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Hard Disks

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Buy the Best Hard Disks Online at Moglix

Hard Disk (हार्ड डिस्क) is an internal or external drive, used in a computer, which stores and provides quick access to large amounts of data. All computers come with a hard disk that can contain billions to trillions of bytes of storage. A hard disk drive is a device that stores data in an electro-mechanical system. A hard disk consists of one or more magnetic material coated disks, which rotate rapidly. A pair of magnetic heads are attached with those plates which actually do the storing or reading data on the surface of those plates. Stored data can be accessed randomly. Even when the power is off, the data are secured in it. The primary use of a hard disk is performance and capacity to store data. The capacity specification is identified by unit prefix corresponding to the power of one thousand. For example, 1TB storage means 1000 GB storage.

Why Hard Disks are Important to Use?

Most of the users prefer to use the external hard disk for storing additional data. A hard disk is important because it is required to -

  • Install the operating system (OS)

  • Install the application programs.

  • Synchronize the data between computers

  • Ensure proper data backup

  • Enhance storage and data portability

There are two common forms of hard disk drives (HDD) are used in the industry, 3.5-inch size for use in desktop computers and 2.5-inch size for laptops. Keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of industry-based users, manufacturers come up with different types of hard disks. An external hard disk is popular for portability. They are known as a solid-state drive (SSD). They do not have any moving parts or disks in them; instead, the data is stored electrically not magnetically. They use flash memory. SSDs are less vulnerable to physical shock and great for portability.

Buy the Best Brands of Hard Disks at Moglix

There are several hard disks available these days. However, if you are looking for the best quality you can buy the best brands of it. Let’s discuss some of the top brands of hard disks available at Moglix.

Seagate – Seagate manufactures the hard disk with the best technology. Their external hard disk is very common and is used by many people. You can do the Seagate hard disk online purchase at the best price.

Kingston – Kingston is a well-known brand in the IT and Electronics category. Their machinery adds speed to the computer. You can rely on their hard disks. You can buy the best Kingston hard disk online at a very reasonable price.

Lenovo – Lenovo is one of the top brands when it comes to Electronics. With their hard disks, you can get the high-speed transition with massive storage space anytime and anywhere.

Why Buy Hard Disks Online from

At Moglix, you can buy different types of hard disks like external hard disk, portable hard disk, and desktop drives. You can be sure about the quality of the products as there is a proper quality test done before delivering any product to our customer. When you think of hard disks, check our hard disk price list and buy them online. You can also buy other IT & electronic products like tablets, mobile accessories, smartwatches, Televisions and many more.

Hard Disks - Price Range

Hard DisksMin PriceMax Price
Seagate Hard Disks₹2776₹20168
WD Hard Disks₹1727₹101648
Kingston Hard Disks₹1651₹9151
Adata Hard Disks₹1566₹16100
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