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Reflectors (रिफ्लेक्टर्स) are important safety products used on roads to draw the attention of the cyclists, motorists, and car drivers to ensure safe driving. Road reflectors include a long list of products namely, road studs, road reflectors, traffic reflectors, highway reflectors, pavement reflectors or raised pavement markers. Different types of reflective strips also fall into this segment. They have various usages like sticking them on safety cones or on the back of the heavy vehicles.

Highway reflectors are useful road safety products. The road reflectors are usually made with plastic, ceramic, thermoplastic. They enhance their visibility at night by reflecting car headlights where it is necessary. The traffic reflectors are used outdoor, mostly to demark a constructing site or any area with restricted entry.

Different Road Studs and Their Uses

Traffic reflectors are used for a variety of purposes and are important as they make making dangerous curves visible at night and guiding the drivers towards the alignment of the road. Different road studs are used for different purposes:

  • Red Studs: These are used to warn drivers that they are near to the edge of the road.

  • Yellow Studs: Yellow studs warn drivers that there are temporary adjustments to lane layouts.

  • Green Studs: These studs signify the edge of the main carriageway.

Features of Traffic Reflectors

The road reflectors are designed in such a way so that it can bear maximum load. These road studs are generally manufactured of high-quality polycarbonate and fitted with highly reflective reflectors molded-in PMMA material.

The pavement reflectors have two angled edges facing drivers and contain one or more traffic reflector strips. They are embedded in the pavement, allowing the marker to protrude slightly above the pavement surface for increased visibility. The pavement reflectors are quite important for pedestrian safety.

The road studs can also be used as highway reflectors. In addition to that, delineator plates work as highway reflectors. These are used on highway road especially in rural areas. The traffic reflectors with reflective paints or reflective boards are UV Resistant, Water Resistant, Termite Proof.

3M Diamond Grade Vehicle Conspicuity Tapes are used at the back of heavy vehicles. They are highly reflective and consist of micro prismatic markings designed for the easy application on trucks, trailers and large vehicles to enhance visibility and detection distance.

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3M Reflectors: 3M is the leading supplier of safety products. Its traffic reflectors are of high quality and with the ease of installation; these are the key solution to safety problems.

Asian Loto Reflectors: Asian Loto reflectors are made with top quality materials and are highly durable safety products. These pavement reflectors can be used anywhere that bear high traffic flow issues.

KTA Reflectors: KTA supplies various road safety devices that are necessary for the protection of the workers. These devices can be installed easily and are durable that makes it ideal for the high traffic areas.

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