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2 HP Water Pumps

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2 HP Water Pumps: Stronger Pumps for Your Water Needs

2 HP Water Pumps nowadays have become a necessity compared to earlier days when water pumps were common in fields. Still, now they have found their relevance in domestic (high rise buildings, apartments), commercial (hotels, malls), and industrial establishments. With the increase in technology, water pumps also have come up a long way. They are not only robust but also have an aesthetic sense to them. They have been designed so that there is no recurring cost attached to them; easy to install and consume comparatively less electricity. These pumps are suitable to solve your water woes, especially water shortage problems in remote areas.

Best 2 HP Water Pump Motor Brands and their Features:

2 HP Water pump motors are the perfect solution for domestic, agricultural, and industrial needs. They have robust designs made from high-quality materials, making them suitable for the highly challenging field. Depending upon your needs, you have a variety of options to pick from various brands, which are as mentioned below:

Crompton: They are one of the leading consumer companies with 75 year’s old legacy. They provide various options in the 2HP water pump category as mentioned below:

  • --> Water pumps are available in horizontal or vertical functionality based on the end-use.

  • --> Based on your requirement, there is a choice between a water-filled submersible pump or an oil-filled submersible pump.

  • --> There are many options available in vertical pumps based on the number of stages starting from 10, 18,32, etc., providing a head range of 31-61 M, 30-110 M, 26-167 M respectively.

Kirloskar: They are the pioneers in pump manufacturing, supplying 75 different types of pumps to 80 countries spread across six continents. The features of the pump are:

  • --> They provide various types of monoblock pumps based on “suction size” ranging from 40mm, 50 mm, and 65 mm providing different deliveries accordingly.

  • --> They are low on maintenance, can withstand varied fluctuations, and are easy to install.

  • --> They have a hygienic design and perfect solution for potable drinking water.

Havells: This is a newly established group that came into existence in 2003 has become one of the trusted brands in the FMEG (Fast moving electrical goods) sector. The brand 2 HP pump has the below-mentioned features:

  • --> They are offering a monoblocks pump having a suction and delivery size of 50 mm.

  • --> They have a head range of 8-20 m and are perfect for mall Farm Irrigations & Gardening, Lawn Sprinklers, Construction sites, domestic & Community Water Supply & Water Transfer & Circulations.

  • --> Made up of high-grade pump casting, which ensures long life and a very slow rate of pump rusting.

Lubi: They are the established pump manufacturers serving the needs for the past 50 years. Their 2HP water pump has the below-mentioned features:

  • --> They are offering monoblock pumps, horizontal and vertical pumps for different applications.

  • --> Their water-filled submersible has an outer casing of stainless steel, making them corrosion-resistant and more durable.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Single Phase 2HP Water Pumps

  • --> They need to have IP 68 protection which makes them suitable for underwater operation and also should be compact and slim so that they can be easily installed in narrow wells.

  • --> Their motor should be designed to withstand high temperatures, thus protecting the motor from winding burning.

  • --> The motor should be compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and transport.

  • --> The motor should be designed for a wide voltage range of operation and suitable for installation in areas experiencing wide voltage fluctuations.

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