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PackMate Blue Recycled Paper Ball Pens (Pack of 5)
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Packmate
₹59971% OFF
  • Promotes Environmental Awareness & Encourages Eco-friendly Practices in Daily Life

  • Recycled Paper Pens & Collection of Eco-friendly Writing Instruments

Faber-Castell Connector Pen Set, 153016 (Pack of 10)
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Faber-castell
₹8006% OFF
  • Colors are washable from most surfaces

  • Child safe-food grade ink

Reynolds Wizz Dri 0.5mm Blue Gel Pen (Pack of 12)
  • Quick Drying Ink

  • Ergonomic Comfort Grip

Linc Pentonic 0.6mm Blue Gel Pen Pouch (Pack of 30)
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Linc
₹3005% OFF
  • Fine Point Type & Advance Grip

Moglix Insights

Top 3 price range of Pens

73% of users prefer Pens in price range of ₹100-₹200

18% of users prefer Pens in price range of ₹200-₹300

9% of users prefer Pens in price range of ₹300-₹400

Moglix Insights

Top 2 brands of Pens

80% of users prefer Pens of PackMate brand

20% of users prefer Pens of Reynolds brand

Uniball UB 177 0.7mm Black Fine Deluxe Roller Pen with Blister Packaging (Pack of 4)
  • Super Long Lasting Ink

  • Smooth Tip

Unomax 50 Pcs Boldtron 2X 1.0mm Bold Point Ball Pen Set
  • Smooth & Dark Writing

  • Jet Ink Technology

Uniball 3 Pcs UB 200 Vision Elite 0.8mm Blue Roller Pen Set
  • Smooth Even Flow of Vivid Ink

  • Durable Tip

71% of users buy Pens in Blue Ink Colour

Uniball Signo UM 100 0.5mm Blue Gel Ink Pen (Pack of 10)
  • Smooth Flowing Ink, Its Writing Performance & Top Notch Pens

Faber-Castell Connector Pen Set, 153016 (Pack of 15)
  • Child safe-food grade ink

  • Simply draw and color or clip these pens together to

Hauser Active Assorted Gel Pens, H6068 (Pack of 100)
  • Stylish Metal Clip

  • Smooth Writing with Low-Viscossity Ink

Linc Signetta 2.0 Supertip Blue Ball Pen (Pack of 15)
Linc Ocean 0.6mm Black Gel Pen Pouch (Pack of 50)
  • Retractable Pen with Higher Writing Length

  • Smudge-Free Writing for Document Safety & Steady Flow Ink Technology

Hauser Sonic Assorted Gel Pens, H6093 (Pack of 100)
  • Foiled Attractive Body

  • Stylish Metal Clip

Hauser EON Assorted Ball Pens, H6035 (Pack of 200)
  • Textured Body at Grip for Better Hold

  • Stylish Cap

Uniball Jetstream SX 217 Black Roller Ball Pen (Pack of 4)
  • Addicting Smoothness, Crisp Dense Lines & Extremely Quick Drying

Hauser 4-in-1 Trendz Assorted Ball Pens, H6055 (Pack of 50)
  • 4 Ink Colour Pen

  • Smart Clip Design

Stolt Zebra Aspire Blue Ball Point Pen, Body Material: Black & Grey
  • Long-lasting Use

  • Super-fast Writing, Solid Swiss Metal, Shiny Looks & Fast Dry

Reynolds Super Soft Blue Ball Pen (Pack of 15)
  • Made with Precision

  • Hassle-Free Usage, It is Designed Keeping Your Choice & Requirement

Hauser Fluidic Assorted Ball Pens, H6078 (Pack of 100)
  • Clear Body with Chrome Plated Writing

  • Rubber Grip for Stress-Free Writing

Stolt Ample Blue Ball Point Pen, Body Colour: Blue
  • Solid Swiss Metal

  • Comfi-tip: A Tip that Adds to the Comfort of the

Hauser Cyclone Assorted Ball Pens, H6061 (Pack of 100)
  • Stylish Metallic Foiled Body

  • Smooth Mechanism

Stolt Ample Blue Ball Point Pen, Body Colour: Red
  • Smooth and Glossy, Shiny Looks & Fast Dry Ink

  • Comfi-tip: A Tip that Adds to the Comfort of the

PENAC Maki-E Blue Multifunction Pen, TF1801-06-005B
Reynolds Wizz Dri 0.7mm Black Gel Pen (Pack of 12)
  • Quick Drying Ink

  • Vivid Gel Ink for Bright Writing

Stolt Helix 12 Pcs  Plastic Ball Point Pen Set
  • Point Type: Fine

  • Elegant Sleek Design With Steel Clip

Hauser Billi DX Assorted Ball Pens, H6065 (Pack of 200)
  • Convenient for Stress-Free Writing

  • Low-Viscosity Ink for Smooth Writing

Stolt Ample Blue Ball Point Pen, Body Colour: Black
  • Comfi-tip: A Tip that Adds to the Comfort of the

  • Elasto Grip: Good and Comfortable Grip While Writing

Stolt Ample Blue Ball Point Pen, Body Colour: Grey
  • Line Size: 0.9 mm

  • Elasto Grip: Good and Comfortable Grip While Writing

Linc Funtoons Blue Fountain Pen (Pack of 10)
PENAC Plastic Blue Multifunction Pen, 724970
Linc Shine Sparkle Assorted Glitter Gel Pen (Pack of 40)
  • Glitter Pens for Drawing, Special Writing & Transparent Body Helps

Uniball UBA 188M 0.5mm Air Micro Red Roller Ball Pen with Blister Packaging (Pack of 4)
  • Superior, Smooth Writing Experience & Scratch-Free Writing with a Smooth...

  • Variable Line Widths Adjust to Your Writing Style & Bold

Reynolds 045 0.7mm Blue Pen Jar (Pack of 2)
By: Reynolds
₹3505% OFF
  • Smooth Writing Experience

  • Unique Laser Tip

Linc Smart GL 0.6mm Plastic Black Ball Pen Pouch (Pack of 50)
  • Featherlite Feel

  • Retractable Pen with Higher Writing Length & Steady Flow Ink

PENAC FX2 0.7mm Plastic Black Gel Pen, 108862
Faber-Castell Connector Pen Set, 153050 (Pack of 5)
By: Faber-castell
₹1,40011% OFF
  • Contains 40% more ink and lasts longer

  • Child safe food grade ink

PENAC CH-6 5 Pcs Ball Pen Set, BA1701M-WP5
Linc Ocean Blue Gel Pen Pouch (Pack of 50)
  • Fine Tip, Long Lasting Ink & Easy to Hold Rubber

Related Pens Articles

Write with Confidence Using the Finest Pens from the Best Brands

A writing pen is a handheld writing instrument that uses ink to make marks on a surface, typically paper. Pens come in a variety of styles and designs, but they all have a mechanism that dispenses ink onto the writing surface. Some pens use a ballpoint to transfer the ink, while others use a rollerball, fountain pen, or gel ink pens. Today, pens are widely used for personal and professional writing, as well as for art and creative expression. At Moglix, we offer a whole new and fresh range of fluent and long-writing pens from trusted brands, such as Reynolds, Linc, Camlin, and more, along with great offers and attractive deals.


Different Types of Pens with Different Specifications to Buy Online

Ballpoint Pen:

  • This is the most common type of writing pen, and it uses a small rotating ball made of steel, or brass, to disperse ink as it rolls across paper. 
  • The ink used in ballpoint pens is typically oil-based and dries quickly. 
  • These pens are reliable, durable, and usually affordable.


Fountain Pen:

  • This type of pen uses a nib to apply ink to paper. 
  • Fountain pens are known for their extremely smooth writing experience and the range of colors and types of ink available online. 
  • They are popular among writers and calligraphers but require more maintenance and are generally more expensive than ballpoint pens.


Rollerball Pens:

  • Rollerball pen uses a water-based ink that flows more freely. 
  • This results in smoother, more consistent lines and a wider range of colors. 
  • Rollerball pens are popular for their smooth writing experience and the vividness of their ink.


Gel Pens:

  • Gel pens use a water-based gel ink that is smoother and more opaque than ballpoint ink. 
  • This type of pen is famous for its vibrant colors and smooth writing experience. 
  • Their ink is also water-resistant and fade-resistant, making it ideal for use in journals, scrapbooks, and other projects that require long-lasting color.


Marker Pen:

  • Marker pens use a porous tip to apply ink that is usually permanent and designed for use on non-porous surfaces like glass or plastic. 
  • These pens come in a wide range of colors and are popular for their versatility and the boldness of their lines.


Here are Some Factors that are Essential to Check Before Buying a Pen

Pen Type: There are various types of pens such as ballpoint, rollerball, gel, fountain, and marker pens. Each pen type has unique features, benefits, and drawbacks. Consider what you will be using the pen for and accordingly choose a pen type that best suits your needs. 


Ink Color: Pens come in different ink colors, including black, blue, red, green, and more. At Moglix, we provide all types of colour pens to fulfill all your writing and stationery needs.


Ink Quality: The quality of the ink can make a big difference in the pen's performance. Look for pens with ink that flows smoothly and evenly, do not smudge or bleed, and dries quickly. Some bad-quality pens result in ink leakage from the refill, which can spoil the paper you are writing on. Therefore, always consider buying a writing pen with good-quality ink.


Pen Grip: A comfortable grip is important for a pen you will use for an extended period. Consider the grip's shape, texture, and size to ensure it fits your hand comfortably. Moreover, during events like writing competitions, written exams, and more, pens having a great grip are better as compared to ones offering an uncomfortable or hard grip.


Pen Size: Consider the size of the pen, including the length and width, to ensure it is easy to hold and use. Some pens are slim, whereas, some are thick. Therefore, choose according to your need and what type of pen suits you the best. 


Premium Quality Pens from Top-Selling Brands Available Online

Cross Pens:

  • Cross is a writing instrument brand known for its high-quality pens and pencils. 
  • Cross Pens are famous for their elegant designs, attention to detail, and high-quality materials. 
  • They offer a variety of finishes and colors, ranging from classic silver and gold to contemporary matte black and chrome.


Parker Pens:

  • Parker is known for its innovative designs that have set the standard for writing instruments for over a century now. 
  • The brand is especially known for its fountain pens, which many writing enthusiasts favor due to their smooth writing and classic design.


Pierre Cardin Pens:

  • Pierre Cardin is a luxury brand that offers a range of premium pens.
  • Pierre Cardin pens are designed with a focus on elegance and sophistication.
  • Their pens are highly ergonomic in nature and last for longer periods of time compared to other brand pens. 


Luxor Pens:

  • Luxor writing Pens is a popular pen brand that originated in India in 1963.
  • Over the years, Luxor Pens has become one of the leading pen manufacturers in India and has expanded its reach globally. 
  • Luxor Pens offers a wide range of pens, including ballpoint pens, gel pens, mechanical pencils, and markers.

At Moglix, you can buy various types of pens from other top brands such as Pilot, PENAC, Unomax, and many more at wholesale prices.


Shop for Long-Lasting Pens Online from Moglix at Wholesale Rates

A pen is an essential tool for both personal and professional use, and choosing the right pen can make a big difference in your writing experience. Many brands of pens are available at Moglix, each with unique features, designs, and materials. Our software is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy and comfortable for you to browse through our products. You can seamlessly navigate through the platform to compare the features and prices of different brands before making your final purchase decision. Our selection of pens includes top brands from around the world at prices that are affordable for any budget.


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