Hand Sanitizer brands that limits the spread of COVID-19 virus

Hand Sanitizer brands that limits the spread of COVID-19 virus

After the outbreak of Coronavirus everywhere in almost the entire world , the concept of usage of hand sanitizer was felt just to break the chain of spreading the pandemic. The statutory body on Health WHO issued directives to strictly follow and comply with the following clear cut guidelines for people refraining from touching faces and clean hands after touching public surfaces door, window and door handles and handrails.

As per earlier days , water and soap were used to wash or clean hands once they got contaminated; however, nowadays while away from home , it would be appropriate to use hand sanitizer to keep our hands free from the virus as it continues to spread in the country. At present, in India and world-wide many countries are using different brands, some of which are listed below:

Lifebuoy hand sanitizer:

  • Lifebuoy hand sanitizer is one of the branded hand sanitizers which has captured the markets in Indian domain.
  • It contains over 60% alcohol and protects hands killing 99.9% bacteria and viruses.
  • It does not contain water and it is glycerine based keeping feelings moisturised.
  • This product is readily available in market and easy to use to keep hands free of bacteria and virus including deadly H1N1 virus

Dettol hand sanitizer

  • It is a branded hand sanitizer available in the domestic market to protect human beings from multiple diseases which are caused by bacteria and viruses.
  • It is made up of alcohol 60% with glycerine and other compounds and like others , soap and water is not needed in this also.
  • Comparing Lifebuoy with Dettol Hand Sanitizer, there is not much significant difference between these two, however , on the chemical constituents available in each of these two, both are considered equally useful for human life.

Himalaya hand sanitizer

  • Himalaya hand sanitizer is a herbal, effective and alcohol based hand sanitizer and as claimed, kills bacteria and virus upto 99.99% which helps to prevent infection and keep human beings safe and healthy.
  • It significantly reduces microbial germs thus to stop varieties of illness.
  • It is very safe on human usage.

Savlon hand sanitizer

  • Savlon hand sanitizer helps to protect from bacteria , yeast and viruses.
  • It is also stated that it kills 99.99% germs and keeps human beings safe and protected.
  • It is understood that all types of gems bacteria and viruses have easy passage through hands only and to safeguard, hand sanitizers are used at the maximum possible.
  • It breaks the chain of infection developed by bacteria and viruses.
  • Bacteria and viruses are killed by the method in vitro antimicrobial action on germs.

Sterillium hand sanitizer

  • It is a classic alcohol based hand sanitizer for hygiene and surgical usage.
  • It kills microbial activities of bacteria and viruses.
  • It is very effective and works very fast within 90 seconds.
  • It does not affect skin due to availability of some inherent compounds.
  • In this type of hand sanitizer, the percentage of alcohol is more than 75%.

Patanjali hand sanitizer

  • It is stated that Patanjali Hand Sanitizer is an instant hand sanitizer made from 70% alcohol and herbs.
  • It also claims to kill 99.99% gems and does not use water and keeps hands soft and refreshed.
  • It is helpful in removing common pathogens or disease causing organisms.
  • It is available in liquid form

Cipla hand sanitizer

  • It helps to save from different bacteria or viruses in pollutant environments too.
  • It cleans the hands after rubbing the palms till it evaporates.
  • It kills 99.99% germs including bacteria and viruses in one use.
  • It does not require water rather to work and it is gel based sanitizer.
  • And keeps hands fresh and smooth after usage.

Dabur hand sanitizer

  • Dabur hand sanitizer is gel based hand sanitizer consisting of 60% alcohol and works against bacteria and viruses being transmitted from direct contact with infected people.
  • It does not contain any toxic methanol which impairs human beings by making blind.
  • It consists of ayurvedic formulation making individuals safe from all germs and infections.
  • As it consists of alcohol 60% or so ,it is found most effective in sanitizing hands.

Parle hand sanitizer

  • Parle hand sanitizer protects individuals and kills 99.9 % bacteria and virus and stops spreading it which causes the disease.
  • It does not contain harmful compounds thus making it safe for human beings.
  • The effectiveness of sanitizer varies from low control to higher values depending upon the percentage of availability of alcohol in it.
  • Presence of active ingredients, hand sanitizer is categorised as alcohol based or alcohol free.
  • And Parle Hand Sanitizer is alcohol based.

3m hand sanitizer

  • 3m hand sanitizer is also known as 3m Avagard Handrub and it is used to keep hand germ free as well as to have hands clean.
  • It contains three basic ingredients: Propanol, moisturizers and emollients making it an aggressive germ killer.
  • Presence of high grade moisturiser makes it more hands friendly besides its effectiveness to kill germs.

Godrej hand sanitizer

  • The Indian based manufacturing unit of Godrej sanitiser has been able to provide for the best quality of services and products which are catering to the needs of the Indian consumer market.
  • With its ability to be able to provide for 60% gel and based on its quicker ability, the company has been successfully able to provide for the best sanitisers which have been rated no. 1 in the market by the IRDA.

Khadi hand sanitizer

  • The newly introduced natural aloevera based hand sanitiser has been able to create a better environment for itself.
  • The Indian based hand sanitising company in itself which is there for providing the quality output which will give a good scent and adds to the cleanliness present and required during these times.


These are some of the leading brands that are currently providing effective hand sanitisers to kill 99.9 percent of germs and limit the spread of deadly COVID-19 virus. Keeping in mind the safety of millions of people out there, we have ensured all these products are in stock to be purchased online. Head over to Moglix to find all these products at reasonable prices.