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1.5 HP Water Pumps

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Water Pumps 1.5 HP: Better Than Ever Before

A water pump is any device that uses mechanical motion to transfer water from an external energy source. They can run on various energy sources, such as human labor, electricity, fossil fuels, wind power, and solar power. 1.5 HP Water Pumps exist in various sizes, ranging from micro to massive industrial pumps, depending on their application. The input energy may vary from the manual force, conventional (fossil fuels), and non-conventional (solar, wind, hybrid systems). Applications of Water pumps have almost become an indispensable part of everyday life, be it residential, agricultural, or industrial markets.

Types of 1.5 HP Water Pumps:

There are different types of 1.5 HP water pumps available online like draining pumps, monoblock pumps, submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, pressure boosting pumps, inline pumps, and many more that are used for varied applications be domestic, agricultural, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Top 5 Brands that Offer 1.5 HP Water Pumps Online:

Various brands are selling 1.5 hp water pumps at reliable and cost-effective prices. Each brand is known for its specific features, and its price varies based on its features and the brand itself. Some of the most reliable ones are:

Sameer brand:

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 52x45x40 cm.

Flow rates: The maximum flow rate is about 600 liters per minute.

Colours: They are available in multiple colours.

Weight: The weight of the item is approximately 23 kgs.

Voltage: The voltage ranges between 180 - 240 V.

Damar brand:

Voltage: The voltage ranges between 180 - 240 V.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions 30x14x24 cm.

Flow Rate: The flow rate is 432 to 2016 mph.

Weight: They weigh approximately 9 kgs.

Power source: They use a simple corded electric power source.

Kirloskar brand:

Material: They are made of rust-free stainless steel bodies and hardware.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 34.1x26.1x22.2 cms.

Weight: They weigh approximately 8 kgs.

Power: The power rating ranges between 0.37 kW to 0.75 kW.

Capacity: They have capacities of 3300 - 250 lph.

Crompton brand:

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 20x20x22 cm.

Weight: They weigh approximately 9.8 kgs.

Flow rates: These 1.5 HP Water pumps’ flow rates are 1830 - 425 lph.

Power source: They use a simple corded electric power source.

Havells brand:

Wattage: They use an approximate wattage of 16 W.

Material: The materials used here are aluminium, and they generally come in grey colour.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 18.4x14x32.2 cm.

Current: The rated current input is approximately 4.2 A.

Power: The power rating ranges between 0.40 kW to 0.90 kW.

Advantages of using 1.5 HP Water Pumps:

  • --> They are reliable, durable, and long-lasting, along with sturdy designs.

  • --> They have automatic controllers for all the pressure pumps.

  • --> They are designed to be elegant, ergonomic, and easy to function with.

  • --> They are of good quality and value for money.

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