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Hicks Prestige Double Head with Anti-Chill Ring Stethoscope, ST-05
  • Considerate Dual Anti-Chill Ring Dual

  • Connecting Spring Is Embedded; Ear Tip Is Specially Designed for

Hicks Mark-11 Double Head Stethoscope, ST-02
By: Hicks
Available on Request
  • Double Head Stethoscope

  • The Membrane Is Sensitive for Sound Collecting

Zytel ZA Black Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with OLED Display
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Zytel
Available on Request
  • Reports Blood Oxygen

  • Auto Off Technology

Equinox Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, EQ-BP-100
By: Equinox
Available on Request
  • Comfort Inflation Technology & One-Button Control

  • Comes with Dpda Technology for Better Accuracy

BPL White 120/80 B10 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • In Case of Incorrect Usage of Device Error Message is

  • Highly Accurate with A Minimum Deviation of +/ -3Mmhg

Contour 5-S 50 Pcs Glucometer Strips Box
By: Contour
Available on Request
Electrum Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 2)
3.5 (1 Review)
By: Electrum
Available on Request
  • Features one touch Power Button

  • Easy to use, Compact, lightweight and Portable Design

MDF Acoustica Lightweight Dual Head Black Stethoscope, MDF747XP11
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Mdf
Available on Request
  • Delivers Accurate Auscultation of Heart, Lung & Korotkoff Sounds with

  • Ergonomic Design

Olex White Fetal Doppler for Parental Baby Heartbeat Sound Monitor
  • Built-In Speaker Provides a Loud, Clear Voice & Large TFT

  • Waterproof Interchangeable Sample & Automatic Shutdown Without Operation After 1

Accusure White & Blue Mercury Thermometer, MT-1027 B
By: Accusure
Available on Request
  • 60 Sec Fast Readout with One Touch Operation Auto On/Off

  • Low Battery Indication

BeatO CURV Smartphone Connected Glucometer Machine with 50 Strips & 50 Lancets with Micro USB C Type Interface
  • Color Coded Results

  • Health Coach Support

Heine Optotechnik Gamma 3.3 Paediatric Stethoscope
By: Heine Optotechnik
Available on Request
Naulakha NI-406 Digital Infrared Thermometer
By: Naulakha
Available on Request
  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Auto Shut OFF. Accurate Readings

BPL Accudigit DT-03 White Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer with Dual Temperature Mode
  • Low Battery Indication: Visually Indicates when the Replaceable Button Cell

  • Raises an Alarm if Temperature Exceeds 100 Degree

Medtech BP-09 LED Black BP Monitor
By: Medtech
Available on Request
  • Upper Arm BP Monitor Device

Devilbiss Sleepcube Standard CPAP Machine
By: Devilbiss
Available on Request
  • Large, Slip-Resistant Pads on Bottom of Unit to Minimize Movement

  • Three Large Buttons Control Nearly all Functions for Simple Operation

BPL Cardiart 108T Digi Single Channel ECG Machine
  • Real Time High Fidelity Thermal Array Recording Enables the User

  • Enables Easy Selection of Leads & Notifies if One of

BPL 120/80 B10 3.8 inch Orange Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Works on the Oscillometric Principle & Double Filter Fuzzy Algorithm

  • Visual Error Alert in Case of Incorrect Usage of Device

Krisons UC-03A Infrared thermometer
By: Krisons
Available on Request
  • Providing The Function Of Auto Selection The Range

  • Providing The Function Of Sound Notification Of High Body Temperature

Dr Diaz White Plastic Hard Tip Thermometer
By: Dr Diaz
Available on Request
Control D Glucometer Kit with 10 Strips (Pack of 2)
By: Control D
Available on Request
  • Control D is a Diabetes Management kit

  • Control D Uses Advanced Amperometry Biosensors to Measure Accurate Blood

Dr Diaz Non Contact Thermometer
By: Dr Diaz
Available on Request
  • Dual Function Non Contact Thermometer

  • Forehead & Ear Optional

Heine Optotechnik Gamma 3.2 Single Acoustic Stethoscope
By: Heine Optotechnik
Available on Request
Equinox Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, JXB-178
By: Equinox
Available on Request
  • Audible Alarm if Temperature is More than 38 deg C

  • It can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

OSRMedPlus Premium Digital Thermometer for Adults & Kids, WPDT-01
  • High Accuracy, Fast Response & Auto Shut Off

Vkare Ultima Duo Blue Dual Bell Stethoscope, VKB0002
  • Lightweight Dual Head Chest Piece & Acoustic Valve Stem are

  • Handcrafted Headset with Soft Ear Tips

Alere 150Pcs AG-500 G1 Glucometer Strips with 75 Lancets Free
  • For Testing Outside the Body

  • Easy to Use

Accusure FS20C SpO₂ Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with OLED Display
  • Reliable, Accurate & Battery-Low Indicator & Proactive

  • Easy to Use & SpO₂ Sensor will Spot Check &...

Electrum Saphire 4 Colours Mode Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 20)
  • Easy to Read Digital Display

  • Features One Touch Power Button

Dr Odin Stainless Steel Stethoscope
By: Dr Odin
Available on Request
  • It is Comfortable to Wear & Does Not Hurt the

  • The Diaphragm is to Monitor Low & High Frequencies

MDF MDF74710 Aluminium Dual Head Navy Blue Stethoscope
  • An Ergonomic Design Ensures Comfort for the Doctor & Patient,

  • The Mdf Dual Head Stethoscope is A Lightweight Diagnostic Instrument...

Gibson Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
By: Gibson
Available on Request
  • Two Colors OLED Display

  • Audible Alarm Function, Low Power Consumption

Diamond Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor, NE017SPS2K44
By: Diamond
Available on Request
  • Fully auto measurements

  • One touch operation

Medtech TMP-03 White Thermometer with One Touch Operations & Water Resistant
  • Unbreakable with Safety Case, Dependable accuracy, Automatic Shut-off, Digital Fast

Swadesi By MCP 4.3 inch White LCD Display Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, BP120
By: Swadesi By Mcp
Available on Request
  • Smart 3 Colored Backlight Display

  • Memory Function

Diamond BPDG 441 LED BP Instrument with Fixed Stand
By: Diamond
Available on Request
EGK P01 Blue Finger Clip Type Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 5)
  • High Brightness OLED Screen Displays SpO₂, Pulse Rate, Pulse Bar

  • Reliable & Accurate & Easy to Operate

Electrum Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 10)
By: Electrum
Available on Request
  • Measures Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate and SpO2

  • Easy to use, Compact, lightweight and Portable Design

BPL White Accu Digit Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
Smart Care GM03S 50 Pcs Blood Glucose Test Strips Box
By: Smart Care
Available on Request
  • Easy to Handle Test Strips

  • Get Quick & Accurate Results with Just a Tiny 0.7