Types Of Pens As per Their Uses And Applications

Types Of Pens As per Their Uses And Applications

Can you imagine a world without pens? Well, it would be all clumsy and drastic. Without pens, we would not be able to write letters to our loved ones. Without pens, we would not be able to present our thoughts on paper. Without coloring pens, the young generation would never be able to paint. Pens no matter how least attention we pay to them is a necessity in our lives.

So what are different types of pens? Why do we need them? What are their applications in general that make them so desirable? Let's find out!

Coloring Pens:

Coloring pens are sets of 12 to 24 colored pens. They come in various shades like black pens, blue pens, pink pens, green pens, and many more shades. These pens are usually used by school-going kids for sketching. Schools often ask students to submit projects and paintings. Nothing looks more attractive than these colorful inks on white papers.

Kids usually love to play with colors and coloring pens are their favorites. Coloring pens also help children to know the difference between various shades of colors. Coloring pens provide a wholesome way to the development of a kid's visual perception of the world.

Sketch pen art is one of the most primary things that we learn as kids. Who didn't love to doodle on their drawing books using sketch pen sets? Sketch pens are the easiest ways of coloring while painting a drawing.

Black pen art or mandala art is quite trendy these days. The specialty of mandala art is its designs are in black color. But you can even paint the page black and then work on mandala designs using white pens. White gel pens are great to cover small errors or faults on the canvas.

Watercolor Pens:

These are one of the most convenient methods of painting. Watercolor pens are basically paintbrushes in structure but pen-like in working. These need to be filled with water and then you can paint with them the way you would have done with a marker or pen.

They are easy to use and glide smoothly on paper. The colors being liquid get mixed with each other equally. This results in producing a smooth shading effect. The tip of these pens is ultra-smooth and allows free movement of the tip in all directions. The color effect is completely under your control.

These pens come in sets of 12, 24, or even 48 shades and are loved by artists. These pens are also good for beginners in the world of painting. The effects of these paints are worth it and look adorable. However, they are worn out easily and that is a major drawback. So you need to use them carefully.

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Fineliner pens:

Are you into doodling or journaling? Then you will definitely need fine liner pens. These pens have a nib made of fine fiber or plastic. They come in different colorful shades. Sparkle pens like gold pens, silver pens are also available in these types of pens.

They can use both water-based or oil-based inks. They have an extremely fine and delicate tip. In terms of visual appearance, the ink from these pens looks fabulous. Their effects are mesmerizing. These pens are usually used for graphic designing or sketching purposes.

Gel Pens:

These are one of the most used pens around the globe. Gel pens are easy to write and have waterproof inks. They are used for almost all sorts of writing works. The ink in the gel pen is a lot smoother and brighter.

Also, gel pens won't be messy at the nib like ball pens. Usually after using ball pens continuously their ink gets clotted at the nib and is disgusting. But with gel pens, this isn't the case. If you are a graphic designer or architect then gel pens will surely be your first choice.

If you need to make certain colored diagrams then in such situations gel pens are always the best. They fill colors in tiny spaces without smudging. Also, as I mentioned earlier their ink looks brighter.

And as their inks are vibrant and thick and smudge-proof they are an expensive deal. The reasons for their high price are quite clear actually. Blue gel pens and black gel pens are highly needed by students. Whereas red and green gel pens are preferred by teaching authorities.

Fountain pens:

When you are in a profession where you must show decency and class then, I bet fountain pens must be your go. These pens slide on pages seamlessly and exert minimal pressure. Thus, no imprints of your writing on other pages.

However, while purchasing a fountain pen one must make sure to check the nib of the pen which suits them. As the writing style depends on the nib of the pen and your angle of writing. Fountain pens are ergonomically designed and can be used for daily use. These pens are sleek and chic in design and a bit expensive as well.

But not everything that sounds good looks good. These pens might be aesthetically pleasing and smooth in writing. But, when we talk about ink unfortunately they contain water-based ink which takes time to dry. Also, they will work profoundly on smooth surfaces but in the case of rough sheets, they won't work effectively.


A pen beholds the power to write a brilliant novel. A pen has the potential to write and sign the toughest deals. A pen teaches a toddler how to color and create a visual of his/her imagination. A pen is the most important tool for every professional person.

Apart from these pens, there are other pens that are often used in daily lives are ballpoint pens, roller pens, single-use pens, etc. These pens find ample usage in normal routines. You will notice ball pens in the hands of pharmacists, doctors, engineers, tailors, almost everyone who needs to write every day.

Coloring pens are used by students and gel pens are a priority to college-going students. Ultimately, no matter how modern the world has become we still require pens and will need them ahead as well.