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JP 85mm Polycarbonate Red Solar Delineator, KT18160218510115
KTI 85mm Polycarbonate Yellow Solar Delineator, KT18160218540115
KTI 85mm Polycarbonate Red Solar Delineator, KT18160218510115
KT Red Solar Delinator without Pole
By: Kt
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Frontier 9.5 Inch Delineator Post
By: Frontier
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Buy Best Quality Traffic Delineator Online in India

Delineator (डेलिनीटोर ) or a traffic delineator is a crucial part of communicating traffic flow and direction around a construction site. A traffic delineator is a simple guide that tells motorists and pedestrians which way to take. This also can be regarded as a road safety device.

Delineator is a tall pylon like traffic cones or bollards, also known as road delineators. This is kept standing on the road surface, or along the side of a road as delineator post. It is supposed to channelize the traffic of vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

This is a form of raised reflectors but unlike most traffic reflectors, delineator post is not supposed to be hit by passing by vehicles. Delineators are tall enough to impact a vehicle's tires and maybe the vehicle’s body itself. They are o painted in orange and usually contain one or more retro-reflective sheets. So they are called orange delineators.

These road delineators or orange delineators can be tall and round in shape and open in the center or curved (45-degree sections) of plastic with a reflective strip. They can also use low reflective markers in a "T" shape. Sometimes, these are also be used to indicate lane closures. On the highways, the taller and stronger highway reflectors are used. These are flexible and able to stand back upright after being hit.

Varied Features of Road Delineators at Moglix

The road delineators come with many features as per their use. There are solar delineators that are charged with solar energy to produces bright lights and there is a delineator post with both side lighting.

Danger Plate / Delineator plates: it works as highway reflectors. These are used on highway road especially in rural areas. Its purpose is to warn that there is an obstruction or temporary obstruction next to the road and that the road alignment to the left or right-hand side is altered. These can be mounted above an orange delineator.

Delineator Post: these feature a flexible, rugged design, allowing them to return upright after hit by a moving vehicle. They are ideal for parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and temporary work zones. Polyethylene Delineator Posts feature molded-in handles for easy movement.

You can buy good quality traffic delineator online. Moglix. offers road delineator products from reputed brands such as 3M, Frontier, KT, Pioneer Swift and many more.

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