External and Internal Hard Disks For Maximum Storage

A hard disk is a storage device used in computers that works on the principles of magnetism. A hard disk consists of aluminium or glass discs that consists of magnetic coating on which information is written. A hard disk stores data for a longer period of time.

When the computer is shut down, the hard disk retains the data and keeps it intact. A hard disk stores information in binary digits of 0 and 1, which is written on it using a magnetic head. Every computer requires a hard disk drive to read a hard disk.

Hard disk is a popular mode of storage, many people prefer it over pen drives or CDs. The major reason for this preference is the enormous storage space that a hard disk provides which gives it an edge over the others.

Hard disks also do the job of writing and reading faster, which makes them a great option. Hard disks are also safe as they keep the memory intact for a long time and they also come with encryption, making them safe from data theft.

Besides, Hard Disk is essential for the functioning of a computer. No computer can store the information if an internal hard disk is not present. If a hard disk of good quality and size is used the functioning of the computer improves.

Different types of Hard Disks and their Uses:

External Hard Disk-

An external hard disk is a hard disk that is connected to a computer externally via connectors like USB. It is a portable storage device. External hard disk is used as a storage expansion. Due to the large storage space, external hard disks are extremely useful for data backups during the time of formatting.

External hard disks also keep the quality of the content untouched, so these are prefered to store large media files by professionals like film makers and graphic designers. These are also preferred by gamers who have to store games with high graphical resolution, hard disks are a great support at that!

Not only that anyone can use an external hard disk as instead of having multiple pen drives, one can have a single hard drive of the combined size. The fast transfer speed is also a bonus if you have to use your storage device multiple times a day.

Internal Hard Disk-

An internal hard disk is not an option but a necessity. Every computer must have one for its proper functioning and storage. An internal hard drive is mounted inside the computer. Generally computers come with an internal hard disk that has some pre installed applications.

Most computers allow space for one hard disk, but there are some which allow more than one hard drive, giving you the option to expand the storage internally. Also an internal hard disk consists of two ports, one that connects it to the motherboard and the other than connects it to the power supply.

Internal hard disk stores all the personal files of the user, as well as the softwares installed in the computer. A good internal hard disk must be used as if it is destroyed in any sense all the important data will be lost and might never get recovered. That is why people continuously create a backup of the internal hard disk data on external hard disk.

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Factors to consider before buying a hard disk:

Based on the types discussed above and the allowance of internal hard drives provided by your computer, you must be very clear about which hard disk you want to add to expand your storage. The subsequent factors to be kept in mind are discussed below-


You need to be very sure about what is the purpose of the hard disk and accordingly what should be the size required to accommodate all the data. If you are looking for data back up a medium storage capacity of hard disk would work fine. But, for storing raw graphical files you might require more storage. Hard disks are available upto a capacity as large as 20 TB, but what you may require might just be 250 GB or 500 GB. So make a wise decision regarding this.

Transfer Speed-

If you are someone who is going to use the hard disk frequently, you might want to focus upon the transfer speed as well. To write and read on a disk some time is lost, so to minimize this time one must focus upon the transfer speed. Not only does this depend upon the internal properties of the disk but also on the connector. Make sure you use an up to date connector while connecting your hard disk.


External hard drives must be portable if these are to be used frequently. It becomes easy to carry around if your hard disk can fit into your bag. Also, a hard disk should be durable and last you a good span of time, so that you do not have to buy one again and again.


One of the most important factors is security. Make sure your hard disk comes with a safety casing that prevents any sort of external damage ruining the data forever. However, safety is not only confined to this, since we use the internet so much these days, it is very important to use a hard disk that is encrypted and will keep your private data safe.


Lastly keep an eye on what is the operating system being used, not every hard disk can work well on every OS, in fact some might not work at all as they are targeted for particular operating systems. So, do check the compatibility of the hard drives with the operating system on your computer.

Best Hard Disks to Buy:

Now that we have discussed the types and factors to be kept in mind, let us look at some of the best options available in the market for you to invest in.

  • External Hard Disk 1 TB-

One of the best hard disks in external hard disk 1 TB filter would be Lenovo Portable 1TB External Hard Disk Drive HDD. It is a pocket sized hard disk drive with a stylish look. It uses USB 3.0 thus having a fast transfer speed. It also has a shockproof and pressure resistant design. It is a good option for storing and transferring media files like movies and games.

  • External Hard Disk 2 TB-

Seagates external hard disk 2 TB STBV2000100 is a great option if you are looking for a 2 TB storage space. It is compatible with all windows operating systems. It includes a drag and drop file saving method making it time efficient. It can be connected via USB 3.0 and can store all sorts of media files.

  • External Hard Disk 500 GB-

Toshiba Canvio Portable Hard Drive is a decent external hard disk 500 GB option. It is windows compatible and can be connected via USB 3.0. It also comes with a 3 year national warranty.

  • External Hard Drive 4 TB-

If you are looking for a 4 TB external hard drive, then Seagate's hard disk would be a great fit. It is a black HDD that uses USB 3.0. It also comes with a drag and drop file saving and is suitable for PC, Xbox one and PS4.

  • Internal Hard Disk 1 TB-

In the 1 TB hard disk internal storage bracket, WDs Internal Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) should definitely be considered. It is compatible with both windows and mac which surely gives it plus points. It also has a 64 GB buffer size and has a future proof storage.

  • Internal Hard Disk 2 TB-

For 2 TB hard disk internal drive, one should definitely go for Seagate Barracuda. It is a HDD that comes with a 7200 RPM and has a SATA interface, thus making it a fast and reliable storage option. It is best suited for games and media back ups.


This was all the necessary information about hard disks that will maximize your storage. Make sure you coherently use all the information to reach the best match for your computer system. Hard disks are a long time investment, so research well and carefully to justify your budget and make a purchase that will make your experience hassle free!