Tips to know before buying speakers online

Listening to music or watching a movie becomes more enjoyable when the audio quality is top-notch. Sometimes the device in which the media is being played may not have the best of audio exposure. For such cases, using a speaker comes in handy. A speaker enhances the audio quality by many folds. But there are a lot of options regarding the same in the market and not every speaker is suitable for a specific user. One needs to focus on many factors before narrowing down the choice of speaker they buy.

Tips to remember before buying a speaker:

  • Portability

    When it comes to speakers, the portability or mobility of the device heavily depends on the type of user and its use. The mobility of the speaker gives more choices for its use, like taking it when going for a car ride trips, etc. when the speaker needs to be kept at one place, it is more suitable in places like offices or homes where it's easily adjustable. mini speakers are more common these days and the portability factor also compliments the speakers usage. Mini speakers are on the rise, and the flexibility which comes regarding the mobility of it is very high.

  • Waterproof and dust resistance

    Speakers can be around water bodies at times. The devices need to have a waterproof technology built-in so that it does not get easily damaged when exposed to water or liquid for that matter. In doing so, it saves money that would have been lost while taking it for constant repairs. Dust is all around us and devices such as portable speakers are bound to be in contact with dust. Over accumulation of dust particles can lead to a reduction of sound quality or even damaging, dampening, or wearing down the speaker over time.

  • Smart speakers

    Smart speakers these days are on the rise. It makes daily work easier. Getting the speakers with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc makes even the smallest of tasks much easier and time-saving. But the speaker price for such specification goes up stating the advancement of the device. Such devices also come as portable speakers so that one can have smart assistance on the go. It also becomes user-friendly for old people or children who aren't much familiar with the technology. They could easily talk to the inbuilt assistant for their choice of use.

  • Aux input

    Some of the portable speakers at times only have the Bluetooth function in them. They can become almost useless when the Bluetooth is being interfered with by the surroundings or the phone or the tablet it's connected to has issues with Bluetooth. Sometimes these speakers have a Bluetooth range of just up to 10 to 30 feet. That's when the Aux input comes in handy. It becomes really easy to use such devices without any interference.

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  • Battery life

    This is in fact one of the main factors to look out for. A speaker with a lower battery life will always be attached to the wire for charging, hence making it less mobile than it is designed to be. It also becomes a disadvantage as we do not have the charging cable with us at all times. So the price paid for such speakers becomes a waste of investment. Therefore a speaker with better battery life takes care of all such problems with ease.

  • Price

    Speaker price is also an important factor while choosing the best one for us. A device when loaded with top-quality features will deliver a premium quality sound without fail. But such speakers come at a cost. Buying affordable speakers does often come with all the features but they do sound decent. So setting a budget will help the user narrow down the choices for an easy and hassle-free buying experience.

  • Speaker usage type

    A speaker can have multiple uses. It can be used as a home entertainment system. It can also be used as an audio output for computers or laptops. It also has portability options to listen to premium quality audio on the go. So based on the plethora of uses for the speaker, a user can narrow down the choices hence helping them buy the best speakers money could buy.

  • Audio quality

    This is one of the major features that one needs to check before considering buying the speaker. The total harmonic distortion has to be less than 1%. Most of the speakers may not have in-depth information about the audio quality, for that we may need to physically check the audio quality. The frequency response of the speaker is also important. The lower the frequency, the better the speaker will sound. Premium-quality audio generally comes at a higher price. So price also plays an important role in the audio selection.

  • Style and size

    According to the usage and the space available for the speaker, the style and size need to be selected. Different styles of speakers are available. Speakers which are shaped like cylinders, bar-shaped, oval-shaped, etc. also have various options that are from small to large ones.

  • Bluetooth version and connectivity with multiple speakers

    The Bluetooth version needs to be checked, if it's an older version then it will face several issues while connecting with mobiles or tablets. Newer and updated versions of Bluetooth will ensure smooth and hassle-free connectivity and a premium experience. Some speakers have the ability to connect to a second speaker for stereo effects. It's not an important feature, but sometimes it may come in handy while watching a movie with a bunch of people


With a variety of different types and sizes of speakers available in the market, one can easily get confused about the choice of device to buy. But after going through some of the common features to look at while considering the speakers, the process of owning the speaker becomes much easier. Since each user has their own choices and price range, it becomes a cumbersome process at times. But with the help of the information given about various features and specifications, the process becomes easier and user-friendly.

Speaker: FAQs

Q. Which is the best speaker to buy?

A. Though there are many brands of speakers available in the market, the JBL Flip 5, Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker and the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom are the best speakers available to buy in the India market.

Q. Which are the best speakers for home?

A. Here are some of the best speakers for home usage, the Bose Portable Home Speaker, Mu-So Qb, Sonos Arc and Google Home Max.

Q. How much does a good speaker cost?

A. The cost of a speaker entirely depends on the material used in building it, the durability and weight, more importantly the electronic elements used and obviously on the brand. But overall a speaker from a branded company is always a good choice irrespective of the amount as they last longer than the fraud/cheap companies.

Q. How do I choose a portable speaker?

A. Here are few things to check before you buy a portable speaker:

  • Range of the speaker and its multi-speaker setup process
  • Its battery life and which power banks suits it the best
  • Waterproofing and Durability
  • Distortion, loudness and portability
  • Choose speakers which come with separate drivers for bass

Q. Which brand Bluetooth speaker is best?

A. Already there are many top brands in the market and also there are some upcoming brands with quality speakers. But these are few of the top brands where you can get the best speaker which is completely worth spending your money. They are Bose, Ultimate Ears Boom, Sony, JBL and boAt.

Q. How do I buy good speakers?

A. Check for these features to choose the speaker which suits the best for your requirements:

  • Audio quality
  • Battery life
  • Design
  • Size
  • Audio power
  • Bluetooth version
  • Option for connecting with multiple speakers
  • Speakerphone compatibility
  • Wired inputs
  • Waterproof