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Convex Mirrors

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Best Safety Mirrors Online at

A convex mirror (कॉन्वेक्स मिरर) also known as a safety mirror is a curved mirror. Its reflective surface bulges outwards. These mirrors form an image that is virtual only. Because the focal point of the and the center of curvature are both imaginary points. So they seem to be situated inside the mirror. The image formed is smaller than the actual object. But as the object gets closer, the image gets larger. Again as the object moves away, the image diminishes in size.

The convex mirrors have a wide range of use. The outdoor convex mirrors are mostly safety mirrors, while the indoor convex mirrors are used for security purpose. In short, these mirrors are safety equipment.

Types and Uses of Various Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are the perfect security and safety equipment. Installing safety mirrors at different and strategic locations can help the person in getting a broad view of the place. All the mirrors play a prominent role in safety. Some of the mirrors with different applications include:

  • --> Half Dome Mirror: They give a 180-degree view. They are a great security mirror for retail stores and prevent collisions when used as a hallway mirror for 3-way intersections.

  • --> Full Dome mirror: With their 360-degree view, they act as a deterrent to a retail theft.

  • --> Quarter Dome Mirror: These mirrors help eliminate blind spots and increase visibility at a broader angle

  • --> Rear View Mirror: These mirrors are used in vehicles and help you view the back of your car.

  • --> LED Telescopic Inspection Mirror: These mirrors are used in the medical industry

Top Brand Convex Mirrors at Low Prices

You can get a huge selection of top brand convex mirrors online at We have mirrors in all types and dimensions on our website, whether you are looking for a 65cm or 40-inch diameter. Some of the top brands that are featured on our website include Bellstone, Frontier, Gripwell, H2, KT, Pioneer Swift, Safari, Vision and more. Bellstone and Frontier are the most popular brands in the category, and we offer amazing discounts on these brands.

Outdoor Use of Convex Mirror

They are widely used as a traffic mirror. On the driver side and the passenger side of any vehicle, a convex mirror is fitted. These mirrors are preferred in vehicles because they produce an upright image and give wider field of view as they are curved outwards.

The rare view mirrors fitted in the vehicles are also convex. The traffic mirror or a convex mirror is mounted on the driveway where vehicles run on both sides and the visibility of approaching vehicles is limited due to sharp turns. The outdoor convex mirror or traffic mirror is very useful for motorists. This is also used in a garage or a parking lot or on the driveway; they are regarded as safety mirrors or safety equipment.

Indoor Use of Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors produce such an image that seems smaller than the object but covers a larger area for surveillance. In the shops, these mirrors work as a surveillance system. As they produce large area view, usually mounted on a wall or ceiling in hallways which intersect each other, or where they take sharp turns. They are useful for people especially at locations having blind spots or where visibility may be limited.

These mirrors are often found in various buildings and commonly known as 'hallway safety mirrors'. Inside such buildings where a large number of people move around like a school, hospital or office and stores, they can be found. Especially at curves and turns, the indoor convex mirrors are very useful. Convex mirrors are used in some automated teller machines or ATMs as simple safety mirrors which allow the users to see what is going on behind them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Convex Mirrors

Why do convex mirrors form real images?

When convergent rays strike a convex mirror, a realistic picture is formed. When convergent rays strike a convex mirror, the reflected rays meet at a point on the same side or in front of the mirror, forming the real picture.

Do convex mirrors make things bigger or smaller?

Convex mirrors, also known as curved mirrors, are used to make an object appear shorter and wider than it actually is. The image is smaller than the projected object, but it grows larger as it approaches the mirror.

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Frontier Convex Mirrors₹2088₹5399
SSWW Convex Mirrors₹1253₹2049
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