Different Drill Machines as Per Uses and Specifications

Different Drill Machines as Per Uses and Specifications

A drilling machine is one of the most powerful tools in the drills category. The equipment is mainly designed to make holes into different surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete walls, or any other hard surface. Having a drilling machine at your home makes drilling tasks and other related operations like driving fasteners easier.

With the help of the latest advancements in technologies, drill manufacturers have now started producing automated drills to make your work easier. The modern day drilling machines for home usage are versatile in nature and can be used for other tasks like reaming, tapping, spot facing, and counterboring on any harder surface.

Different types of drill machines as per their applications:

Drill machine for home:

Nowadays, people are becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to fixing or repairing anything broken in the house. Having proper tools in your cupboard can make these tasks an easy job. Having a basic drilling machine at your home comes in handy when you are assembling new furniture or doing some DIY projects.

Drilling machines for home use are designed with rubberized handles ensuring a strong grip and comfortable usage while drilling. Additionally, the insulated shockproof body eliminates the risk of getting an electric shock, making them safe to use. Below is a list of the 10 best drilling machines for home use that are ideal for drilling holes in wood or walls. The below mentioned products are also considered as the best drill machine for wall holes.

10 Best Drill Machine for Home Use in India: Specifications and Price

iBELL 13mm 650W Red Impact Drill Kit with Tool Box650 W13mm0-2800 rpm
Black+Decker 10mm 550W Single Speed Hammer Drill550 W10mm2800 rpm
Bosch 450W Professional Impact Drill450 W10mm0-2600 rpm
Yking 750W 13mm Impact Drilling Machine750 W13mm0-2800 rpm
Cheston 650W Impact Drilling Machine650 W13mm0-2900 rpm
Powerup 10mm 600W Impact Drill600 W10mm2700 rpm
Bellstone 13mm Electric Drill650 W13mm2600 rpm
Prince PDH-13 Silver Hand Drill with Hammer550W13mm2700 rpm
Elmico 550W Heavy Duty Impact Drill Hammer Machine550W13 mm0-2750 rpm
Tiger 600W Drill with Accessories,600 W20mm850 rpm

Best Drill machine for Industrial use:

People using drilling machines at construction fields and industrial units is common. When it comes to industrial use, a drilling machine reduces the effort of accomplishing big tasks including drilling holes in hard surfaces ( metal, or concrete). The reversible mechanism helps you to use the machine for other applications as well like screwing, reaming, tapping, spot facing, and counterboring. The hand drill machine for metal comes with varying parameters and can be chosen as per the usage and applications.

Ergonomic design with a rubberized handle gives you a firm and comfy grip while performing various operations. The best drill machine for industrial use comes with a powerful motor that is reliable and durable as well. Furthermore, these machines come with all the prime accessories including wood drill bits, high-speed bits, screw finders, spade bits, and more.

Hammer Drill Machine For Concrete:

Commercial use drilling machines are usually large in size and can be used for accomplishing various operations. These heavy duty drilling machines are especially useful for milling and grinding applications. These commercial use drilling machines are available with varying speeds, chuck capacity, clutch protection, reverse function, and many other useful functionalities.

Below we have listed 10 best hammer drill machines for concrete and that are best suited for construction works. Depending on the length and usage, you can choose either a corded or cordless drilling machine for concrete walls.

10 best hammer drill machines for concrete: Specifications and Price

Makita 13mm Cordless Hammer Driver Drill Without Battery, DHP483Z13 mm0 - 1700 rpm
Bosch GBH2-22RE 620W 1000rpm Professional Rotary Hammer13 mm0 - 1000 rpm
Bosch GBH 180-LI SDS-Plus Professional Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill13 mmUpto 1800 rpm
Stanley 620W 2 Mode SDS-Plus Hammer Drill, STHR202K-IN20 mm0-1250 rpm
Metabo Rotary Hammer, BHE 2444, 800 W22mm0 - 1230 rpm
Dewalt 26mm D25133K 3 Modes Combi Hammer4 -26 mm0 - 1550 rpm
Pro Tools 38mm 1500W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill, 2038 A20 mm0-11000 rpm
Eibenstock 18mm 650W Rotary Hammer Drill, EBH2-18RE18 mm0-1600 rpm
Dewalt 26mm D25133K 3 Modes Combi Hammer4 -26 mm0 - 1550 rpm
Makita 800W Rotary Hammer, MD2626 mm0-1300 rpm

Mini Drill machine for PCB:

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a non-conductive substrate made of either composite epoxy or fiberglass or other composite materials. It offers physical support for both mounting socketed electronic components and wiring using conductive pathways, tracks, or signal traces etched from laminated copper sheets. Drilling holes in this non-conductive substrate is one of the most challenging tasks. Mechanical drilling and Laser drilling are the major technologies used to drill fine holes on the PCB boards with greater accuracy.

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