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Servokon is a well-known manufacturer & exporter of power conditioning products based in India. Established in 1988, Servokon has created its own niche over by the years by creating quality products which match up with the existing quality standards in the industry. Servokon is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and certified company with a turnover of more than 30 crores. The company has a staff strength of more than 150 trained professionals.

There have been rapid developments in the power conditioning industry. To stay abreast with these technical advancements in its product line, Servokon’s professionals stay updated with the trends in the industry. A special R & D department has been created in the company’s unit in which highly qualified professionals perform in-depth research on product development. Design & development is a never ending process. Therefore, Servokon keeps upgrading its machinery and equipment to be in sync with the new developments.

Ensure Voltage Current to Electrical Gadgets with Servo Voltage Stabilizers

The Servo stabilizer range which Servokon has launched in recent times comes with exciting range of features. The digital voltage stabilizers which are being offered as a part of this collection offer precise control of output voltage (normally +/-1%) which increases the lifespan of appliances and machines. Therefore, they help in minimizing breakdown and maintenance. The models of Servo stabilizer available online are suitable for usage in medical equipment, electrical appliances, medical equipment, CNC machines and offset printing machines.

The Servo stabilizer models which are available in the market includes both analog and digital models. They can also be used for domestic purpose, air conditioners, refrigerators and LED TVs. The automatic Servo stabilizer collections which are available as a part of this collection are ideal for usage in homes and offices. Made from high quality, tensile metal, they stabilizers come with a volt meter, audio alarms & high & low voltage protection. The Servo stabilizer available online can be wall mounted also. These stabilizers operate using IC technology and have an automatic mode. They support the main line.

The digital voltage stabilizers are equipped with the newest type of microprocessor controller and additional features like high voltage cut-off system. The time delay relay system ensures a high level of protection to electrical appliances. They have a user-friendly design. They are therefore highly useful for use in maintaining voltage stability during fluctuations in voltage. These voltage stabilizers make use of advanced compensation technology.

The Servo stabilizer available online at Moglix has been carefully selected keeping in touch with the changing needs of buyers. All these models have been carefully selected keeping in touch with the issues faced by users at home, offices and commercial establishments. The Servo stabilizer available online comply with the latest quality benchmarks existing in the industry also. They come with a manufacturer warranty and have a compact weight. Therefore, they can be installed in a smooth, hassle free manner. Therefore, to keep voltage fluctuations at bay, select from the Servo stabilizer available online at Moglix.

Exotic Features the USP of Servo Stabilizer for Led TVs

The models of Servo stabilizer for LED TV which forms a part of this range offer a high level of protection against spike, line noise, voltage fluctuations and thermal overload. Created from the best quality of material, they have a long lifespan. What makes each of this stabilizer for LED TV models distinct is the fact that they have a wide input range and an attractive front panel. They have the latest electronics circuitry which ensures higher reliability.

Each of the stabilizers for LED TV models comes with a heavy duty transformer with high class varnish and vacuum system. This ensures less heating and minimal energy loss. The high-quality electromagnetic relays that are used have better reliability and operate silently during voltage fluctuations. Therefore, the stabilizer for LED TV models are widely used in homes. Tested by experts, they comply with the existing industrial specifications also. Therefore, to keep voltage fluctuations in LED TVs in check, you can count on the newest models of Servo stabilizer for LED TV.

Keep Your Refrigerator under Perfect Working Condition Using Servo Stabilizer for Fridge

Refrigerators form a part and parcel of any home, hotel or restaurant. But as in the case of all other electrical appliances, refrigerators are also vulnerable to voltage fluctuations. The Servo stabilizer for fridge range has been specifically been created to ensure the smooth running of refrigerators. These stabilizers are equipped with an ABS cabinet which has a sleek design. The new stabilizer for fridge collection is available in a wide range of colours which suit elegant interiors. They have a fail safe circuit protection which cuts off power supply to connected equipment in case of component failure.

The in-built thermal overload protection feature of the stabilizer for fridge ensures optimum protection to the stabilizer as well as connected appliances from high temperature burnout. They have a high & low voltage cut off protection feature also. This protects the connected equipment from dangerous fluctuations in voltage. Therefore, to ensure that your refrigerator remains under perfect working condition, choose from the Servo stabilizer for fridge collection.

What Makes Servo Voltage Stabilizers Special?

The Servo voltage stabilizer collection which has been launched in the market are highly rated in the market for their high performance, resistance to high temperature, power capacity and safety. These stabilizers are fabricated through the use of high-quality raw material. Each Servo voltage stabilizer is strictly quality tested with precision. The fully automatic servo voltage stabilizers are available in different sizes and colours. They are suitable for use in TV, fridges, CNC machines, printing machines, textile machines etc. The Servo voltage stabilizer models are easy to handle and are highly reliable.

The Servo stabilizer price has been kept within a wide range to suit the needs of buyers. The Servo voltage stabilizer models which have been recently launched in the market have a user friendly design. The digital voltage stabilizers which are offered are equipped with a smart digital display and intelligent time delay system. They are compatible with regular and inverter ACs.

The digital Servo voltage stabilizer models have a wall mounting cabinet design. They are compatible with generators. These digital Servo voltage stabilizer models offer line noise and spike protection. They operate using the latest IC technology which assures a reliable protection. The wall mounted cabinet design of these stabilizers makes them easy to install. Therefore, the digital Servo voltage stabilizer range can be used by people from all walks of life.

The 10 KVA stabilizer which forms a part of this new range are ideal for supporting main lines. These stabilizers have an automatic mode and function using the latest IC technology. The 10 KVA stabilizer of this type have been created using the best type of tensile material. They have audio alarms, over volt protection, overload and LED display features. The 10 KVA stabilizer models of this type can be wall as floor mounted.

The Servo stabilizer price has been devised keeping in touch with the changing needs of buyers. Therefore, people can buy the voltage stabilizers of their choice without feeling a pinch in their pocket. A close look at the Servo stabilizer price list will help buyers to devise a budget and acquire the stabilizers of their choice. The 10 KVA servo voltage stabilizer price quoted is more reasonable as compared to existing market prices.

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At Moglix, we are aware of the importance of voltage stabilizers in the day to day lives of common people. Therefore, we have sourced the newest range of Servokon voltage stabilizers. The Servo stabilizer price is quite reasonable as compared to what you would come across in the market. To make online buying easy for people, we have divided the entire category on the basis of price, discount and brand. By availing attractive discounts, buyers can opt for a Servo stabilizer price within a range which suits their budget.

The products sourced from Servo stabilizer manufacturers come with a warranty. Therefore, while buying a stabilizer, people can check the warranty mentioned by Servo stabilizer manufacturers. Checking the specifications and Servo stabilizer price will help them to acquire the best deal. The specifications are updated on a periodic basis to make product selection an easy process for buyers. Therefore, to acquire the best quality of Servo stabilizers from Servo stabilizer manufacturers select from the assortment of options available at Moglix!