Best Glucometers to Track Blood Sugar Level at Home in India

A glucometer is the best device through which you can check blood sugar level or understand how certain, drugs, food, etc., affect diabetics. Having a glucometer at your place is always a good idea as it makes monitoring diabetes affordable to all. Further, it also helps the doctors to better understand your condition and suggest necessary changes in your medicine.

Today, glucometers have become very compact, and you can keep a track of your diabetics at home or while traveling without visiting a doctor. Said so, a glucometer should not replace your regular visits to the doctor.

With just a small amount of blood from the tip of the finger, one can check blood glucose. Glucometers are designed for everyone, and so are easy to use and are very reliable, plus, they are easy to carry around. Further, several brands manufacture glucometers, and below is the list of top glucometer brands in India.

Brands Measuring time Amount of blood
Dr Morepen 5 Seconds 0.5 microliters
One Touch 5 seconds 1mg/dl
Accu chek 10 seconds 1.5 microliters
Beato 10 seconds 0.6mg/dl
Accusure 8 seconds 1.4mg/dl
On Call 4 seconds 0.4mg/dl
Dr Trust 5 seconds 0.5 mg/dl

Dr Morepen Glucometer (GLUCOONE BG-03)

Dr Morepen Glucometer is one of the best glucometers available in the market. Further, they are highly reliable and easy to use. The Dr Morepen Glucometer has a very ergonomic and sleek design. It also comes with a large display for clear visuals of readings.

Dr Morepen Glucometer comes with 25 strips, 10 lancets for you to use. Plus, the battery life of the glucometer is excellent, ensuring a long life.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Beeper Alerts
  • 300 memories
  • Small blood sample
  • Alternate Sites for Testing
  • No Coding Technology

Top Sellers

  • Dr. Morepen Gluco One 50 Strips, BG 03

    Dr. Morepen Gluco One 50 Strips, BG 03

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  • Alere 100 Pcs AGM-4000 G1 Blood Glucose Testing Strip Set

    Alere 100 Pcs AGM-4000 G1 Blood Glucose Testing Strip Set

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  • Control D 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips, HDCDSTP5O

    Control D 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips, HDCDSTP5O

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  • Abbott Freestyle Optium H 100 Glucometer Test Strips

    Abbott Freestyle Optium H 100 Glucometer Test Strips

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One touch glucometer (OneTouch Select Plus Simple Meter)

One touch has been in the glucometer industry for over a decade and has been manufacturing highly accurate glucometer for consumers. Further, One touch glucometer gives accurate results within 5secs, and the strips have the lowest copay value, making it convenient for consumers to use.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Fast results
  • Virtually pain-free
  • No buttons/no-touch
  • Sound alerts
  • Color and audio alerts when glucose levels in blood are extremely low or high

Accu chek glucometer (Accu chek active blood glucose meter)

The Accu Chek glucometer helps to get accurate blood sugar measurements every single use. Plus, it is fast and hassle-free, making it convenient for the customers. Also, through Accu Chek glucometer the user need not require any coding to check the results.

Further, the Accu check glucometer is very simple to use and provides precise results in just a few steps. Moreover, the best part is that the test strips of Accu Chek glucometer are cheap.

Key Features

  • One of the most accurate system
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Only two buttons for results
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and convenient for all
  • Re-dose option after 8 seconds

Beato Glucometer

With Beato Glucometer, you can effortlessly take blood sugar readings. Further, this mobile-based glucometer syncs with your phones and keeps a track of prevision readings.

Beato glucometer does not only help you make certain changes in your diet, but it also helps the doctors understand and monitor your condition.

Key Features

  • Very compact
  • Easily carryable
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS devices
  • Analyse results via simple graphs
  • Accurate and provide results in simple to understand graphs
  • Automatic system alerts

Accusure Glucometer

Accusure Glucometer has been in the market for a long time and has been helping consumers understand, and better diagnose their condition.

Accusure provides multi models, through which you can choose depending on your requirements. Moreover, Accusure Gold has been voted as one of the worlds most accurate glucometers, Accusure Simple is very convenient to use, and Accusure Blue is one of the most stylish glucometers in the market.

Key Features

  • Big display
  • Small and compact size
  • Results in 8 seconds
  • Quick and easy
  • Accurate and reliable

On Call Plus Glucometer

On Call as a brand has been committed to improving the health of customers. On call plus glucometer are designed to give you accurate and reliable results every single time.

On call plus glucometer has helped a lot of patients worldwide, and with On call plus glucometer, you can track your diabetes effectively and accurately.

Key Features

  • Results in 4 seconds
  • Small blood amount
  • User friendly
  • Large display for better readability

Dr Trust Glucometer

Having a glucometer at home is always an excellent idea. Further, with Dr Trust glucometer, you can understand your diabetic condition and make necessary changes in your lifestyle.

Dr Trust glucometer is very easy to use and is designed to meet various needs of customers worldwide.

Key Features

  • One year extended warranty
  • Results in 5 seconds
  • Large display for better visibility

If you are a Type 1 diabetic or Type 2 diabetic, it is very important for you to constantly monitor your blood sugar level, and with Glucometers you can conveniently track your blood sugar levels. Also, glucometers do not replace doctors, it is necessary for everyone to visit regularly to understand the condition better.

Glucometer: FAQ

Q. Which is the best glucometer?

A.There are several brands providing glucometers in India. Contour Plus One has cleared ISO 15197: 2013 accuracy certification, making it one of the most accurate glucometers in the market. Further, Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucose Meter is an affordable glucometer in the market.

Q. What is the normal range for a glucometer?

A. Blood sugar levels may vary from person to person. Further, for the majority of healthy people, normal blood glucose levels are between 4.0mmol/L to 5.4mmol/L during fasting and up to 7.8mmol/L two hours after having food.

Q. What is a glucometer for?

A. A glucometer is a machine used to check the blood glucose level in the body. There are different types of glucometer such as invasive, non-invasive, continuous, etc., for people to check their blood sugar levels.

Q. Do you need a prescription for a glucometer?

A. Blood sugar test machines can be purchased without prescriptions. You may buy glucometer models, lancets, and strips as per your needs. If you need to check blood sugar multiple times in a day, then you can buy 50, 100 strips.

Q. How much does a glucometer cost?

A.The price of glucometer varies depending on the features and brands you select, but you get glucometers at prices starting at Rs.450. Test strips are costly, and they would cost you Rs.500(25 strips).