Best Brands of Sprayers Available in India

Best Brands of Sprayers Available in India

Sprayers have become a piece of the necessary equipment in the agricultural industry. They go a long way in taking care of the crops and save you the laborious job of doing it manually. However, it is not very easy to choose the best brand of sprayers with the plentitude of options that are available in the market. There are thousands of brands with competitive performances. Hence, we have selected a list of top brands that use the latest technologies in the sprayers which will make your selection process very easy.

We have used a certain set of criteria to help you choose the best brands in agricultural sprayers.

  • Features:

    Agricultural or garden sprayers have several features. Every brand is trying their best to introduce the latest feature in their models so that your life is made easier. We have therefore evaluated the features in comparison to the price of the sprayers.
  • User experience:

    We have taken into account the ratings and reviews of the buyers from a few e-commerce platforms.
  • After-sales service:

    Another important feature is the quality of the after-sales service that is provided by the manufacturer. This is because many people do not know how to handle any troubleshooting and other technical issues.
  • Durability:

    We have examined the warranty policy of the manufacturer. Certain brands are a few steps ahead and offer an additional warranty on the engine besides the product warranty.

KisanKraft Sprayers:

KisanKraft is an established brand name in the agricultural industry. It is a 9001:2015 certified company importing and distributing quality agricultural equipment that focuses on improving the lives of farmers with small land areas. Their power sprayers are efficient and also cost-effective. Some key features of this KisanKraft sprayer are as follows. Several models of sprayers are available in KisanKraft, such as the Pressure sprayer KK-PS 1000, KK-PS 1500, KK-PS 11L, etc.

  • The engine power of the KisanKraft power sprayer is 5.2 - 7.4 kW (7-10 hp)
  • The pump speed is 800 to 1200 RPM.
  • The output pressure is 10-50 kg/cm2
  • Suction volume is 100-120 L per minute.
  • Pump oil (20w40 grade) is 2000ml.

Honda Power Sprayer:

Honda power sprayers are very popular in the agricultural industry. Several models of power sprayers are available to suit every requirement. Honda has over 50% of its expertise in power equipment. Assured after-sales service and availability of spare parts is also another favorable feature. There are several models available in the market like Honda GX 80 OHV 2P, Honda GX 80 OHV engine LG0240 (2HP), etc. Some key features of the Honda power sprayers are as follows:

  • 4 stroke GX 25 Engine with a detachable nozzle holder, large tank cap, and an independent operation box.
  • It also has an S-shaped shoulder belt to reduce the load for the user and also a large back pad that fits the user’s body comfortably.
  • The detachable nozzle holder keeps the hose and nozzle from coming in the way while moving.
  • The big tank cap enables easy opening and closing of the tank.
  • The handles on both sides of the tank’s lower body enable easy lifting.

Aspee Sprayer:

American Spring and Pressing Works Pvt Ltd, also known as Aspee, are pioneers in the agricultural equipment field. Aspee is among the first companies to get the ISO 9001:2002 certificate from Det Norske Veritas of Netherlands. Now they have the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from BSI. Several models of power sprayers are available in the market, like Aspee1.5 HP 2 stroke portable, Aspee Jonathan Portable, Aspee HTP PS 16, etc. Here are some popular features that make it the choice for a sprayer:

  • Compatible with 12A/12V and 7A/12V sealed rechargeable lead battery.
  • Has a PPCP with molded 16 l tank capacity and skirt.
  • It has Vitron valves, a Santoprene diaphragm, and a polypropylene pump body.
  • The auto cut-off system saves battery life.
  • Engine type- 2 stroke and 4 stroked engine, air-cooled with single cylinder and Forced.
  • Very efficient displacement capacity.
  • They are portable and are handheld equipment.

Neptune Sprayer:

Neptune is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of agricultural equipment established in 1993. They manufacture power sprayers and battery sprayers, HTP sprayers, and manual sprayers. Manual sprayers. NF 608, NF 708, and NF 908 are the models available in power sprayers and BS-13, BS-21, and BS- 708 in Battery sprayers. HTTP models include Silver, Gold, and Gold Plus HTP sprayers.

  • They have high power capacity with less fuel consumption.
  • Two types of spray guns for multiple spray use can be used for spraying pesticides for cotton, fruit trees, and other agricultural and forest crops.
  • The engine is fixed with an easy recoil starter.
  • Has a brass metal pump.
  • Economical while spraying expensive products.
  • Consumes less fuel; hence, it is cost-effective.
  • Has forced air cooler and 2 stroke petrol engine.
  • Capable of high power
  • Excellent performance and highly efficient.
  • They require less maintenance.


Sprayers are very important for plants and crops, from simple gardening purposes to large-scale agricultural industries everyone can use them. We hope that we were able to give you valuable information on what features to look for before buying the sprayer of your choice and the top brands in the agricultural market.