Best Generator Brands Available in India

Electricity has become a vital part of our life. We cannot imagine a day without electricity. Thus, generators have gained a lot of importance today. Though generators do not produce electricity directly, they transform mechanical or chemical energy to electrical energy instead. They accomplish this by collecting the power of motion and converting it to electrical energy by forcing electrons from an external source to flow through an electrical circuit. A generator is essentially a reversible electrical motor.

Everything from structure to performance is essential to a consumer. The design, size, power, and engine are some of the main features that make the generator worthwhile to purchase. Each brand adds some extra features to its generators to make them stand out.

Some of the main features to look out for in a generator that makes it a suitable choice are:

  • Eco-friendly:

    Brands give much more competition today in terms of the eco-friendly nature of the generators. They design them with a super silent feature and make them portable as they are lightweight.
  • Less Fuel Consumption:

    To make it a better choice among brands, they provide generators with more efficiency and less fuel consumption.

Check out the most acceptable Generators for a home in India as one of the excellent substitutes during power cuts.

Honda Generators

Honda's innovative technology presents this new age generator, so silent that you might want to check if it's on! To make it a complete backup power source, every feasible detail has been considered while designing its features. Some of the best features you can find in the Honda generators are as follows:

  • Eco-Throttle System: Eco:

    The throttle System helps let the generator's engine automatically modify the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use.
  • Microcomputer-controlled Sine Wave Inverter:

    The Microcomputer-control ensures commercial-quality electricity, making it perfect to use with frequency-sensitive electrical equipment such as computers.
  • Low Oil Alert System:

    The system lets you ensure timely oil backup when the oil is at a low point.
  • High-speed Multi-point Alternator:

    A high-speed or flux switching alternator is an AC electrical generator planned for direct drive by a turbine.

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Kirloskar Generators

The unmatched convenience and ease of information make the Kirloskar generator a suitable choice for you. The Kirloskar Green Generators are much more advanced now than before with their superior looks and improved product life. Some of the features provided by the company for their generators are:

  • Well-Trained Engineers:

    The company has over 5000 well-trained engineers which makes your after-sale services much more effective.
  • Genset Controls at ease:

    The Genset control is provided at your fingertips, giving you the power to control the generators manually.
  • Indigenous Design:

    This generator brand originated, designed, and developed indigenously, which makes the brand much more reliable.
  • Service outlets at Convenience:

    The brand provides 450 well-equipped service outlets throughout India.

Yamaha Generator

As one of the country's leading experts in industrial and portable generators, Yamaha provides high-class and dependable generators. Yamaha has set quite a standard when it comes to designing, testing, and manufacturing generators. Some of the features provided by Yamaha generators are-

  • Electric Key Start:

    The electric start and wireless remote allow you to control the generators from a distance conveniently.
  • Super Silent Engine:

    Their engine is eco-friendly as it produces less or no smoke, and their engine makes no sound even when switched on.
  • Easily Portable:

    The generators weigh much less than the body seems, making them easily portable.

Elemax Generator

Elemax is a very notable and famous brand. These Japanese generator producers can be seen as being well-founded as their products run on Honda engines, making them more efficient. The generators are available in various sizes and capacities in Indian markets. Some brilliantly provided features by the Elemax brand for their generators are-

  • Eco-friendly:

    The generators produce less smoke and are super silent, which makes them eco-friendly. They are light and thus make them portable too.
  • OHV Honda Engine:

    They provide more efficient combustion by allowing the air-fuel mixture to spread more evenly throughout the combustion chamber.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator:

    Helps maintain a consistent voltage level to electrical equipment at equal load.
  • Electric Key Start:

    The starter part of electric start generators creates the appropriate voltage to give the necessary electricity to drive the generators.

Sarrvad Solar Generator

Sarrvad Solar Generators are one of the most eco-friendly generators in India. These portable generators come in a hybrid plant and have 500W of power. Sarrvad generators come in different variants and have upgraded the quality with some newest features introduced by the company. For better understanding, the following are some features of the generators offered by Sarrvad that makes it a unique choice-

  • Large Battery Power Capacity:

    Compared to 40000mAh items, SARRVAD 518 WH/140000mAh, 3.7V portable generators provide a more extensive power capacity, which means they can efficiently power up the same electronic devices longer.
  • Multifunctional Outputs:

    Sarrvad portable power stations promote various outputs, pure sine wave output, charges, or power products such as drill machines, laptops, drones, display monitors, smartphones, car refrigerators, etc.
  • Convenient Output Modes:

    They weigh only 6.6 Kg, and the solid aspect design makes them an excellent travel ally for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand provides you with one power adapter and one car charger to charge it by wall outlet or car adapter, or you can recharge it under the sun with a solar panel (18V~24V/ 5A Max).

XLNT Powered Generators

The XLNT Power Generators are high quality and premium generators with high fuel efficiency and eco-friendly features as briefed below:

  • 5.5 KVA Generator:

    The brand makes the generators air-cooled, which gives it a Long life, has a single phase 230 V, 1.0 Pf, 3000 RPM Made with ms body (10 times better than the aluminum body).
  • Electric Push Button:

    Their engine starts with the Electric Pushbutton and Recoil pull start alternative.
  • Efficient Performance:

    100% copper Single Phase Alternator with No voltage dropping and Suitable for Home load, Shop load, Agriculture, and Construction Power Load.
  • Increased Fuel Tank capacity:

    These generators come with an increased 25 liters capacity of the fuel tank with 9 hrs of running time.

Harison Generators

The Harison Generators have been designed so that their governing system can control the voltage fluctuations; hence, making absolute safety possible. Moreover, they also ensure that the generator sets are capable enough in energy efficiency and years of hassle-free operations with great productivity. The features offered by Harison generators are-

  • Low on vibration:

    The Harison generator set is completely bound with a firm and solid structure, allowing a soundproof covering. These generators are made with accuracy and exceptional aesthetics.
  • Low Fuel Consumption:

    Harison generators provide increased fuel efficiency covering the range of diesel generators as per the norms decided by CPCB to offer benefits to the customers. Their adequate fuel capacity and price make them more economical.
  • Standard Design:

    The repair and servicing of the generators are more convenient because of their standard design to help find the solution of the model working system.
  • Reliable and Robust Engines:

    The robust model of the generators is designed to face difficult environmental conditions so that the backup power supply does not fail.


You now understand and know what the various brands of generators offer and their features. Knowing your requirements and deciding what attributes of a generator will best meet those demands can make it much easier for you to decide which one you need to buy. Think about all the aspects mentioned above and go for the perfect one for you.