apparently, that is because we thrive in a constantly busy world.

Everyone is in a hurry, everyone is busy hustling, everyone is indirectly dependent on their androids or iPhones. Almost everything we do today is somehow or the other connected with our cell phones. But whenever you see the notification that your phone needs to be charged you hurry to find a charger.

What if you are at a conference or meeting and need to charge your device urgently? That is when you need a wireless power bank. So before you buy one what are the specifications, you must take note of? Let's find out.

Features of a power bank:

Power banks are portable charging devices that can be used to charge smartphones or any other devices that have a USB port within them. Power banks can also be used to charge Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, other types of charged headsets, etc.

Power banks are becoming a necessity these days and almost every other commonplace has it. The main reason for increased demand in power bank sales is due to the fast and rapid charging it provides along with no mess of wires involved.

But as we know every electronic device has a certain time up till which it works profoundly and then wear and tear may occur. This is also the case with power banks. Because of constant charge-discharge cycles after a span of 5-6 months the power bank may lose its efficiency.

However, the performance of a power bank depends on the type of model one may select. If you opt for a cheaper product and expect a great working period of 6-7 months then this might be a misconception.

Still, a power bank is a must for all the people who need to constantly travel and also to a normal household where every time you may not get a free plug point. Now that we know the importance of a power bank lets discuss the specifications one must consider while buying a power bank.

Provisions to be kept in mind while purchasing a power bank:

Accelerated charging of the device:

When we are searching for an alternate for the plug point, we want a device that charges our desired device lightning fast. Many times situations may be such that you instantly need to power up your device and in those times you definitely don't want a device that takes hours to charge a mere 50% of your electronic item. But at the same time care must be taken that the batteries of the power bank are harmonious with the batteries of your android/iOS. Else, your phone might get charged real quick but it will drain out even sooner.

And, for this before buying a power bank you must know the type of charging port and cable your phone requires. Only after knowing all the details go for the suitable power bank. A power bank 15000 mah can provide up to extra 43 hours of charging thus, you can understand the importance of a rapid charging power bank.

Rapid charging of the power bank:

An ideal power bank works by following the circuit of charging itself through a plug point and then charges other devices from itself. So, when a power bank is on the charging mode it must charge itself rapidly, or else it won't be that reliable. A power bank must provide quick charging for both the connected device and itself as well.

More loading ports:

Maximum times you may see a power bank with a single loading port. But, it would be quite economical if the power bank has two loading ports. You never know sometimes you might need to charge both your android and tablet as well! Or someone among your colleagues must be in an urgent need along with you. It's better to have an extra loading port option in handy! A 20000 mah power bank not only provides a great deal of charging but also has 2 loading ports.

Safety during short circuits:

Look for a power bank with a power-cut-power feature so that during the time of the short circuit your device remains unharmed and conditions of battery remain unaltered.

Buy an expensive deal:

As I stated earlier a good-quality expensive power bank may last for several months but the cheaper one might struggle to work efficiently for a single month. There's no point in buying a power bank every alternate month. Hence, an investment in an expensive power bank at first might be a beneficial one.

Choose a power bank with automatic power cut features:

This might save your power bank from overcharging and damaging the battery. This feature is available in an expensive model and is totally worth the price.

Types of power bank:

Now that we know the specifications of a power bank lets dig into the types of power banks available in the market.

  • Wireless power bank:

    Are you looking for a power bank that stops charging when the battery hits 100%? Then mini power banks are a perfect deal. Wireless charging power banks also come with a long range of up to 30 feet. One more distinctive feature of a wireless power bank is that it can be kept plugged in at all times.

    This is because most of the chargers have detectors installed within them that detect the presence and absence of the phone. Also, the wireless power bank will not degrade your batteries quicker. However, there are several disadvantages associated with them. The efficiency of a wireless power bank is less and it depends on the user whether they use wireless charging devices properly or not.

  • Solar power bank:

    As the name suggests a solar power bank charges itself using solar energy and then can be used to charge other electronic devices. Solar energy is stored within the battery as solar packs and then used accordingly. Keep your solar power bank in the sunlit area for several hours and you will be good to go with it for 24 hours.

    It's a renewable way of charging your phone with a bonus of saving electricity in short levels. And yet one prime disadvantage associated with solar power banks is their effectiveness gets reduced on cloudy days. Of course, they would manage to charge your devices but the potency gets diminished to 10-25%.

  • Standard power bank:

    These are the regular power banks that are easily available online as well as in stores. They have wires with them and you need to connect them with the main plug point to get charged and then they can be used throughout the day. They may have small LED lights that start to blink once they are completely charged and then you will need to remove the plugged chargers.

    Now if we talk about mah of power banks then if you are the sole user who needs a power bank for some days a week then you can opt for one with 3000-5000 mah capacity. A power bank 5000mah is sufficient to meet the daily needs of an alone person (like a student in a different city)

    If you are searching for a power bank with great portability and charging potential then you can go for a power bank 1000mah. A power bank 10000mah has passed several tests and can sufficiently provide a 70-hour backup to your device.

    Do you need to charge your phone several times a day? Then a power bank 30000mah is the correct choice for you. Once charged it can last for up to 2 days.


In today's era of hustle and competition, it is important that you don't lag behind. Hence, you definitely need a power bank as a backup for your electronic devices when in urgent need. A power bank with the above-mentioned provisions will be a good purchase that would last long and turn to be an asset for your living.

Because ultimately they all come with the same function of charging your smartphones rapidly. What matters are the feature, cost-efficacy, brand, and the type suitable for you. Next time you decide to buy a power bank keep these specifications in mind.

Top 5 power bank brands in India

EVM Li-Polymer Power Bank 20000mah, P006620000 mAh350 gms
Realme Black Power Bank 10000mah10000 mAh216 gms
Portronics Power Brick 10 Black 10000mAh Polymer Power Bank, POR-101410000 mAh235 gms
Zebronics 10000mAh Black Li-ion Powerbank with 2 Ports, ZEB-MC10000S110000 mAh219 gms
Digitek Instant 13000mAh White Power Bank, DIP-13000 B13000 mAh-