Top Pen Brands In India that are customer?s favourite

Top Pen Brands In India that are customers favourite

A pen holds the power of creation. And it also holds the power of writing a death statement. Pens can be monotonous in black or vibrant in colors. A pen is the most ignored yet most important and integral part of our lives.

Be it schools, offices, colleges, almost every other household has a pen. Pens can be of various types ranging from gel pens to ballpoint pens. Pens can be of various colors as well. Pens also come in various designs like unicorn pens, car design pens, cartoon pens, etc. So which are the top pen brands in India? Keep scrolling!

Reynolds pen:

Reynolds is an American origin but now Indian-based industry. Reynolds pen is one of the leading companies of pens in India. Reynolds offers you different types of pens. Trimax is one of the most used and loved pens among students. Ballpoint pens are the second most used models.

Other models include Jetter Classic, Jiffy Gel Pens, Racer Gels, Fountain Pens, Trimax Gold, etc. Ballpoint pens are however preferred most of the time. Because they last long and work smoothly. At moglix, you can get the best Reynolds pens at affordable deals. Check out the Reynolds pens section.

Pierre Cardin pen:

This brand has been manufacturing under Flair Industries. Pierre Cardin pens are cheaper than parker pens. The reason why you will love them is because of the extra soft nibs. Every time you will write with a Pierre Cardin pen you will notice how smoothly it glides. At moglix, you can get a range of classic Pierre Cardin pens.

Be it a beautiful ballpoint pen set or roller pens. Moglix has them all and at your budget of course! Pierre Cardin Anniversary Roller Pens, century ball pens, trinon ball pens, fortune ball pens are a few to be named. Moglix provides you with an, even more, wider range of products. These pens can be perfect as gifts as well.

Uni-ball pen:

Uni-ball pens have a wide array of products. They have products like roller pens, roller ball pens, correction pens, gel pens, etc. Uni-ball is one of the top companies in the world of pens. Its manufacturing is done in Japan. Uni-ball first started its business in 1887 with the motto The finest quality is the best service. To be honest, uni-ball has never disappointed its customers ever since then.

The ink from these pens is waterproof and smudge-proof. You can easily glide these pens on watercolor paintings. The ink of uni-ball pens is unique and you wont get their refills separately. However, one drawback of these pens is that the ink flow is excessive. At first, some people might face a problem using these pens. But once you use them daily it won't be a problem.

Posca pens are also top-selling products from uni-ball. These pens are used in drawings and paintings. Their visual effects are splendid.

Top Sellers

Doms pens:

The history of DOMS pens is one of its kind. They started as manufacturers for famous brands like Camlin. Then ended being one of the top retailers in the market of pens and stationery. DOMS has over 250+ product SKUs, 6000+ workforce, 13+ production facilities in India, and is available in more than 30 countries. DOMS started its production in the year 2006 and ever since has been top-grossing.

DOMS has a range of small point ball pens, triangular ballpoint pens, cuboid 0.6GL ball pens, etc. These pens are good and perfect for daily use. They are stylish and sleek. They can be used by students, teachers, medical staff, and almost everyone. These pens work fantastically at amazing prices.

Pentatonic pens:

These pens are the pure definition of rich and classic pens. Not only do they look voguish but also work efficiently. On a scale of 5, these pens get 5/5 ratings by customers. These pens are easy to grip and smooth to write.

These pentatonic pens are a revolution in the world of gel pens. They have a waterproof ink and light feel. These pens are often regarded as Featherlite in feel. The ink after writing has a matte finish that looks subtle and classic. The price range of these pens is economical and writing efficacy is phenomenal.

Montex pens:

Be it ball pens, gel pens, fountain pens, retractable pens, or metal pens. Montex pens have them all. Montex is an Indian company that entered the world of pens and stationery in 1987. Since then montex has always been among the top companies manufacturing pens and pencils.

Montex pens are also rated 5 out of 5 in India. These are affordable, durable, sustainable, sleek, and efficient. They write smoothly and the ink lasts longer than others. The nib of the pen is extremely smooth and allows you to write faster. The rubber grip of these pens allows you to hold them properly without slipping out of your hands.

Hauser pens:

Since the year 2014, Flair Industries has been offering Hausers pens. It is a leading exporter in countries like Russia, Japan, Sweden, and many more. Hauser has a range of premium pens. All the pens from Hauser have a nice clean and elegant look. They are chic and courtly in appearance.

Hauser offers pens in areas like metal pens, gel pens, liquid ink pens, fountain pens, and ball pens. It is a German company and maintains its writing standards equally well. They have aerodynamic designs which make them easy to use in everyday routines. Also, the simplicity of these pens totally pays off. These pens can be gifted to your loved ones.

Hero pens:

If you love to write with fountain pens then you should definitely try hero fountain pens. These pens write beautifully. They have a vintage appearance and a classic finish. The nib of the pen glides smoothly and writes neatly. The cartridge of hero pens can be easily filled with ink. Although, sometimes it might be a bit messy.

These pens are made in China. They have a durable body and smooth flowing ink. Hero pens can be used for daily writing work or can even be styled for important meetings. There is a range of fountain pens when it comes to this brand. You can select one as per your need and writing capacity.

Classmate pens:

Classmate is an Indian brand and is one of the most loved and adored brands by kids. Classmate has a wide range of notebooks and pens. They have octane gel pens, ball pens, pollax roller pens, and many more. They have a range of pens that are best fitted for daily use. If your toddler or teen requires a pen for daily homework and classwork then you can surely gift them classmate pens.

Classmate pens are in-budget pens and look smooth. The nib of the pen isn't much smooth but it will work great in daily tasks. Aesthetically speaking, these pens don't play around with looks. They have plain basic designs that are easy to hold and lightweight.

Goldex pens:

Want ball pens but hate those subtle black and blue shades?! Well, goldex offers you ball pens in the various colors of bodies. Yellow, pink, light blue, green, red! Goldex has them all. These are one of the cheapest and funkiest designed pens. They look cool and work effectively.

The nib of the pens is smooth as well which allows you to write faster. Goldex Klassy ball pens are the most purchased pens. They are good for college-going students as they need to write a lot.


Pens are important in all professions. So while you are choosing a pen for yourself make sure you select one as per your need. Sometimes you need both aesthetics and a smooth finish. Whereas sometimes the looks can be ignored. These were some of the top brands of pens in India. You can easily get these on moglix. You are just a search away from your desired pen.