Drill Machine Types and Top Brands Available in India

Drill Machine Types and Top Brands Available in India

Drill machine is a useful tool used while making any DIY projects for drilling holes, making and assembling furniture, metalworking and woodworking. These drill machines are also known as Hand Drill Machine and other besides drilling holes, the hand drill machine can also be used for various functions such as seamlessly retracting and driving the screws irrespective of the type and size of the head the screw comes with.

Right now, there are a number of brands who are selling hand drill machines and it's pretty much confusing to buy which one. To ease your work, we have brought this article in which we have listed some top drilling machines which are worth every penny of your investment.

  • Hammer Drill Machine:

Hammer drill machines give a hammering action for drilling and are used for drilling of wood, concrete, metal, etc. Hammer drill machines are also known as Impact drill machines or Percussion drill machines. Impact drill machines are very powerful tools and hence are mostly used for the drilling of materials which are hard. Below we have mentioned the hammer drill machine price list for top 5 machines available in the market.

Top 5 Hammer drill machine price list with key specifications:

Product NamePowerSizeSpeedWeight
Bosch 800W Professional Rotary 26mm Hammer Drill Machine800W4-26mm (Concrete)900rpm2.7Kg
Tiger 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill Machine800W26mm4000rpm3Kg
Trumax 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill Machine800W26mm900rpm4Kg
Cumi Hammer Drill Machine600W20mm850rpm2.9Kg
Black+Decker Single Speed Hammer Drill Machine550W10mm2800rpm~1Kg
  • Rotary Drill Machine:

Rotary drill machines are used for day-in and day-out works. Rotary drills are ideal for plumbers, electricians and carpenters. But they can also be used for construction and home use works. Below we have given the best company along with its feature and drill machine price.

Product NamePowersizeSpeed (rpm)Weight
Bosch 600W Professional Rotary Drill Machine600W1.5-13mm26002Kg
Dewalt Rotary Drill Machine550W10mm2800~1.3Kg
Cumi Rotary Drill Machine550W10mm1250~1.7Kg
Hi-Flex Plastic Rotary Drill Machine350W10mm26001.4Kg
KPT Shakti Rotary Drill Machine350W6mm26001.25Kg
  • Drill Press Machine:

Drill Press Machine or the Bench Drill Machine are mainly used for drilling the holes in hard substances. These Bench Drill Press Machines can be mostly found in mechanical workshops and industries as these places get most of the hard substances. Apart from these, the Bench Drill Machines are also used in other miscellaneous tasks such as polishing, honing and sanding. Drill Press Machines help in getting your work done in a quick and efficient manner.

Product NamePowersizeSpeed (rpm)Weight
SMS Drill Press Machine without Accessory0.5HP12mm1440~50Kg
SMS Pillar Drilling Machine0.5HP19mm1440~110Kg
SMS Pillar Drilling Machine0.5HP19mm1440~110Kg
SMS Pillar Drilling Machine1HP25mm1440210Kg
  • Cordless Drill Machine:

This is an electrical drill machine which works by using rechargeable batteries and can be found in most of the places. They also come with different configurations such as Hammer drill machine configuration and Right-angle drill configuration which are used for driving screws in various substances without damaging them.

For continuous work, the operator may have to carry spare batteries which are kept on charge. This helps in quick swapping them when the battery drains off. Although, rapid charging batteries that can charge in 10-15mins are now available in the market.

Product NameVoltagesizeSpeed (rpm)Weight (Kg)
Yking 10mm Ni-Cd Cordless Drill12V10mm5501.4 (with batteries)
Black+Decker Li-Ion Orange Cordless Drill7.2V10mm400 
Bosch Cordless Impact Drill 0.3-10mm13001.1
Cutflex Li-ion Cordless Drill12V10mm550 
Bosch Professional Cordless Drill12V10mm1300 
  • Magnetic Drill Machine:

This is a portable machine which is used for drilling holes in substances which are too large and heavy for moving from one place to another. The magnetic drill machine comes with a powerful magnetic base which is used to fix the machine on the substance on which drilling has to be carried out. The Magnetic Drill Machine drills holes using the help of twist drill bits and annular cutters or broach cutters. Apart from drilling holes, the new generations of magnetic drill machines can also be used for countersink, reaming and tapping operations.

Product NameVoltageSpindle Bore (mm)Speed (rpm)Weight (Kg)
Ralli Wolf Magnetic Core Drill23519.05270-61015
Eibenstock Angle Magnetic Drill220 - 240384009.5
Eibenstock Core Magnetic Drill220 - 24042250-45012.5
Eibenstock Core Magnetic Drill220 - 240354008
KPT Magnetic Drill Machine1100Watt (Power Input)3227039
  • Drilling cum Milling Machine:

As the name suggests, Drilling cum Milling Machines are used for performing both the drilling and the milling operations on the same machine. Due to this both time and energy can be saved. Drilling cum Milling Machines are mostly found in workshops and industries where hard substances have to be drilled or milled.

Product NamePowerSizeSpeed (rpm)Weight
SMS Drilling Cum Milling Machine1/2HP191440175
SMS Drilling Cum Milling Machine without Accessory1HP251440~275
  • Drilling Tapping Machine:

Drilling Tapping Machines are mainly used for drilling normal holes or thread holes in the substances. Drilling Tapping Machines come in different sizes right from the tiny bench machines to the extreme heavy-duty machines used in industries.

Product NamePowersize (mm)Speed (rpm)Weight
Tapax Drilling Tapping Machine0.75HP121440120
Ralli Wolf TP8 Portable Drilling Tapping Machine4503-105503.9
Tapax Silicone Liner Cone Drilling Tapping Machine0.25HP6144050
  • Mini Drilling Machine:

Mini Drilling Machines are small in size compared to the regular or traditional Drilling Machines. Mini Drilling Machines are most of the time used for making holes or hammer in the fasteners. Due to their compact size, Mini Drilling Machines have less weight and are easily portable.

  • Coring Machine:

The Core Drill Machine is particularly used for removing the cylindrical section from a material resembling a hole-saw. Corning machines are used by professional construction companies. Coring Machine has a variety of applications such as installing the drainage pipes, water and sewer pipes, ventilation ducts and plus cable.

  • Hilti Machine:

Hilti is also considered one among the professional brands when it comes to the drilling machines/tools. The hilti machine price varies depending upon the features. This aids you in choosing the right machine according to your budget and required features. Hilti machine price depends on the model and other key features like chuck size, usage and more.

Top 3 Hilti Machine and their key features:

Product NameSingle Impact Energy (J)Chuck size (mm)No Load Speed (rpm)Weight (Kg)
TE 1 ROTARY HAMMER1.54-129302.4
TE 2 ROTARY HAMMER1.84-1212002.7
TE 7-C6-167403.4


  1. Which is the best drill machine for home use?
  2. Hammer drill machine is one of the best drill machines for home use as it can be used for drilling metal sheets, wood, concrete, etc which makes it a perfect choice for home use.
  1. How much does a drill machine cost?
  2. Depending on the company, its features and the warranty, the drill machines may cost ranging from a few hundreds of rupees to thousands or even in lakhs depending upon their applications.

The regular hammer drill machine price starts from 800/- whereas the 26mm hammer drill machine price starts from 2,000/- depending on its features. Further, if you are looking for a branded drill machine, then the well known bosch drill machine price starts from 6,000/- .

  1. Which is the best drill brand?
  2. Black and Decker (Black+Decker), Dewalt Drill and Bosch are some of the best drill brands.
  1. Can I use a drill machine as a screwdriver?
  2. Definitely yes! A drill machine can be used as a screwdriver. Both cordless drill machines and cord powered drill machines can be used as screwdrivers.
  1. Can you use a regular drill to drill into concrete?
  2. Yes, regular drills can be used for drilling into the concrete. But the time taken is more and even more physical effort is required for drilling a concrete with a regular drill. Also, you may have to be careful with regular drill, as excessive heat built during drilling a concrete may result in breaking of the drill bit.