Supreme Brands of Solar Panels And Their Unique Features

A solar panel absorbs the sun's rays and transforms them into electric energy or heat. The photovoltaic effect is responsible for generating power. It consists of a grid of solar cells arranged in a grid-like configuration. Because solar panels are made of robust metal, they are resistant to wear and tear, making them an excellent investment. It is also environmentally benign because it utilizes the sun's beams and produces no pollution. By installing solar panels in your home, you may assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn helps reduce global warming. As a result, the environment can be protected. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, not just in prominent industries, but also individuals are installing them on their rooftops at home to protect the environment and save money on their electricity bills.

Because solar panels have various benefits, it's essential to pick a brand that meets your needs. Solar panels have become widely used by the general public; thus, choosing the right brand is not easy. Make a list of the characteristics you desire in a solar panel, as well as your budget. This will assist you in determining which brand best suits your budget and objectives.

Here is a list of the most popular solar panel brands, along with their features, to assist you in choosing a particular brand:

Luminous Solar Panels:

Luminous is a well-known brand that has built a reputation as a leading home electrical specialist in India and also spread its market across the globe. The brand offers home solutions such as home UPS, inverter batteries, solar applications, and electrical facilities like wires, switches, and fans.

The Luminous brand is influential and trustworthy with a variety of innovative products. It is one of the trusted brands in India. This brand offers highly effective and efficient solar panels, which are also pocket-friendly. Their motto is to satisfy customers through their inventions, innovations, and creativity. Luminous solar panels offer numerous features, which are discussed below:

  • Durability:

    Solar Panels of this brand are extremely durable. They are designed using a silver anodized high-tech aluminum frame which is so strong that it can withstand higher wind and snow loads.
  • Advanced Technology:

    These solar panels are equipped with high-performance Grade A solar cells. These solar panels have a technology that generates up to 5% more power. The brand has a research and development department that innovates high technology products, and they have developed PID resistance technology.
  • Warranty:

    These solar panels always come with a warranty so that you can be assured of their quality. The brand also offers a 25-year performance warranty on its solar panels.
  • Performance:

    These solar panels offer the best in class conversion efficiency. It has an anti-reflective coating for more light absorption. These solar panels are also mechanically, optically, and electrically tested.
  • Varieties:

    The brand also offers different types of solar panels, such as polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. So you can choose from, the varieties that suit your objective and budget and buy accordingly. The Luminous brand believes that offering varieties with the best features will attract more consumers.

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Loom Solar Panels:

Loom Solar is a startup company, also a manufacturer of solar panels and lithium batteries. Loom Solar is also the fastest-growing SMB of the year. It is present in 500 districts across India. It offers the following features of solar panels:

  • Technology:

    The solar panels of this brand offer advanced technology which can generate 20% power. They are certified with an A grade, and the solar panels have anti-PID Mono cells and also offer an IP67 junction box.
  • Warranty:

    Loom provides a panel warranty of 5 years and 25 years of performance warranty for their solar panels, which creates the reliability of the products of this brand. By providing years of excellent services, the brand has created credibility in the market.
  • Performance:

    Loom solar panels have a robust mechanical design, excellent low light performance, best-in-class efficiency, and also severe weather resilience. These solar panels wear slowly. According to the brand, the performance of their solar panels reduces only by about 2%. They are made up of the latest type of solar cell that is a Mono-PERC solar cell.
  • Customer focus:

    The brand offers amazing after-sale services. If your product shows defects or is damaged, they send their engineers to your house within 24 hours for the repair. They create a customer base through their strong after-sale services, which also helps attract more customers.

Waaree Solar Panels:

The Waaree brand offers high-quality solar panels with outstanding electrical parameters. Waaree is India's largest Solar Panel manufacturer. It is developed by the Waaree Group and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The brand has the vision to provide high-quality and sustainable energy solutions which are also cost-effective. Waaree believes in enriching the quality of present human life as well as of the future.

The brand also provides diversified types of solar panels. Here are some of the features of Waaree solar panels:

  • Varieties:

    This brand offers you varieties of solar panels from which you can choose what suits you best, such as Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, Bifacial, Super 400. Brands that offer a large variety and outstanding features in their products are more likely to attract customers successfully, and so is this brand. Variety increases the chances of finding a product that satisfies one’s needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Customer experience:

    The brand has more than 30 years of industry experience. Waree aims for efficiency, which makes the customer experience better all the time. The brand has a dedicated team of 50 technical personnel striving to innovate cost-effective and sustainable products.
  • Warranty:

    Waaree solar panels have a research and development branch that helps them manufacture the best solar panels in India with two times magnified standard warranty. By providing an assured warranty, the brand guarantees that there is no risk in buying the product and generates reliability in the minds of consumers.
  • Technology:

    The brand provides advanced technology with excellent low light performance during low visibility in clouds, evening and morning. It has a high-strength aluminum frame and an anti-reflective coating.

UTL Solar Panels:

The UTL brand is famous in the field of power electronics. They are known for their high-quality products. Solar panels of this brand are technologically advanced. UTL solar panels are next-generation solar panels as they are produced using premium quality. They are very economical and suit the Indian environmental conditions. Some of the features of UTL solar panels are as follows:

  • Technology:

    The Solar panels of the UTL brand provide more than 18% efficiency, which ensures superior performance in all atmospheres.
  • Durability:

    These solar panels are very strong and durable. They have an anodized aluminum alloy frame for protection. They are made with 3.2 mm toughened textured glass for front protection.
  • Affordable:

    UTL offers advanced solar panels at a very nominal price which is pocket-friendly to the consumers, and at the same time, it is highly effective and efficient.
  • Warranty:

    The brand provides a 25 years solar panel warranty that ensures credibility in the market.
  • Performance:

    They provide positive power tolerance of up to 5W. These solar panels have excellent efficiency of up to 17% and low light radiance. They have AR-coated tempered glass and an anti-reflective module surface.

Adani Solar Panels:

Adani is India's first and largest vertically integrated solar company that offers various products and services. The brand has a platinum-rated manufacturing facility. Adani is expanding its annual production capacity, making it on the top 15 global solar manufacturers list and Indias largest solar module exporter. Here are some features of Adani solar panels:

  • Performance:

    The solar panels from Adani give an outstanding performance at low light irradiation. They provide a 10% higher power output compared to the industry average. The company produces highly efficient multi, PERC, mono, and bifacial modules that ensure higher performance and reliability.
  • Warranty:

    Adani provides 12 years of limited product warranty and 25 years of liner warranty for its Solar Panels ascertaining optimal performance.
  • Quality:

    This brand assures high-quality solar panels as they offer a premium range. Solar panels are designed by consuming top-rade factor inputs. The brand never compromises on quality.
  • Durability:

    These solar panels of Adani come with a highly durable IP67 rated junction box. As stated by the industry, the life span of Adani solar panels is 25 to 30 years, so it's like a one-time investment that benefits you for years.