Popular Hard Disk as per their Storage Capacity

Popular Hard Disk as per their Storage Capacity

A hard disk drive or HDD is a data storage device that stores as well as retrieves digital data. It started as a secondary storage device for computers back in the 1960s which maintains its position even today. Two main important factors to be noted while buying a hard disk are its capacity and performance. The capacity is measured in powers of 1000. A 1TB drive has a capacity of 1000GB.

Unfortunately, this capacity is unavailable to us and hence there is usually confusion regarding the storage space. HDD manufacturers state the capacity in powers of 1000 whereas operating systems depict the same in powers of 1024. So, the actual space/ capacity will be about 7% lesser than the advertised value.

HDD speed and performance are shown by two factors- RPM which shows the platter rotational speed, and data density which depicts the number of players. A hard disk comes in 10,000 RPM which is considered the premium choice for high-quality performance, 7,200 RPM is ideal for a reasonable budget and general use, and 5400 RPM which, in comparison, lacks in speed and performance. Certain hard disks are listed below as per their storage capacity.

Top rated 500GB hard disk

Samsung is known for the high-quality products in the market. This is a 500GB capacity hard disk drive by this company. They assure premium quality materials manufactured using the latest technology in this field. It has a compact, light-weight, and slim design which makes it an apt portable hard disk.

It has a storage capacity of 500GB and a readability of 560Mbps which lets you enjoy the effectiveness and efficiency of Next-Gen Micron 3D Nand. It is one of the premium quality products by Crucial using high-quality material for its body and components made with advanced technology.

Top rated 1TB hard disk

This 1 TB HDD has features like easy Plug-n-Play operation as well as a built-in internal shock sensor. It weighs about 149grams and has wired type connectivity with a USB 3.0 interface and a 5GB per second data transfer rate. It comes in a beautiful black matt finish with an external HDD and USB 3.0 cable. Its RPM is 5400 and works on both Windows and Mac.

This slim and stylish hard disk features a minimalistic brushed metal enclosure with a USB port and uses two USB interfaces- USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. It can store up to 1TB of data and can transfer this at a 110Mbps rate. Features like easy-to-use backup software and easy Plug-n-Play helps to transfer data to PC and Mac with ease. The warranty period for this 1TB hard disk is one year.

Top Sellers

Top rated 1.5TB hard disk

It has fast transfer rates with a high storage capacity of 1.5TB for a small and compact structure. It is made from the high-class material to ensure good performance for PC, Mac, and Unix. It has three USB interfaces- USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 as well as a 3 years warranty. Apart from its amazing features, it also has a beautiful, stylish black finish.

Top rated hard disk 2TB

It has a stylish, slim tuxedo black matt finish design and weighs about 308grams. It has a storage capacity of up to 2TB with a 625 Mbps data transfer speed rate. It has features like easy-to-use backup software, easy Plug-n-Play, auto backup software, and two USB interfaces (USB 2.0 AND USB 3.0) which lets you connect to your PC, laptop, and Mac devices to transfer files with ease. This product has a one-year warranty.

Another Samsung hard disk to make the list. Unlike the previous one, this hard disk has a storage capacity of 2TB with a read speed of 550MB per second. The data stored is protected with AES 256-Bit Hardware-Based encryption compliant with TCG Opal. It is compatible with Windows, Vista, XP, Mac, and even Linux.

Top rated 4TB hard disk

With its easy-to-use backup software and easy Plug-n-Play features, data can be transferred with a single click onto your PC or Mac. Like all the other Seagate hard disks, this has a minimalistic brushed metal enclosure and USB drive with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interface. The storage capacity is 4TB and the data transfer rate is 120Mbps. This Seagate hard drive comes in a beautiful gold shade with a one year warranty.

This hard disk is part of the My Passport series brought out by WD. It weighs about 209grams and comes in three different colours- black, red and blue. Due to this reason, this HDD is easy to carry and is extremely stylish. It has a storage capacity of 4TB and is encrypted with password protection 256 AES hardware which makes it safe to use.

Top rated 5TB hard disk

It comes in a stylish and compact design that fits right in your palm. Thanks to its password protection 256 Bit AES encryption hardware, you can store, organise and share photos, videos, and other data safely. It has three USB interfaces- USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 port and is compatible with PC and Mac. WD My Passport external hard drive has a warranty of 3 years.

With a storage capacity of 5TB and 625Mbps data transfer rate, photos, and videos can be transferred onto a PC and Mac with ease. As it weighs up to 263grams and has a stylish, sleek silver matt finish, it is not just easy to carry around but extremely trendy. This HDD has two USB interfaces- USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and a warranty of one year.

Top rated 8TB hard disk

This Seagate hard disk has an 8TB storage capacity and transfers data at 6GB per second. The firmware support system ensures 24/7 surveillance and optimizes workload. It has lower power consumption and reduces the heat emission as well as the heating up of the device. SkyHawk Health installed in the devices helps to monitor the drive's condition. It has a limited warranty of one year.

It has a storage capacity of 8TB with two integrated high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces that lets you connect to any device for easy transfer whereas the other port lets you recharge your other USB devices. Once the provided NTFS driver is installed into the system, it can be interchangeably used with Mac and Windows. This product has a 3 years warranty.


While purchasing a new Hard Disk Drive, ensure you buy it from a reliable and credible brand/ company that offers a warranty. Check out moglix for more products.