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ChoiceMMed MD300C6525 Talking Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
ChoiceMMed MMED8000C Patient Monitor/VSM
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Display 6-Lead ECG Waveforms in One Screen

  • 168 hrs Trend for NIBP, SpO2, HR, ST & Data

Choicemmed MD300C20-NMR Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 50)
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Non-Invasive

  • Sp02 Measurement Range: 70-100 %

Choicemmed Yellow NMR Pulse Oximeter, MD300C20
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Certification: Approved by FDA

  • Low Battery Indicator

Shakuntla Pluss Rappaport Yellow Dual Head Stethoscope Convertible Chest-Piece
  • Acoustic Tubing

  • Full Rotation Dual Output Acoustic Valve

Diamond Stethoscope, NE017SPS2K33
By: Diamond
Available on Request
  • Very convenient to use, gives full satisfaction

  • This is an economy model, especially for medical students

AG Safechek AG1010 Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Ag Safechek
Available on Request
  • Body Movement Indicator

  • Device Offers a Very & Clinical Tested Measurement Accuracy &

Dr Odin 156-AA ARR1 Technology Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Dr Odin
Available on Request
  • As Dual Check Mode

  • Has An Ultra-Silent Pump

Dr Trust 122 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Dr Trust
Available on Request
  • Inflation: Automatic Inflation by Internal Pump & Irregular Heartbeat Detection

  • WHO Indicator, Low Battery Indicator & Mode of Operation: Continuous

BPL White 120/80 B9 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Cuff Size - Larger Cuff Size 22X45 Cm, Recommended for

  • Ease of Use - in Case of Incorrect Usage of...

Abdos 136x19x28mm Parafilm M Dispenser, U20610
By: Abdos
Available on Request
  • Thermometer Secures to the Outside with Hook & Loop Tape

  • Thermometer can be used as Probe to Investigate & Protect

Gibson Fd-1001 White Fetal Doppler
By: Gibson
Available on Request
  • Displays Heart Beat Range Bar Graph

  • Detection With Clear Sound

Hicks Night Mode Large LCD Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, NT-19
  • Highly Accurate

  • Fever Alarm

MCP White Portable Thermometer for iOS Smartphone
  • Accurate Measurement & Easy Operation

  • Convenient Reading, Higher Precision, High Safety Performance & No Burden

AccuSure 3 Colour Smart Display Blood Pressure Monitor, ACBP2
  • Accurate, Reliable & Easy to use

  • 3 Colour Smart Display Technology

Pristyn Care beatXP BPM-123 White Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Pristyn Care
Available on Request
  • One Touch Operation which Detects Accurate & Reliable Blood Pressure

  • User-friendly & Memory Function

Life Line Alpha Finger Pulse Oximeter
By: Lifeline
Available on Request
  • High brightness OLED screen displays SpO2, Pulse Rate, & Pulse

  • Alarm function

BPL Cardiart GenX3 4.3 inch Colour TFT 3 Channel ECG Machine
  • 65K Colour TFT Display

  • Alphanumeric Keypad with Soft Silicone Keys

Dr Diaz BP 1318 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Dr Diaz
Available on Request
  • Low Battery Detection & Automatic Power-Off

  • Date/Time: Month+Day+Hour+Minute & IHB Detection

Olex Digital Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
By: Olex
Available on Request
  • C/F Reading Available & Body Mode & Object Mode Available

  • Long Press Set More Than 5S & Different Backlight Symbols

Electrum Saphire 4 Colours Mode Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 100)
  • Provides Accurate & Reliable Results

  • Easy to Use, Compact, Lightweight & Portable Design

Hicks Wall Type Big Room Thermometer, I-02
By: Hicks
Available on Request
Control D CD01 White Digital Thermometer
By: Control D
Available on Request
  • 200 Hours Long Battery Life

  • Dual Mode with Both Celsius & Fahrenheit

Heine Optotechnik G5 Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Heine Optotechnik
Available on Request
BPL Black Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
By: Bpl
Available on Request
  • Measures the Oxygen Concentration in the Blood with a Minimum...

  • Visual & Audible Alarm Indication Alerts User in Case of

AccuSure ST14 Black PVC Dual Head Stethoscope
By: Accusure
Available on Request
  • Light Weight Chest Piece, Compact & Classic Look

  • Reliable Performance for Heart, Lung & Blood Pressure Assessment

BPL Elite View EV8 8 inch LCD Multipara Cardiac Monitor
  • Audio & Visual Alarms with 3 Different Levels of Priority

  • Touch-Screen Display with High-Pixel Resolution

O Max Oval Clinical Glass Thermometer, OMCT-02
By: O Max
Available on Request
  • Reading Time of 40 sec

Hicks Automatic Digital Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor with Ac Adopter, N-820
  • Comfort-Check Logic

  • 240 Memories (2 User Groups)

Control D Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter (Pack of 2)
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Control D
Available on Request
  • The Product is Best for Home or Professional Medical Use

  • Oxygen Saturation Levels

Hicks Water Resistant Digital Thermometer, DT-012
By: Hicks
Available on Request
  • Automatic Shut Off

  • Water Resistant

Diamond Mercurial Sphygmomanometer, NE017SPS2K45
By: Diamond
Available on Request
  • Standard model in vinyl zipper case

  • End Valve: Inside

Schiller SOLUS 1S 12.1 inch Multi-Utility Patient Monitor with Touchpanel
Easycare 45-60sec Digital Thermometer with LED Display, EC5004
  • Accurate, 60 Sec Oral And 60 Sec Underarm Measuring Time

  • Automatic Self-Test, Automatic Shutdown, Battery Display, Long Press the On/Off

Diamond BPMR 120 Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Diamond
Available on Request
  • Special control valve for perfect pressure drop

  • Special cuff with extra velcro fastenings

Raxon DT-0404 Plastic Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Automatic Shut Off

BPL AccuDigit IR-D2 Dual Mode Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Fever Alarm

  • Multiple Operating Modes & Clinical Accuracy

Welcare WRT003CC Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
By: Welcare
Available on Request
  • Measures in Both deg C & deg F

  • Non-Contact Infrared Operated Thermometer to Maintain Social Distancing

Beurer OT 20 79138 Ovulation Checking White Basal Thermometer with Application
4.2 (14 Reviews)
By: Beurer
Available on Request
  • For Oral & Vaginal Measurement

  • Battery Charging Indicator

Control D CD35 White Glucometer with 35 Strips
By: Control D
Available on Request