Different types of pen for every type of writings

Different types of pen for every type of writings

Pens are an irreplaceable part of life. Not a day goes by, without using it. There are a plethora of pens on the market. Each with different types, uses, features. They range from simple-looking pens to designer and pricey pens. It can be used for simple writing tasks or even art. Let's discuss the type of pens in brief.

Fountain pen:

Fountain pens are available in a variety of designs and styles. They are a type of ink pen. Some are mass-produced while others are custom-designed. With custom-designed pens, the creator must decide ahead of time what special features the pen will have and choose the appropriate tools and processes to use based on those features. A variety of mechanisms can be used to fill fountain pens. These include levers, buttons, pistons, and squeeze bulbs. Lever-fillers have a tiny lever built into the side of the pen.

Double pen:

Hand built with the finest materials, the double pen stand has 2 gold-accented rolling ball pens with black ink cartridges. With a felt lining and a handy storage cubby, the finished, luxury feel of this piece can't be denied. Keep two high-quality pens neatly placed and smartly presented. A ball pen or gel pens, or any kind of pen can come under this type of category.

Sketch pen:

The unique ink of the sketch pens makes them perfect instruments for writing. The archival inks have to make sure that the writing is going to remain visible and intact for many years; this is actually a valuable attribute while marking and writing on important documents. The ink is safe and waterproof against water or beverage spills. The ink also dries rather quickly. Another area in which sketch pens are extensively used is an illustration. Most works of illustration have a graphic look and feel to them that can be easily created with the help of sketch pens. Deep black inks, as well as richly colored shades, can create vibrant and beautiful lines.

Brush pen:

A brush pen comes with a tip that can be made from several different kinds of materials. Natural hair bristles are traditionally from the hair of a sable or a weasel. These tips tend to mimic the behavior of a real brush better than other brush pens. Synthetic tips are generally made of nylon. They closely mimic the behavior of brushes but are slightly easier to handle. These brush pens give the user the benefit of a translucent watercolor effect through a pen that is easier to use.

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Stylus pen:

Stylus pens are able to write on paper as well as on touchscreen surfaces. A stylus pen has both a stylus end and an ink pen end. The ink pen and stylus can be on the same side of the pen or on opposite sides of the pen. users simply find it easier to navigate their electronic device with a stylus. they also come in a ballpoint pen-type design. Others use a stylus to be inventive on their smartphone or tablet. Many people use a stylus when drawing in sketching apps. Styluses offer a good level of creative control and don't leave smudge marks as a pencil might. This makes them easy to use, and these tools can often provide exceptional precision. They are also called digital pens, since they can be used electronically.

Highlighter pen:

Most highlighter pens use liquid ink and function similarly to felt-tip pens or marker pens. Liquid highlighters have the widest selection of colors, tip features, and body designs. Varieties with broad tips or wet ink flow may bleed through paper. Some highlighters interact with other writing media and cause them to smear, even if the text is completely dry. As a general rule, gel pen ink, fountain pen ink, and ink jet printing are the most likely to react with highlighters pen.

Glitter pens:

glitter pens can be used to highlight, underline and write titles of your project work. Compared to the standard black and blue colored ink, these glitter pens make your projects look more presentable. Glitter pens usually write well on any kind of paper and are usually easily visible because of the vivid color of the ink and the shine and sparkle of the glitter in it. The glitter pen is useful for adding a touch of color and pizazz to any writing. Youngsters use them to write cards or invitation letters, and other such fancy writing where a plain black or blue or even a single color fluorescent mark won't make a mark.

Micron pens:

Micron pen lets the user experience smooth, skip-free writing and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lettering and lines every time. It has achieved universal appeal and is carried by technical professionals, artists, and crafters alike anthropologists, entomologists, etc. Features archival quality ink for use in acid-free environments, chemically stable, waterproof, fade-resistant, no smears, feathers, or bleedthrough on most papers. Applicable for graphic art, scrapbook, archival recording, pen, and ink illustrations. Technical qualities are archival quality Pigma ink, six point sizes, no smear or feather when dry, waterproof and chemical proof, fade resistance.

Mechanical pen:

The mechanical pencil is a combination of the best features of a wood case pencil and a ballpoint pen. A mechanical pencil is made from metal, containing a mechanism that, either through twisting or clicking, extends a solid graphite core to be used for writing. The graphite core, also known as lead, is available as refills in several different diameters.

Magic pen:

Magic pen brings you an amazing variety of fun activities. This magical pen will write your secret message. Once your secret message is written with this invisible ink pen, wait a few seconds to shine the light from the cover of the pen and you can write everywhere T-Shirts, paper, skin and any surface. The inks are durable but washable. very safe to use.

Whitener pen:

Whitener pen contains a white opaque fluid inside the pen casing. This white fluid can be squirted out of the pen to rectify the mistakes done while writing. It overlaps on top of the mistake, allowing the user to hide it and maintain the neatness and beauty of the written thing.

Feather pen:

A feather pen is a writing tool made from a molted flight feather (preferably a primary wing-feather) of a large bird. The hand-cut goose quill is rarely used as a calligraphy tool because many papers are now derived from wood pulp and wear down the quill very quickly. However, it is still the tool of choice for a few scribes who noted that quills provide an unmatched sharp stroke as well as greater flexibility than a steel pen. It is also known as a dip pen, as the user needs to dip the feather inside the ink bottle.

Glass pen:

Glass pens are premium quality designer pens that are normally kept for show and used for big occasions. The whole body of the glass pen is made up of the art crystal glass. The glass tip of the pen is perfect for testing various ink colors or writing short essays, or signatures or on your office desk or calligraphy or practicing hand-writing. It is wonderful and easy to carry.


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