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Faber-Castell Rocket Tin Fiber Tip Sketch Pens, 155433 (Pack of 5)
  • Packed in rocket shaped tin box with a see through

  • Each marker contains a non toxic, water based ink for

Faber-Castell Rocket Tin Fiber Tip Sketch Pens, 155433 (Pack of 33)
  • Packed in rocket shaped tin box with a see through

  • Each marker contains a non toxic, water based ink for

Camlin 12 Shades Bold Sketch Pen Set, 4044608
By: Camlin
Available on Request
Luxor Color Sketch Pen, MP5000STCS1S001DS (Pack of 5000)
Camlin 12 Shade Brush Pen, 4019272 (Pack of 10)
By: Camlin
Available on Request
  • Flexible brush tip for effortless painting and calligraphy

  • Brush tip gives fine, medium & bold strokes

Luxor Color Sketch Pen, MP1000STCS1S001DS (Pack of 1000)
Camlin 12 Shade Sketch Pen, 4044555 (Pack of 50)
By: Camlin
Available on Request
  • Best result can be seen on Drawing Paper

  • Pouch Packing

Camlin 12 Shade Brush Pen, 4019272
By: Camlin
Available on Request
  • Water soluble & suitable for a wide range of papers

  • Brush tip gives fine, medium & bold strokes

Luxor 12 Pcs Sketch Pens Set, 950
By: Luxor
Available on Request
  • Non-Toxic

  • Assorted Colour Pens

Camlin 12 Pcs Shade Sketch Pen Set, 4044555
By: Camlin
Available on Request
  • Pouch Packing

  • Confirms to safety standard EN 71 - 3

Camlin 6 Shade Brush Pen, 4018271 (Pack of 10)
By: Camlin
Available on Request
  • Made of water based ink

  • Helps you create beautiful and translucent water color effects

Luxor Color Sketch Pen, MP2000STCS1S001DS (Pack of 2000)
Camlin 12 Shades Bold Sketch Pen Set, 4044608 (Pack of 5)
Camlin 6 Shade Brush Pen, 4018271
By: Camlin
Available on Request
  • Made of water based ink

  • Helps you create beautiful and translucent water color effects

Linc Mini Kiddy Sketch Pen (Pack of 20)
By: Linc
Available on Request

Sketch Pens: Unleashing Creativity through Vibrant Color

Sketch pens are the magic wands that transform plain paper into vivid, expressive artworks. Far more than regular pens, they enable anyone to bring their imagination to life through colour. The ink in the tip of these pens flows easily onto paper, canvas, or other media. They are perfect for sketching, illustrations, colouring books, and graphic design since they provide superb control and precision. 


What Makes Sketch Pens So Special

Sketch pens, also called markers or felt tips, are the superheroes of art supplies. They come in every colour imaginable, each one waiting to be unleashed onto paper, wood, canvas, glass, and any other surface you choose. With the power to make ideas shine in vivid colour, they’re a must-have for artists, crafters, students, designers, and anyone wanting to add a pop of colour to their world.


Sketch Pens Types and Their Creative Superpowers

Sketch pens come in many forms, each with unique talents. Here are some of the most popular varieties:

  • Water-based sketch pens create gorgeous, translucent watercolour effects when blended with drops of water. Their see-through tones are perfect for illustrations, posters, and blended colour gradients.

  • Alcohol-based sketch pens dry quickly with minimal smearing. Their flexible nibs allow designers and artists to smoothly blend colours for a professional finish.

  • Permanent sketch pens contain fade-resistant inks designed for bold, enduring marks ideal for product labels, artistic signatures, comic books, window art, and other lasting creations.

  • Brush-tip sketch pens mimic the soft front of real paintbrushes. Their flexible tips allow thick and thin strokes perfect for elegant calligraphy, expressive painting styles, and fonts.

  • Fine line sketch pens boast tiny, precise tips ranging from 0.4mm to 0.8mm for intricate details, technical drawing, eyeliner, and micro art.

  • Chisel tip sketch pens make wonderfully bold, consistent lines through their wide, flat nibs. They excel at quickly filling larger areas with smooth colour.


Inventive Ways to Use Sketch Pens

Sketch drawing pens bring vibrant colour to any creative endeavour, including:

  • Illustration: Artists use them for concept art, comics, figure drawing, calligraphy, watercolours, and intricate details.

  • Graphic design: Designers rely on them to hand-letter logos, storyboard social posts, develop presentations, and mock-up creative advertising concepts.

  • Architectural drafting: Architects and engineers employ them for colourful technical drawings, circuit diagrams, floorplans, prototypes and 3D modelling.

  • DIY crafting: Crafters love them for scrapbooking, personalised wood signs, glass etching, card making, and countless other artistic DIY projects.

  • Education: Teachers, parents and students use them to create engaging posters, flashcards, banners, arts and crafts, and projects with visual pop.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Sketch Pen Set

  • Consider your standard artistic techniques and surface materials. Certain nibs excel on specific materials.

  • Look for expansive colour spectrums with 40+ shades for endless creative options and versatility.

  • Mix pen tip types like fine, brushed, chiselled, and wedge within a single set for varied line potentials.

  • Ensure inks flow freely without dragging, skipping or bleeding through. High-quality, clog-resistant inks are vital.

  • Select archival, fade-resistant pens built to last from reputable brands known for consistency.

  • Large 100+ piece sets provide a rainbow of colours and variety. Start smaller to identify favourite shades.

  • Buy singles or smaller sets of favourite colours and nibs to build a customised artistic arsenal over time.


Top Sketch Pen Brands in India 

Luxor Sketch Pens

Established in 1963, Luxor is one of the most renowned pen manufacturers in the country. Their sketch pens, which come in various colours that both artists and students adore, reflect their dedication to excellence. You can count on excellent colour replication from Luxor.


Camlin Sketch Pens

Since 1931, Camlin has been a creative guide for the stationery industry.  The Dandekar family founded it under the name Dandekar & Co. The company is known for its sketch pens' vivid colours and easy ink flow. Camlin sketch pens are your friends on the colourful path of self-expression, whether you're an artist, designer, or student.


Linc Sketch Pens

Established in 1994 in Kolkata, Linc represents dependability in the writing instrument industry. With a steady stream of ink, their sketch drawing pens provide a trustworthy writing experience. You may realise your ideas with Linc without worrying about the necessary instruments.

At Moglix, you may buy art sketch pens from the above-mentioned top brands. 


Let Creativity Flow Freely with Sketch Pens

Sketch pens unlock self-expression and allow you to give shape to ideas, emotions, whimsy, and beauty through art. With the perfect set tailored to your artistic vision, anything you imagine can be made vivid. Dream big and let your inner artist shine!

Those who want a sketch pen for drawing may explore Moglix. We provide you with a wide range of sketch pen sets that fulfil your requirements. 


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