What are The Best Power Tool Brands Available in India?

What are The Best Power Tool Brands Available in India?

There are plenty of significant roles the power tools play in our daily lives. Easing the complex activity to a simple one, these portable power tools that run on electricity cause less wastage of time, money, and energy. Right from fixing a nail, drilling to plumbing and cutting and so much more, they are the power tools that aid the progress and growth of mankind.

So, when buying such important tools, just not focus on the price of the product but also its efficiency to accomplish its task. Here are some of the most leading and reputed brands of multi-purpose power tools designed to suit your needs.

  • Bosch Drill Machine

Supported with a high-end mechanism, the Bosch Drill Machine is one of the most amazing power tools that guarantees easy handling, precision drilling, and high performance. Targeting the customer with its unmatched quality and German technology, Bosch also provides a lock-on button, and easy speed switching.

Top 3 Bosch Drill Machine
Bosch 600W Professional Rotary Drilling Machine, GBM 13 RE2 kg600 Watts
Bosch 820W Professional Rotary Hammer, GBH 2-28 DV2.9 kg820 Watts
  • Hilti Machine

Ensuring high-performance, Hilti is one of the best companies that manufactures a wide range of power tool accessories. Causing no fatigue with its active vibration, the Hilti machines for drilling are provided with a detachable cord.

Top 3 Hilti Machines
ProductWattageCapacityDrills in
120-Volt SDS-MAX TE 70-ATC-AVR Corded Rotary Hammer Drill Kit with Pointed Chisel and TE-YX SDS-MAX Style Drill Bit1800 Watts1/2 in. to 6 in. overallMasonry, natural stone and concrete.
120-Volt SDS Max TE 50-AVR Corded Rotary Hammer Drill Kit with Pointed Chisel, Drill Bit and Power Cord1200 Watts1/2 in. - 1-9/16 in.Masonry
  • Makita Drill Machine

The high quality and powerful drilling machines by Makita are designed with a rubberized soft grip that ensures a hassle-free job. Suitable in the household as well as professional use, these drilling machines are ideal on hard materials like concrete, wood, masonry, and even steel.

Top 2 Makita Drill Machines
ProductWattageDrilling Capacity
Makita Impact Drilling Machine, HP2070, Capacity: 20mm, 1010W1010 WattsHi: 8 mm Low: 16 mmHi: 25mm Low: 40 mm20 mm
Makita Hammer Drill, M0801B, 500 W500 Watts13 mm20 mm16 mm
  • Dewalt Drill Machine

Easy to handle, the compact drill machines designed by Dewalt have a special variable & reversible speed control which avoids the chances of accidents. Possessing long motor life, these drill machines are also installed with an LED light which makes working in dark spaces easier.

Top 3 Dewalt Drill Machines
Dewalt 10.8V DCD710D2 XR Li-Ion Compact Drill Driver1.1 kg180 Watts0-1500 RPM
Dewalt 10.8V DCD710D2 XR Li-Ion Compact Drill Driver1.1 kg180 Watts0-1500 RPM
  • Kpt Drill Machine

Die-cast in an aluminum body, the drilling machines by Kpt with solid metal gearbox makes drilling easy and comfortable. Ideal for concrete, metal, and wood, these drilling machines provide excellent performance.

Top 3 Kpt Drill Machines
KPT 600W 13mm Impact Drill, KID132 kg600 W
KPT 500W 10mm Impact Drill, KID101.5 kg500 W
  • Hitachi Drill Machine

Reflecting the workmanship the drilling machines by Hitachi is handy and compact which makes the work trouble-free. The variable speed trigger available for these drilling machines saves your time as well.

Top 2 Hitachi Drill Machines
Hitachi Rotary Drilling Machine, D6SH, 240W, 4500rpm0.9 kg240 W6.5 mm
Hitachi 13mm Reversible Impact Drilling Machine, DV16V1.5 kg550 W13 mm
  • PCB Drilling Machine

PCB Drilling Machines are extremely durable and also consume little power. These high-speed drilling machines ensure no noise while drilling. Provided with long-lasting elastic belts, the machines can be operated by AC or DC motor.

Top 2 PCB Drilling Machines
PCB Drilling MachineSteel1662.77 Wupto 20, 000 R.P.M
Automatic CNC PCB Drilling And Routing Machine (Manual Tool Change)220/440 V120 holes/min
  • Black Decker Drill Machine

Provided with a chuck key auxiliary handle depth gauge, the exclusively created Black Decker Drill Machine comes with a soft rubber grip that makes handling easy. The shock-proof plastic body, effortless drilling, and lock-on switch technology make this instrument worth every penny.

Top 2 Black Decker Drill Machines
Black+Decker 10mm 550W Single Speed Hammer Drill, KR50101 kg550 W
Black+Decker 10mm 550W Variable Speed Hammer Drill, KR5010V1.57 kg550 W
  • Ibell Drill Machine

Making use of the most developed technology, the drilling machines manufactured by Ibell allow you to carry out heavy-duty drilling activities. Compact in nature, these machines offer a strong grip which makes them extremely safe and easy to use.

Top 2 Ibell Drill Machines
iBELL 26mm 800W Red Rotary Hammer Drilling Machine, IBL RH26-243.13 kg800 W26 mm
iBELL 26mm 1000W Red Heavy Rotary Hammer Drill, IBL RH28-1014.85 kg1000 W26 mm
  • Foster Drill Machine

Made with German Technology, the Foster Drill Machines lets you drive and drill the screws even on hard surfaces like wood or tough concrete. Perfect for use for both commercial and domestic purposes, these machines prevent the loosing of the drill with its metal keyless chuck with a lock function.

Top 2 Foster Drill Machines
Foster FHD 2 26DRE - 850 W Rotary Hammer Drilling Machine2.7 Kg850W
Foster FHD 2-26 DRE 26mm With 3 SDS Bits,2 Chisel,1 Depth Gauge Rotary Hammer Drilling Machine (26 mm Chuck Size, 850 W)5 kg850 W

Manufactured to cater the requirement of both the homeowners and professionals, power tools certainly need a wise investment. Be it corded power tools or cordless power tools, switch to the right electrical instrument and make your job get done even much easier within no time. Visit moglix.com to find a vast collection of reliable and durable power tools.