Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizers: Instant germ protection solution recommended by doctors

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizers: Instant germ protection solution recommended by doctors

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic crippled the mankind, hand washes and sanitizers have emerged as life savers. With the second wave of pandemic hitting India and no lockdown at hand, it is quite obvious that the citizens will have to go about their normal lives and with moving out daily we would definitely need to take all the preventive measures not just for our own well being, but for the collective well being of the country.

There are many sanitizers available in the market at different prices. With so many brands in hand, the one that truly stands out is Lifebuoy. If you are looking for buying effective sanitizers for your safety and your loved ones safety, Lifebuoy won't let you down. Yet before you reach a conclusion, let us dive into a pool of knowledge about sanitizers so as to be informed about the efficacy of this non-living Covid warrior and also about Lifebuoys contribution in this field.

What is a Hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is a germs (viruses, bacteria, microbes) killing liquid, foam or gel, that is applied on hands. It has been used widely by medical professionals since ages. It is a substitute for traditional handwashing, which on rational grounds is preferred. But, in the absence of a hand wash, sanitizer works fine and must be used. Fortunately, sanitizer, even though it is ineffective on some germs, can effectively kill the COVID-19 virus and that is what matters the most at this point.

Types of Hand Sanitizer:

There are two types of hand sanitizers that one can choose from and hence having a comprehensive knowledge about these is very important.

  • Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer:

Alcohol based hand sanitizers have 60%-90% of alcohol concentration. These kill germs more effectively compared to non alcohol based hand sanitizers. These are used mainly in a medical setting, but are now what most households are using as well in the pandemic. Using a hand sanitizer as many times as an antiseptic soap would render your skin less irritated, i.e., alcohol based hand sanitizers are more skin friendly.

These also have better microbial properties compared to soap. There are no other prominent side effects of this sanitizer as long as the user is not consuming it in any way and has kept it away from any contact with their eyes. The fragrance at times might be intolerable, but that can be sorted by going for a brand whose fragrance suits you.

  • Non Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer:

These hand sanitizers have little to no alcohol. These also seem to kill less germs as compared to alcohol based sanitizers. Instead of alcohol, these contain quaternary ammonium compounds. Unlike alcohol based sanitizers which often dry hands, these are much more gentle and keep the moisture intact.

These hand sanitizers contain 0.1% of Benzalkonium Chloride usually in addition to water and conditioner.

Choosing which sanitizer to go for completely depends upon the user, but if the focus is on preventing or killing the COVID-19 virus, going for an alcohol based hand sanitizer is advised.

Top Sellers

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizers:

With the kind of vigilance that the pandemic has created, everyone is questioning the quality of the health products they use, everyone wants the best! This is where going for a brand with an unmatched legacy becomes important.

Lifebuoy is a soap brand which comes under Unilever. Lever brothers began manufacturing and selling Lifebuoy soap in the United Kingdom in 1895. Since then the soap has undergone many changes and additions. It has emerged as a brand with a focus on health not just in India, but all over the world. The history of the brand and the reach across the globe is what makes it so trustworthy!

Also, Lifebuoy products are especially popular among children and youth. Giving this bracket of population a Lifebuoy sanitizer will inculcate and encourage the habit of sanitizing for their greater good, because of their own affinity towards the brand.

Every product owned by Lifebuoy assures you of top notch quality and is catered keeping in mind all the classes, making the Lifebuoy sanitizer prices highly reasonable.

There are a number of options that Lifebuoy offers in the category of sanitizers, few of them are:

  • Lifebuoy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer:

Lifebuoy antibacterial hand sanitizer comes in a simple transparent bottle, that gives you the idea of the quantity inside. It consists of a sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol. Unlike most alcohol based hand sanitizers, this one wont leave your hands dry as it contains glycerine. It also is non sticky and dries quickly. It claims to kill 99.99% of germs.

  • Lifebuoy Total 10 Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer:

Another one of their amazing products is their Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer. This also comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a red cap. Just like the previous sanitizer, it also has more than 60%-70% alcohol and is effective in killing the majority of germs.

Since Lifebuoy is very considerate about the skin of their users, this product also contains glycerine to prevent the drying of skin because of continuous use. It has a gel like consistency and gets dried up fast.

  • Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Super Hero Kit:

As mentioned earlier Lifebuoy has a special place in the hearts of children across the country. They are constantly coming up with products aimed at this lively age group promoting healthy habits in them. One such product is the Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Super Hero Kit. This kit contains 4 units of 50 ml Lifebuoy hand sanitizer. It also contains two superhero bag tags, namely Batman and Wonder Woman, that will surely lure kids into using their sanitizers and not taking this habit lightly.


Lifebuoy sanitizers more or less have the same formula with only the alcohol content varying, you just need to make a decision regarding the quantity of sanitizer you want to purchase as the quality is well assured..! So here is the list of Lifebuoy hand sanitizer prices (approximately) based on the quantity.

This was all the must have information that would lead you to buying the right sanitizer for yourself and your family. Lifebuoy has time and again proved its capabilities and has never let its customers down. So, if you do find yourself amidst a dilemma of choosing the best sanitizer, you can place your trust blindly on Lifebuoy and fight this pandemic with all your might!