Top five Western Digital (WD) hard disk to buy

Top five Western Digital (WD) hard disk to buy

Western Digital (WD) has been at the forefront of innovation that will completely revolutionise advancements in data centres. From the invention of the first hard drive to the latest advancements in 3D-NAND, Western Digital continues to inspire those who believe in the potential of data.

Western Digital continues to push the boundaries of technology with its latest range of external hard drives that offer fantastic read and write speeds, slim and compact designs and the latest feature known as Zoned Storage.

Why should you invest in an external Hard Drive?

There is no denying that the popularity of flash-based storage media options like SSDs and SD Cards is on the steady rise. What is also undeniable is that the good old hard drive - continues to be sold in big numbers across the world and especially in India. For a piece of technology that is well over 65 years old, the hard disk has evolved pretty well and has kept pace with the changing times.

Although Internal storages in devices such as mobile phones and laptops have been progressively increasing over the last few years, having an external hard drive is always a good idea. Hard drives come in handy when you need additional storage or want to simply and safely back up your data on a secure drive. There is no downside to owning a good hard drive, only upsides.

Why should you invest in a Western Digital external Hard Drive?

Western Digital is a leading global data storage brand that empowers you to innovate, experience and secure your digital content across a range of devices. Western Digital enables you to use their latest WD hard disk 1TB and WD hard disk 2TB to be in control and smartly save what is most important to you in one secure and encrypted location. The latest WD hard drives offer higher capacities, lower cost of ownership and improved quality of service.

Unlike conventional hard drives, WD has come out with the zoned storage innovation in its latest products that is an open, standards-based initiative to enable data centres to scale efficiently for the Zettabyte storage capacity era, Doesn't it sound exciting? Well, the answer to that question is ‘yes and here are the reasons WD should be your first choice;

  • Increased Capacities

Western Digital offers increased capacities with their new zoned storage devices, such as ZNS SSDs that are divided into zones, significantly simplifying the drives basic framework and minimising the need for unnecessary complex data management. They offer higher density and scale as virtually no over-provisioning is required even in their basic WD 1TB HDD variant.

  • Improved QoS

The new range of hard drives offer a better quality of service, this is because there is minimal garbage collection required and the device controller can respond better to simple and complex situations. With their new unified software stack, the host is capable of intelligently placing data in different zones automatically.

  • Reduced Costs

Western Digital has significantly reduced DRAM requirements that have vastly improved acquisition costs for both WD and us, the customers. There are fewer logic functions required which further brings the cost down that enables WD to get an edge over their competitors in terms of cost.

  • Increased Endurance

Western Digital has made their hard drives so smart and secure that the data is constantly re-written making the efficiency and endurance much better than it is in conventional hard drives. There is an added option of backing your data on a storage cloud as well making the probability of data loss incredibly less.

Top five HDDs that WD offers:

  • Western Digital WD My Book (4 TB)

Out of all the desktop drives that we tested, the Western Digital WD My Book (4 TB) had to be the most impressive one. The speed differences were small and compared to other devices, the Western Digital WD My Book (4 TB) completed a 10GB data transfer in 4 minutes whereas conventional hard drives took up to 20 minutes. The Western Digital WD My Book (4 TB) offers a large enough capacity for most users, Type-C connectors and a suite of applications. Paired with a slim and compact design, this hard drive is better compared to WD 1TB hard disk and WD 2TB hard disk as it features cloud storage and 256-AES encryption.

  • Western Digital WD Elements Desktop (4 TB)

The Western Digital WD Elements Desktop (4 TB) is a great and dependable choice as the average write speeds exceed 7.7 MB/s and offers great software capability and cloud storage. The Western Digital WD Elements Desktop (4 TB) offers an aesthetic built and comes at an affordable price. This Western Digital WD Elements Desktop (4 TB) offers high-capacity add-on storage, plug and play for Windows PCs and a 2-year manufacturers warranty guarantee.

  • Western Digital WD My Book (8 TB)

The Western Digital WD My Book (8 TB) is perfect for people looking to get a hard disk that is comparatively cheaper per terabyte than other variants and has enough space to store data worth 8,000 GB. This Western Digital WD My Book (8 TB) is true for people looking to store data that is secure and on a compact and non-portable device as this appliance is enormous and monstrous when it comes to data speed rates and size. Coming in matte black with an aesthetic design, The Western Digital WD My Book (8 TB) is the perfect choice in such high data storage variants.

  • Western Digital My Passport (4 TB)

This isn't your normal WD 1TB HDD, The Western Digital My Passport (4 TB) is an excellent performer when it comes to data transfer speeds and reached top speeds for external solid-state hard drives. This hard drive is incredibly compact and fast, making it the number one choice for most people. The reason we haven't given the Western Digital My Passport (4 TB) first prize is that it has come out recently and must be reviewed for a longer time before making such a commitment.

  • Western Digital My Passport (1 TB)

This Western Digital My Passport (1 TB) is one of the best WD 1TB Hard disks available in the market. It comes in WD 2TB Hard Disk as well and has incredible portability that makes it very handy to keep in your backpack and go around. This Western Digital My Passport (1 TB) is compact, secure and made out of stride plastic. We would highly recommend it.


So, now that we've educated you all about Western Digital hard disks, you can go ahead and make an informed decision now that you have all the facts and information. Head on over to Moglix to grab your first WD hard disk now!