Bosch Drilling Machines for both residential and commercial use

Bosch Drilling Machines for both residential and commercial use

A drilling machine often referred to as a power drill is an industrial tool used to dig small holes or to drive in screws. Be it a factory, office building or a sweet home, there are ample number of tasks which might require a drilling machine. From drilling and welding machines together in a factory to drilling holes in walls to hang your favourite photograph in your living room, a drilling machine can indeed be a great asset to your inventory!

When you hammer a nail in a wall, the primer might come off or it might not even get fixed properly, add to that all the efforts! This is where a drilling machine comes to the rescue, not only is it fast and requires less human efforts, it also does the job neatly.

Now that we have established that a drilling machine is a safe and needed investment, let's take a glance on all the information required for you to make the right purchase:

What makes Bosch drilling machines the best?

When you will go to the market to look for your fit, you might come across a bunch of companies which might leave you dazed. But if there is one brand that will assure you of the quality of work at reasonable prices, then it is Bosch. Bosch has been a household name in Indian since time immemorial. It has created a safe space for itself. The legacy that it has created will surely leave you in awe of its products.

Bosch also provides drilling machine kits, these Bosch drill machine kits are a holistic package that will save you time and efforts of looking for all the individual parts separately. Be it the drills or drilling kits, you can blindly trust us on this one!

Some of the best Bosch drill machines found on Moglix are mentioned below to ease you drilling machine hunt:

Bosch has some of the best hammer drills available. One of the most popular ones among these Bosch Hammer Drill Machines is Bosch GBH2-22RE 620W 1000rpm Professional Rotary Hammer. It has a 13 mm steel drilling capacity, 60 mm of masonry drilling capacity and 2.2 Joule of impact energy. It has a high torque for driving screws and also comes with an overload clutch keeping in mind users safety.

Known for its compact size and one of the best in the Bosch drill machine 13mm bracket, this one will surely be a great purchase. It has a 20 nm torque, a 13 mm steel drilling capacity and a 30 mm wood drilling capacity. It has a power input of 360 W. It also comes with an ergonomic switch with electronic speed control and a practical belt clip making it easy to handle.

This bosch cordless drill machine has a hard torque of 54 nm. It comes with two gears of different speed- Gear 1:0-450 rpm and Gear 2: 0-1700 rpm. Since it is cordless, it has a battery capacity of 1.5 Ah and uses Li-ion batteries. It can drill holes in wood upto the diameter 35 mm. It comes with changeable carbon brushes, thus increasing its life. It also has a LED that warns if the machine has been cut off due to current overload.

In the Bosch hammer drill machine 26mm options, Bosch 800W Professional Rotary Hammer is definitely at lead. It has a 13 mm steel drilling capacity, 26mm concrete drilling capacity and an impressive 68 mm masonry drilling capacity. It is indeed a multi purpose tool and an effective one at that! It also has a power input of 800 W. This is a robust drilling machine and a must have for professionals.

Lastly we have to mention one of Bosch's best Drilling kits. Bosch Professional Impact Drill Kit, GSB 500 RE is their top seller. Some of the contents are a 500 w Bosch screwing machine or drilling machine, a combination plier, 5 concrete drill bits, 30 nylon plugs, a measuring tape and a utility knife. Thus it is a complete package and will surely keep you organized and free from any hassle!

Types of Drilling Machines available:

Hammer Drills:

Hammer Drills are known to cater more power in the form of a hammering action. When the drill rotates, a gear produces a linear hammering motion, thus doing the job of a drill and a hammer. Hammer drills have a robust motor which is suited for drilling hard materials and surfaces like stone and concrete. However, these are not the best options if you want to drill metal, wood or plastic.

Bench Drills:

A bench drill is used to drill on bigger pieces of materials. These are fixated upon the surface (bench) so that the drilling process takes place without any moment of the surface. A spindle moves vertically with the help of a rotating handle control and drills the surface.

This is the drill which is best suited to dig holes in metals or plastic. Bench drills are a powerful tool and efficient too! But, due to their stationary nature and huge size, these are not easy to carry.

Impact Drills:

Impact drills also known as impact drivers are drilling machines which can be handheld and are best known for their fast screw driving. When the trigger is squeezed the machine spins into the surface. Impact drills produce a greater torque in less time, thus making them time efficient. These use a quick release clamp with ¼ inch hexagonal shank. Impact drills are useful when you are undertaking a big project like making furniture.

Rotary Drills:

Rotary drill caters a pounding action driven by a piston.The piston which rides in a cylinder creates air pressure as it moves forward, which is the driving force for the drilling. The impact provided by rotary drills is more than hammer drills. These also have a higher durability and are preferred by professionals. The best thing about Rotary drills, is that most of these come with three modes, namely drill, hammer drill and hammer. Thus, a rotary drill is a 3-in-1 tool.

Magnetic Drills:

Magnetic drills are portable and easy to handle. As the name suggests they work using magnetic properties. These are best suited for drilling metal surfaces. A magnetic drill can make up to 12 mm diameter of holes. It consists of a magnetic base, a drill stand and a motor. This is a relatively new technology. If you are looking for a portable machine for doing metal work, this would work fine.

Now that we have walked across the major types of drills available, the next step is to know about the factors that will help you decide which drill you need to invest in:

  • Surface and Purpose:

    The first thing you need to consider is which kind of surface are you willing to drill. As we discussed above, different drilling machines are suited for different surfaces. Ofcourse, a drill will make holes, but the holes might not be neat or it might reduce the life of your drilling machine. So make sure, the drilling machine you are buying is aligned with a technology that can drill that material.

  • Cord:

    A drill might or might not have a cord. A cordless machine is easy to handle, portable and well balanced. It runs on battery. However, the chances of the batteries getting exhausted is always there.

    A corded drill on the other hand would require a cord and electricity. These are known to provide a better impact. But handling these along with the cord can be a tedious task.

  • Chuck Type:

    Chuck is an accessory that holds bits in the drill. Drilling machines are available with chucks that have a key or are keyless. To drill with a chuck that requires a key, you won't be able to drill without it. Whereas if the chuck is keyless you will not require to change the key again and again, making the job time efficient.

  • Other specifications:

    The main specifications that one needs to check for are the power, torque and speed. Torque is the force that drives the drill. Having more torque does not guarantee a fast process. But a torque coupled with a lower RPM or speed would! For bigger drill size, lower RPM is required. Besides these, power rating is also very important as it will tell you about the power consumption of your tool. Most people would require a tool that consumes less power.

These were all the important factors that you must keep in mind to combine the pieces together and come up with the right decision. This was all about Bosch Drilling Machines and the guide to obtain the best one. Hopefully this gave you a broad idea about what all factors are to be considered before purchasing one. Buying from Moglix would definitely leave you with a pleasant shopping experience and guarantee high quality products..!