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3 Hp Water Pumps

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3 HP Water Pumps: For All Types of Water Pumping Solutions

A water pump is any device that uses mechanical motion to transfer water from an external energy source. They can run on a variety of energy sources, such as manual labor, electricity, fossil fuels, wind power, and even solar power. 3 HP Water Pumps are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from tiny to big industrial pumps, depending on the use. Water pumps have become basic components in everyday life, with applications spanning from agriculture to residential to industrial.

Top Brands Offering 3 HP Electric Water Pumps:

3 HP water pumps are currently required in every corner of the world and for every type of building. Various brands are offering 3HP electric water pumps, and they are:


Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 20x20x22 cms.

Weight: They weigh approximately 9.8 kgs.

Flow rates: Their flow rate is 1830 - 425 lph.

Power source: They use a simple corded electric power source.


Material: They are made of rust-free stainless steel bodies and hardware.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 34.1x26.1x22.2 cms.

Weight: They weigh approximately 8 kgs.

Power: Their power rating ranges between 0.37 kW to 0.75 kW.

Capacity: They have capacities of 3300 - 250 lph.


Wattage: They use an approximate wattage of 16 W.

Material: The material used here is aluminum and they come generally in grey color.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 18.4x14x32.2 cm.

Current: Their rated current input is approximately 4.2 A.

Power: The power rating ranges between 0.40 kW to 0.90 kW.


Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 52x45x40 cms.

Flow rates: The maximum flow rate is about 600 liters per minute.

Colors: They are available in multiple colors.

Weight: The weight of their item is approximately 23 kgs.

Voltage: Their voltage ranges between 180 - 240 V.


Voltage: Their voltage ranges between 180 - 240 V.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions 30x14x24 cms.

Flow: Their flow ranges from 432 to 2016 mph.

Weight: They weigh approximately 9 kgs.

Power source: They use a simple corded electric power source.

Types of 3 HP Water Pumps Available Online:

CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS: 3 Horsepower Centrifugal pumps are hydraulically powered equipment that can transmit energy from one fluid to another ( especially to liquids). The primary function of centrifugal pumps is to move fluids by increasing pressure. A field of centrifugal forces is used to accomplish this.

SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS: These are primarily utilized in agriculture and domestic purposes. They are so-called so as they are put in water-filled borewells or boreholes. They work by forcing water to rise to the surface. These 3HP water pumps for agriculture are ideal for the job.

JET PUMPS: 3 Horsepower Jet pumps are often employed in agriculture because they are capable of irrigating enormous regions. They use a jet stream to build force at the water source and then blast it to the surface.

MONOBLOCK PUMPS: The pump unit is rigidly coupled and hooked to a long shaft electric motor in these 3 HP monoblock pumps, which are non-self-priming centrifugal pumps. In industrial, agricultural, and home uses, they are often used to pump water, solvents, organics, oils, acids, and thin liquids.

SEWAGE PUMPS: Sewage pumps with 3 horsepower are routinely used to remove sewage. They're great for de-clogging dry and wet locations with suspended particles. They are mostly used to keep the environment clean in industrial regions, residential townships, schools, and universities.

PRESSURE PUMPS: These 3HP pressure pumps are centrifugal pumps with impellers that pull water in and push it out at high pressures.

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