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Globe Valves

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Know More About Globe Valves

Globe valves are used to regulate the flow in a pipeline. They are different from the ball valves and consist of a movable plug or disc element and a stationary ring seat in a spherical body. Globe valve has got its name from its spherical body design. An internal baffle separated the two halves of its body. An opening creates a seat where a movable plug is screwed in to close the valve or shut it. This plug is known as a disc or disk. This plug is put up with a stem that operates on the screw action using manual valves by a handwheel. Automated valves have smooth stems than the threaded ones and are open or shut by an actuator assembly.

Understanding the Functioning of the Globe Valves

This linear motion valve stops starts and regulates the flow of fluids. The disk can be removed entirely from the flow path, or the flow path can also be completely closed. The disc moves in perpendicular motion to the seat while opening or closing the valve. The annular space is created between the seat ring and the disk that slowly closes the valve. This enhances the valve's throttling ability to regulate the flow in them. Compared to that of the gate valve, leakage is much less in the globe valve. This is because of the right angle of contact between the seat ring and the disc. This creates a tighter seal between the disc and the seat.

Globe Valve Types for Better Understanding

There are different types of these valves, and one of them is based on the body type of the valve, which is Z types, Y types, and Angle types.

The globe control valves are best known for liquid and gaseous services. They are easy and quick in terms of use. They are economical in maintenance too. They are highly controlled even in high-speed movement. They have the thrust capability to shut off even during the high fluid pressures as they can handle over 150 Psi/10.30 Bar air supply. These are highly reliable as they have a high-thrust cylinder actuator.

They have accurate positioning and high repeatability. The double stem does not come in contact with the operating fluid. They have sufficient clearance between the seat retainer and the plug head to avoid galling. The seat ring is self-aligning. The fluid pressure, air pressure, and cylinder spring assist the shutoff. They are corrosion resistant and anti-cavitation with noise attenuation trim options. They are made of heavy-duty plug stem, which provides extended life for the valves.

Globe Check Valves and its Uses

These globe check valves are known as non-return valves as they allow the liquid or gas to flow in them automatically only in one direction. Check valves open with the forward flow and close against reverse flow. These have excellent shutoff capability and shorter stroke when compared to that of gate valves. It is easy to maintain and resurface the seats. The disc is not attached to the stem, and so the valve can be used as a stop-check valve.

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